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Oct. 08.

Waffle Wednesday: There’s Something In The Water

ww-fish-thOkay, I may as well say it now. This is not a post about Irish Water or water charges. I’m not going to get involved in that discussion. Instead I am going to talk about something else in the water. Something moving, something swimming. Something fishy.

Years ago, as I child I remember keeping a pet goldfish. He was won at the fair, and was put into a pudding bowl of water, expecting only to last a week with him. He lasted several years. Then someone gave the family a gift of a large, 4 foot long fish tank, lights, stand, the works. Just add fish. So we did, and at maximum capacity we had 24 fish of different colours, shapes and sizes. Again we had the fish for years quite happily, until somehow the tank got chipped, leaked and the fish died. And that was that, until recently.


Lir, the Lionhead Ranchu

I had been thinking about keeping fish again for a while. For one, I find it incredibly soothing to watch fish. I could spend hours staring at them, watching them do their thing, and be content doing it (both me and the fish). It is also a great way of learning about the management of them. Childhood me was wrong about just putting a fish in a bowl of tap water it seems. There are so many procedures to work through to get everything set up before you even think about fish. But I found myself a tank, the right equipment, water additives and decorations, set them up, and a few days later got some fish.


Poseidon, The Fantail Goldfish

In adding fish to the tank I went for three species, a Lionhead Ranchu, which is like a golf ball with no fin on his back and a flowing tail, and two fantail goldfish, which are like normal goldfish, except a little fatter and they have a double tail. These were called Lir, Poseidon and Amphitrite, after Gods and Goddesses of the sea.


Amphitrite, The Fantail Goldfish

Then there was 6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, which look like little silver streaks, with vibrant red tails. There was no way I was going to be able to tell them apart, so I just collectively called them the Minions, as a play on words of minnow, and as they were going to be under control of the Goldfish Gods.


The (White Cloud Mountain) Minions

Or so I thought. Things didn’t work out that way. I am not sure whether it was through poor quality fish, or poor set up and care on my part, but Lir, the Ranchu, died within 36 hours. Poseidon and Amphitrite followed between one and two days later. It was gutting to think that as a clueless kid, I kept goldfish quite happily in a bowl of tap water, but when I try to do things properly, things turned into a disaster. I was fortunate enough that where I got the goldfish from offered me a credit note for them (and a lecture on how I must be doing things wrong) but it was still not a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately too, I lost one of the Minions around the same time, but I believe that was accidental where the poor thing swam into the base of a decorative plant and got stuck. By the time I found him again the next day it was too late. Since then though things have settled down, the remaining 5 minions have settled in, and yesterday, just under two weeks after the disaster I was able to add in a few more fishy friends, in the form of 6 Zebra Danios, which “look like the stripy toothpaste” as blogger and fish lover Amy from Red Lips; Red Hair put it. They’ve come to be known as The Herd (zebras come in herds, and that’s enough logic for me).

It is good to see some life in the tank again, as while it is a fairly modest desktop tank, the fish are only small too. The Herd add a lot of playfulness to the tank, as they can always be seen chasing each other, or the Minions around. Feeding time too is a joy to watch, as once the food hits the water the whole lot explode into action, leading to a minute of total craziness before they start settling down again. Below is a video of feeding time if you don’t believe me!

Do you, or have you kept fish? Are you more of a furry four legged, eight legged or snake fan? Please do let me know!


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Jun. 04.

Waffle Wednesday: Relaxation

ww-relax-thLast night I found a place of incredible relaxation. I left the house not long before Midnight, took a walk, and found myself on a deserted Killiney Beach, with just myself, two fishing rods, my iPod and the water, and it was bliss.


Out fishing in Wicklow on Monday, with this sailing across the bay

Okay, it did get cut a little short after some lightning flashes in the area at about 3.15, leading me to get out of there. I didn’t want to be left out in the open, sat nest to a couple of 15 foot lightning rods, but for those 3 hours plus, it was just so incredibly peaceful to have a couple of kilometres of beach to yourself, just to sit and think, to listen to music or the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping on the shore, and to generally be content. It doesn’t really matter that all I caught was either too small or generally inedible, because it was so enjoyable, so relaxing to be able to take some time completely to yourself, get lost in your own thoughts, and not be distracted by the outside world.


A nice little Ray, caught by my brother.

So, yes, I fish. But this is not about fishing, or whether it is right or wrong to kill, cook and eat your catch. This is about relaxation. What is it that you do to take some time out, to calm down, unwind and ponder the universe? I’m a beauty blogger, yes, and it is an immensely enjoyable thing to do. In fact, I would bet that the majority of people reading this are bloggers too, but there is more to each of us than blogging. I enjoy reading. I enjoy tinkering with computers, getting beauty treatments. I’m a student pilot, and find flying relaxing (when I can afford it), and I fish (I actually combined flying and fishing on Bank Holiday Monday, when myself my dad and my brother went to Newcastle in Wicklow, to fish right next to the airfield). There is something so amazingly special about finding something you can lose yourself in, something you love doing so much that you can have hours go by in the blink of an eye while doing it. So, while this is just a short Waffle Wednesday this week, what I want to do is ask you a question.

What is the most relaxing thing that you love doing to take some time out from everything going on in your life?


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