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Aug. 25.

Tried Tuesday: Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

mascara-thI’ve talked about Wet n Wild mascaras before on Robyn Rants and Raves, and they haven’t necessarily been top of my list. I remember one I tried started off very wet, before eventually becoming usable. I’m always willing to try out another product though, so today for Tried Tuesday, I have their Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus mascara.


This bills itself, as the name suggests, as a volumising mascara, but there is something more to it. It took me a while to figure out what exactly that was, but then I paid more attention to the brush…

Here is the brush in all its spindly rubbery bristleyness (I did just make that word up, but it may yet catch on), and I realised it. It is quite reminiscent of the brush from my beloved They’re Real, minus the end bristles. Okay, it is a bit more sculpted than the Benefit brush, but as I love what They’re Real does for my eyes, I was interested to see what this does for me. There is of course only one way around that, and that is to wear it.

For these product photos there is nothing else on my eyes. I wanted all the focus to be on the lashes. To start with, here is a bare eye.


It’s plain, dull, uninteresting. Now, lets get some mascara on there. One coat first.


Hmmm… We may be getting somewhere. After one coat there is already so much going on. My lashes appear fuller, blacker, lengthened and curled. So far so good. One more coat should do it.


And with the second coat, there is no huge clumping that you can get with some mascaras, there is yet more volume, and the length and curl are still there, not dragged down by the weight of product.

This is a great result from Max Volume Plus. I’ve worn it for a full day on a couple of occasions, and it performs admirably. It doesn’t flake and scatter over your face, and it doesn’t transfer, unless you are really rubbing at it.

For a reasonably cheap mascara (Max Volume Plus is €5.49, above some others in the cheap ranges, but still a fantastic price) it punches far above its weight. I do see myself happily reaching for it time and time again that I want a nice everyday mascara, and I thoroughly believe you should too.

If you haven’t yet found your nearest Wet n Wild stand, you can find your nearest stockist here, but if you have, what do you think of their mascaras. Am I missing anything? Let me know in a comment.



* Product was provided for review

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Apr. 20.

Manicure Monday: Nails to Match my Mood

nails-thumbLast week wasn’t the best of weeks for me. There was lots of medical stuff to handle, but I got through it, and it’s the start of a new week. It is always good to start the week off positively, especially with such lovely weather waiting just outside the window! To work with my mood, which is nice and upbeat (it helps that I am starting to see progress from my get fit work) I wanted something on my nails to match my mood. This is what I came up with.


It would be too easy to go for my favourite blue (Sinful Colors, Blue By You) which is packed with glitter and looks like the Mediterranean on my nails. Instead I went to a polish that has been on my shelf for a while without getting much love. It satisfies so many requirements for my mood inspired nails. It is light, springlike and pastel. It is an upbeat colour. It’s just what I need. It is I Need a Refresh-Mint, from the Wet n Wild Megalast Range. I also wanted some kind of accent that catches the light. Glitter would probably be too much. But, I had an alternative. One from Inglot. A shimmer in a clear base, which changes between gold and blue-green depending on how the light hits it. No clever or creative name here. Very simply it is shade 205.

Application of the mint was nice, but not without issues. It has quite a wide brush. For most nails that is grand, but I had a little difficulty with my little fingers, as when he brush spread, it spread over the sides. Nothing a quick cleanup couldn’t fix, but still mildly annoying. It also on coat 2 started to drag on a couple of nails a little. I believe it was down to my working too quickly, and got tidied easily on coat 3, which otherwise wouldn’t have been necessary. When it dried though, the colour was beautifully intense, so I would be happy to work with it. The shimmer was a delight, applying densely after a couple of passes, and added what looked like a opalescent fish-scale effect. I think it looked exceptionally pretty.

There was one issue with the shimmer though, which these pictures demonstrate.



Without flash, everything looks delightful. You can see the shimmer on my ring finger perfectly. Under flash however, the light hitting part of the nail at an angle causes the shimmer to look green (which it is meant to do), but on top of a green background, it doesn’t do the polish justice, in a static image. Imagine it catching light as the hand is moving though, and the colours are changing between green and gold constantly. It really works, and I think suits my mood perfectly.


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Apr. 10.

Face Friday: Feeling Summery

ff-summery-thHas anyone noticed that big ball of relative warmth in the sky? Yes, the sun is here for a little while, and to celebrate the country is losing the run of itself. Myself included to a certain extent, like with this creation, which went for a mix of pinks, corals and oranges, and coordinated with my dress, nails and mac, which I wore to an event in Inglot.




