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Jun. 02.

Lets Talk Blog Challenge: Recommend to a Friend

It’s the 6th and final post in the Lets Talk Blog Challenge series today, so I must start by saying a HUGE thank you to At The Beauty Desk‘s Sarah. Without her help and organisation this whole challenge would never have gotten going. Kudos to you Sarah! The theme for this week is recommend to a friend, so lets get to it.


No need to go into detail here. H&M, New Look, Penneys etc, but you know all these already. Moving swiftly along to…



Okay, on a night out with the girls the cocktails will be flowing, and rightly so, but in summer I find one of two things is great on a hot day. The first is an ice cold Bulmers with lots of ice, which is just heavenly, or at home, provided I have one in the freezer, is one of the frozen cocktails from Parrot Bay or Smirnoff. An ideal way to cool down in the evenings (but you may want to add more booze)



I’ve already waxed lyrical about Copenhagen in my Birthday Box post, but if you’re looking for an actual holiday as opposed to just a city, I thoroughly recommend cruising. It is the ultimate in doing as much or as little as you want, and it is surprisingly affordable, as all your meals are included (and you could eat 24/7) and by adding on a drinks package too you would have to pay next to nothing. Even for those who say that boats don’t agree with them, I’d recommend giving it a try. My mum hates sailing with a passion, yet she loves being on a cruise ship.


I’m not going to recommend any one beauty product here, or even any one brand. I’m going to recommend a mantra:

Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to experiment

Never be afraid to try something new out, as you will find something amazing. Beauty is all about fun and confidence, so be confident and have fun with it.



I recommend you read all the wonderful blogs you see on Twitter, and every one taking part in the Lets Talk Blog Challenge, but to single out just one, I have to recommend you show some love to Amy from Red Lips; Red Hair. She is funny, intelligent, gorgeous, and a delight to read and be around.

And that is the end of the Lets Talk Blog Challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it a much as I’ve enjoyed writing for it, and I hope you’ll continue to read my ramblings in the future!



Part of the Let’s Talk Blog Challenge series:

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May. 12.

Lets Talk Blog Challenge: Birthday Box

thumbIt’s week 3, and the halfway point of the Lets Talk Blog Challenge, run by At The Beauty Desk’s Sarah. We’ve had a Day in my Life, and Summer Essentials. For week 3, we’re talking about the items that would be in our ideal Birthday box.

There are a handful of things that would have to be included in a birthday box for me. In no particular order, they include:



Image Credit: Me

It’s no secret that I love my nails, so a voucher for a mani/pedi would definitely be loved. It also gives such choice as to what to do with them. Go crazy, or go understated and chic? If you have seen my Mani Monday posts, you’ll know what I mean.



Image Credit: Shiseido

I don’t have that big a collection of perfume. Currently 5 bottles, but a couple are dupes. One I do want to add to my collection though is this stunner from Shiseido called Zen Sun. It is a delicate sweet fragrance, without being in any way overpowering. It’s a grown up, understated, chic sweet scent.



Image Credit: TK Maxx

My birthday falls in the depths of December. I was actually meant to be born on Christmas day, but arrived a week early. Maybe that’s why I love winter (except the rain). I also have a number of winter coats, but would love a really special one, like this number from TK Maxx. It’s from See by Chloe and looks absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t be wearing it all the time, but I would love and adore it and it would last forever!



Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Finally, I wouldn’t be able to get proper use out of my understated chic gifts without somewhere understated and chic to show them off. And where is more understated, chic and Scandinavian cool than Copenhagen. I’ve actually been twice already before. Once in 2003 with a youth group, and again in 2009, where I went by myself for a weekend in early November, just because I wanted to and was getting a good deal from the SAS sales manager I used to deal with (Good enough excuse)

There is just something about the city I’ve fallen in love with. I can’t say what exactly, but it makes me so happy to be there. From arriving in Kastrup, getting on the metro, and 12 minutes later emerging into one of the handful of squares in the centre of the city, where last time I was there, you walked into the middle of an outdoor photography exhibition, the city just has a vibe about it that makes you feel at ease.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A couple of things I thoroughly recommend you do include a stroll along Strøget, the longest pedestrianised street in Europe, with one end starting at the department store Magazin du Nord on Kongens Nytorv, next to one of the most recognisable streets in Copenhagen, Nyhavn, the New Harbour.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

During Summer, Nyhavn is a riot of colour in the sunshine, with people sitting outside bars and hotels having a drink, the boats, and people sitting along the harbour wall, enjoying the weather, having a hotdog (Danes love hotdogs, and you can’t go anywhere without falling over a hotdog cart) or a few drinks bought from a shop. In late November the tables and chairs are still outside the bars, this time with added blankets, and they are joined by huts for the Christmas markets, which open up at this time both in Nyhavn and Tivoli Gardens. From Nyhavn, be sure to join in one of the canal tours, which allows you an impressive view of the city from water level, including the parliament buildings, stock exchange and the library, known as the Black Diamond (top).

Okay, enough of me spilling about my love for Copenhagen, except to say, I still need to see the Little Mermaid up close (I didn’t get there in 2009, and in 2003 when I was there, it wasn’t – IIRC someone had blown it up fairly recently and it was off for repairs) and if I was given the chance, I would certainly want to live there for a while.

Oh, and don’t tell me I’m asking for too much. I spent my last birthday in hospital. I’m making up for it. If you want to help though, anything would be very welcome 😉

What would be in your ideal birthday box? What do you think of my choices? Please do let me know.



Part of the Let’s Talk Blog Challenge series:

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