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As un-Eurovision as they come, and yet he won!
May. 07.

Waffle Wednesday: It’s Eurovision Season

ww-eurovision-thI’ll be completely honest. I’m one of those weird, totally insane people that adores the Eurovision. It is not often you get the whole of Europe coming together to make a prat of themselves. The pagentry, the off the wall songs (anyone want to bake a cake with Latvia?) and the super cheesy presenters make it such a unique experience. I’m not sure if anything like it exists anywhere else in the world.

Okay, there are some ¬†things I dislike about it. Political voting for example. I find it funny that we went from a jury of “experts” deciding which was the best song, to a jury of experts voting politically, to a televote, where the public voting for the best song inevitably ended up with political voting, that we now have a combined jury/public vote. Things do seem to be changing in that the past handful of years one of the best songs has won, but sometimes it does feel like a bit of a setup, where we don’t have a runaway winner. This could just be cynical me talking here though.

A Couple of Turkeys representing Ireland

A Couple of Turkeys representing Ireland

It also wouldn’t be Eurovision without mentioning the country that I’m proud to call myself a part of (sometimes), Ireland. For a country that used to be so expert at sending Eurovision acts that the EBU nearly had permanent offices here, we have gone seriously downhill. Recently we’ve sent some okay acts, not spectacular, including a pair of twins (twice – so we sent 4 of them) who were chosen for their popularity, and for some inconceivable reason, a turkey. I’ll never understand that. I thought we had learned our lesson with Linda Martin. I do kind of miss the heyday of Irish Eurovision, knowing my parents were in the second row in the Point back when a quaint little Irish Dancing number first appeared, and Rock and Roll Kids romped home. They were close enough to the stage to see that Charlie McGettigan still had a price sticker on his shoe.

As un-Eurovision as they come, and yet he won!

As un-Eurovision as they come, and yet he won!

Finally, I do think that the whole thing is getting just too big. I know that Europe is one big inclusive family, but a line needs to be drawn. Even Morocco entered in 1980. Last time I checked, Morocco was in Africa. Next year in fact, I believe the Vatican is entering Pope Francis and the Irish Singing Priest (My Lovely Horse) while I plan on taking over a plot of land, declaring independence and then entering myself. Sure, what’s the worst that could happen?

But for all its faults, I’ll still be watching Eurovision all week, listening to older songs, and generally getting in the spirit. I’ll also be livetweeting on Thursday and Saturday, like I did on Tuesday, and some of the comments that people come up with are pure gold. If it’s not your thing though, please do let me know in a comment that you’re muting me on Twitter, and I’ll see you next week.


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