  • Foundation: Max Factor – Skin Luminizer Foundation (35 Light Ivory)
  • Blush: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Blush  (E832E – Heather Silk)
  • Powder: Benefit – Hello Flawless (Ivory)
  • Highlighter: Benefit – High Beam


  • Brows: Maybelline– Brow Drama (Medium Brown)
  • Primer: Makeup Revolution – Focus & Fix Primer (Brighten)
  • Shadow: NYC – Metro Quartet Shadow (797B – Gothic Harlem)
  • Liner: Cailyn Cosmetics – idefine Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mascara: Physicians Formula – Organic Wear Fakeout Mascara (the pink one)


  • Lipstick: Wet n Wild – Megalast Lipstick (E909B – Coral-ine)
  • Lipgloss: Kardashian Beauty – Tuesday Lipgloss (Orange Blossom Honey 321)


  • Cailyn Cosmetics – O! Wow Brush – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F16 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Buffing Brush – Blush
  • Blank Canvas – E23 – Shadow (crease)
  • Royal & Langnickel – Taklon Shader Brush – Shadow (lid, browbone & blend)
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lips

Pinks and corals feel so summery to me, so I am happy to get a bit of a change from the deeper shades of winter. The lips turned out well, being coraly orange without being an over the top orange shade, which only some people can get right!


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Dec. 05.

Face Friday: Magazine Inspired Red & Gold Christmas Look

ff-redgold-thLast week, while reading through a magazine, I saw two looks that combined elements of red & gold. It stuck with me, and I wondered if I could create something of a Christmas party look inspired by it. Well, I gave it a go, and the results are here for you today for Face Friday.


Here are the looks that I drew inspiration from, which come from the December issue of Cosmopolitan. I was particularly taken by two elements, the gold eyes from the left, and the gold cupids bow and red lips on the right. It’s these elements that I wanted to combine into one look, so after scrubbing, cleansing, toning, moisturising and putting on a ton of lip balm, I went through my collection and took out the following to be used in creating the look:


  • Primer: Benefit – The Porefessional
  • Foundation: Max Factor – Skin Luminizer Foundation (40 – Light Ivory)
  • Blush: Benefit – Benetint
  • Blush: Benefit – Hervana
  • Highlighter: MeMeMe – Beat The Blues (Pearl Pink)
  • Contour: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Bronzer (E740 – Bikini Contest)
  • Powder: Benefit – Hello Flawless (Ivory)
  • Concealer: Benefit – FakeUp (01 – Light)


  • Brows: NYX – Eyebrow Cake Powder (04 – Auburn/Red)
  • Primer: Makeup Revolution – Focus + Fix Primer (Brighten)
  • Pigment: Barry M – Fine Glitter Dust (10 – Yellow Gold)
  • Shadow: Makeup Revolution – Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (Various Golds & Silver)
  • Liner: Paese – Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
  • Mascara: Physicians Formula – Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara (Fakeout)


  • Lipliner: Revlon – Colorstay Liner (Red)
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal – Color Riche Lipstick (297 – Red Passion)
  • Gold Lip Line: Essence – Effect Eyeliner (02 – Gold Digger) topped with Barry M – Fine Glitter Dust (10 – Yellow Gold)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F16 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Setting Brush – Blush (Apply/Blend)
  • Real Techniques – Pointed Foundation Brush – Apply Contour
  • Blank Canvas – F03 – Blend together blush/highlighter/contour
  • Blank Canvas – E24, E25, E32 – Shadows
  • Blank Canvas – E30 – Undereye shadow/comb lashes
  • Ecotools – Angled Liner Brush – Brows
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lipstick
  • Emite Make Up – L312 – Pigment on upper lip line

That is quite a list of products and brushes to work through, but Christmas is a time for going all out. And to answer the question of what all of this gets you in the end, here it is:






Now, I’ll freely admit I was a little forgetful, and forgot to do photos using flash, which is a pity, as it would really show off the eyes. The glitter pigment used will really make your eyes sparkle, and the combination of red and gold is a classic. The addition of silver in the corner of the eyes added another dimension to them, giving a bit more colour depth, while the mascara created great lashes without resorting to potentially over the top falsies. The only thing I am slightly concerned about is the gold along the top lip, which may have benefited from a liquid gold. I felt that in the minute amount I used, it was just slightly lacking. Not awful looking, but not stand out. I think that once I have somewhere to go that isn’t a hospital, I will be redoing this look and actually showing it off. In fact, I may just have the perfect matching manicure to show off for you on Monday.

What do you think of this look? Would you go for a gold lined lip, or should it be left to editorial makeup? And am I using enough glitter? The comments await!


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Nov. 10.

Manicure Monday: Starry Night Nails

starry-thWith the holiday party season rapidly approaching, I have gotten to thinking about how to wear my nails. Classic reds always work, but what other options are available. Taking inspiration from the night sky, and the classic combination of black and silver, today’s Manicure Monday is inspired by the starry night sky.


The 4 polishes included in this manicure are a delightful mix. The black is a black creme polish from the Wet n Wild Wild Shine range (conveniently called black creme), with a top coat from No.7 (silver glitter top coat from a gift set last Christmas). The silver is a basecoat of Sinful Colors (Out of This World) topped with two coats of the unbelievably gorgeous Ignite The Night from Essie.

As for how it looks – See for yourself!

Without flash:


With flash:


I am in love with this. Normally I wouldn’t wear black polish, as I find it can look very harsh. This one though, is amazingly shiny, is priest’s socks black, and sets off the mix of different sized glitters perfectly. Ignite The Night then provides an amazing accent, as the densely packed glitter catches the light from every angle. It is a veritable feast of stars on your fingertips.

What do you think of this? What other glitters would you try with it? I’m thinking that a light sprinkling of gold on top of the silver glitter would add yet another dimension to it, but let me know what you think!


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Sep. 22.

Manicure Monday: Sunshine Nails

mm-sunshine-thIt’s another Monday, and as always that means it’s time for another manicure. I wasn’t planning on painted nails for today (until the hospital cancelled on me again) so I was looking for something quick and simple to do. I also wanted to play up the fact that it was late September and still bright and sunny outside, so I went for a simple sunshine manicure.


This one was so unbelievably simple to do. I started off with a bright blue sky, provided in the form of a Spoiled by Wet n Wild polish (S050 – First Class Only) over all nails.Unfortunately the polish isn’t brilliantly pigmented so it took a bit of effort to get it to a good solid colour, but I did manage it eventually. Then, taking another Spoiled by Wet n Wild polish (S036 – Designated Driver) and a fine paint brush I added in the sun as an accent on my ring finger. That way, even if it went cloudy for a while I would have the sun with me.


And this is how it looks. It’s nothing special, but it did what I wanted it to do, as it lifted my mood. I may have to root through my polishes looking for something a bit more pigmented next time, as trying to lay down enough polish to get a good colour makes it more difficult to be exact, but I’m not going to argue too much about it.


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Aug. 22.

Face Friday: Five Product Face

ff-5product-thI am all for using a million different products and brushes to make amazingly complicated masterpieces from my makeup collection. It can be great fun experimenting. However, there are also times when I just want to get ready and go. And that’s where a look like this is so useful. It is literally just five products, and the most complicated tool you need is your finger.



  • Tinted Moisturiser: MeMeMe – Flawless Tinted Moisturiser (02 – Beige Blush)
  • Blush: No.7 – Pop n Glow Cream Blush (Classic Rose)


  • Shadow: Clinique – Chubby Stick For Eyes (10 – Big Blue)
  • Mascara: Wet n Wild – XXL Lash Mascara (Black)


  • Lipstick: Rimmel – Apocalips (301 – Galaxy)

Okay, this literally takes minutes to do, and almost everything is done with fingers (except for the mascara and lipstick). It doesn’t look overly special, but is put together and looks so much better than my bare face. Besides, I try not to look ready for a night out early in the day.


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Aug. 19.

Tried Tuesday: Wet n Wild XXL Lash Mascara

tt-xxl-thWay back in March I posted about my first impressions of Wet n Wild Cosmetic’s lineup, ans while it was generally positive, I did note that I was somewhat disappointed with their XXL Lash mascara, but that I would have to revisit it. Now, nearly 6 months later, for Tried Tuesday I have gotten around to it. And, have I changed my mind?

In my March post I commented that:

It’s billed as a “thickening, amplifying mascara” but what I found was the formula was so wet it did nothing for me, and ended up everywhere but on my lashes.


Fortunately that has changed, with the time it was given to mature. It is no longer as wet, and coats the brush, a fairly thin, but finely bristled affair without either flowing off the brush, or getting into sticky clumps on the brush and hence on my lashes. So far so good. Nothing truly spectacular to report, but nothing disastrous either.

Now, as for how it performed on my lashes, which is, above all where it counts (and I do love things that perform where it counts!). Below I have 3 shots of my left eye (my better of the two, but still half blind) showing lashes without mascara, with 1 coat, and with 2 coats. They’re numbered 0, 1 and 2 for obvious reasons.


You can see that it has done a fair job of it. There is no sign of it transferring to my eyelid, or down my face, and while it hasn’t made my lashes look XXL, it does make them look better.

All that said, yes I do take back what I said in March. I am no longer somewhat disappointed by XXL Lash. I am not entirely bowled over by it, but it will be entirely suitable for a daytime look, where I don’t need my lashes to be huge. They look tidy, with a bit of thickness and curl, and for just €5.49 that’s good enough for me. What do you think?


*Product was provided for review

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Intense and Neutral eyes closed
May. 23.

Face Friday: Intense and Neutral

intense and neutral thumbLast week for Face Friday, I did a neutral eye with an intense berry lip. This week, I’m doing the opposite, by keeping the lip neutral, instead going for an intense eye. Again it is following the common rule of emphasising either the lips or eyes, but not both. Remember though that some rules are made to be broken, so feel free to experiment.

Intense and Neutral eyes open

Intense and Neutral eyes closed


  • Foundation: Maybelline – Superstay 24 hour foundation (020 – Cameo)
  • Bronzer: Physicians Formula – Bronze Booster Bronzer (Season to Season)
  • Blush: NYR – Mineral Blusher (54 – Peony)
  • Highlighter: Benefit – High Beam


  • Brows: Maybelline – Brow Drama (Medium Brown)
  • Shadow: Wet n Wild – Idoleyes Shadow Pencil – Base (E133 – Techno)
  • Shadow: MAC – Shadow Single – Lid & Outer lid over crease shadow (Trax)
  • Shadow: Wet n Wild – Silent Treatment – Crease and outer lid (Crease shade)
  • Shadow: Wet n Wild – Silent Treatment – Browbone (Browbone shade)
  • Liner: Maybelline – Gel Eye Liner (Violet)
  • Mascara: Wet n Wild – XXL Lash (Black)
  • Lashes: Eyelure – Sex and the City Lashes (Carrie)


  • Balm: Hyalogic – Episilk Lip Balm
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal – Colour Riche Collection Privée (Eva’s Nude)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F03 – Bronzer (dusted over whole face)
  • Real Techniques – Multi Task Brush – Blush & Highlighter
  • Blank Canvas – E25 – Eyeshadow (Lid)
  • Blank Canvas – E23 – Eyeshadow (Crease)
  • Royal & Langnickel – Silk C260 Taklon Shadow – Eyeshadow (Browbone & Blend)
  • Sigma – E05 Liner – Eyeliner
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lipstick


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May. 19.

Manicure Monday: Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy

mm-grays-thIt’s the start of another week, another Monday, and another manicure. Unsure as to what to do with my nails for this week, I decided to take a bottle off the shelf of awesomeness that I hadn’t used before and give it a whirl. The bottle that my grubby little paws went to if from the Fastdry range by Wet n Wild, in the shade “Gray’s Anatomy”.


The fastdry range is just that, fast drying, with one coat being dry in just 60 seconds. The range are all named after television shows, like this one, Gray’s Anatomy,, Sage in the City, Teal or no Teal, you get the idea. This particular one is a holographic, multicoloured nail polish, depending on how the light hits it. In the bottle it does look silver grey, veering to violet or greenish depending on how the light hits it. I did find the polish to be slightly watery, but it dried well, and left a shiny, opaque finish after 3 coats. The question is how it actually looked on the nails, and to show you will take several pictures.


First up: Violet mode.






And finally multi coloured, which I think is the best for showing the actual range that this polish can go through. Nowhere though, does it really show up as grey, except for in the bottle, so the name is slightly confusing.

I’m finding myself quite liking this polish, mainly for its sheer range of colours it can change to. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it makes me happy.

The whole Fastdry range is available in Dunnes, Penney’s, pharmacies and costs mere pennies.

What do you think of this colour? Any particular holographic polishes you love? Please do let me know.


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