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Sep. 16.

Tried Tuesday: Ziaja Natural Olive Cream

ziaja-thI’m notorious for hopping about different face creams. I’ve never been able to settle on the one for me. In a way it’s great as I get to go through so many of them, but having so much choice can be a curse. However, as I was suffering from an attack of dry skin on my forehead over the past few days, I was glad to have one of the new Natural Olive creams available to me from Polish brand Ziaja.

Firstly, a side note. I have no idea how to pronounce Ziaja. If anyone can leave me a comment explaining how to pronounce it I would appreciate it.


But now on to today’s product, the Natural Olive Cream, part of the new range of products that includes a top to toe line of shampoos, conditioners, face creams, lip balms, body creams, hand creams and more. It is also great that no product in the range costs more than €9.99, so it is not going to hurt your pocket. The packaging is simple, nothing special, but not awful to look at. It is not something I would be proudly displaying on my dressing table, but it is not something that I would use then immediately hide away either. For a budget range it isn’t bad looking, and I do find the green used in the packaging to be quite pleasant.


The directions on the box are delightfully clear, explaining what the product is suitable for, how to use it, and how much of it there is. This can, at times, be so small and hard to read that it is just a pain, so I am quite happy about this. It is then repeated in other languages on the other sides of the box, again, in a clear, easy to read way.


Once you open the box though, you hit my big bugbear. Can you tell what it is? Okay, I’ll tell you. It is the smaller tub perched on top of the clear plastic filler. I can understand why this was done. The bigger box does look quite impressive, but I can’t help but be disappointed when there is so much empty space in the box once it is opened. That is a fairly minor thing though, as it is still in line with the usual 50ml size of other brands of face cream.


Inside the tub though is the thing of greatest interest, the actual face cream. It is a rich, firm cream that has a light, neutral scent, smelling slightly of well, olive. It sinks in, mostly, within a couple of minutes, but I did feel that for a while there was still a slight residue on my skin. It is possible that I was applying a little too much in trying to tackle my dry skin, and it was not a total oil slick, but I can understand why it is billed as being for normal/dry skin. I’m sure that once my skin calms down and I can use it more sparingly it will become less of an issue, and as it stands I am not overly concerned by it.

Overall, for a budget brand I can’t overly fault this. Yes I do think that the small tub/big box thing is a little disappointing, but it is me being pedantic. I have used a couple of Ziaja products before, but never took much notice of them. I think now, however, I may have to pay more attention to them.

Ziaja Natural Olive Cream is €4.79 (rrp) and is available from pharmacies nationwide


* Product was provided for review

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Aug. 21.

Tested Thursday: Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Body Cream

shiseido-thSometimes things land in my review basket, and other things land on top and I end up forgetting about what’s below for a while, until a rummage tosses up something interesting. That happens to be the case with this product which has been unnoticed until recently. However, it did emerge from the basket, and for Tested Thursday today, I am trying out the Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Regenerating  Body Cream (yes, that whole sentence is its name).


The one I have here is a 60ml sample size, but the full size one is a respectable 200ml, and while it doesn’t make the tea for you, my notes tell me that the Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Body Cream is:

A lavishly silky textured body cream that improves skin quality, helping skin to become better with time. Regenerates moisture, resiliance and evens skin texture and tone. Skingenecell 1P is formulated in the product to help skin on the body resist future ageing signs, combined with Houttuynia Cordata Extract to prevent puffiness and water retention, along with Angelica Root Extract, to improve microcirculation to help prevent uneven skin tone.

All that, yet it can’t make tea. Probably a good thing, because while the Japanese have the science of skincare pretty much set, they haven’t perfected making a good mug of Lyon’s yet.

My notes also tell me that it is formulated with “an exclusive SP emulsification, that melts deep into the skin delivering premium anti ageing benefits”, is suitable for all skin types, and is recommended for day and night use.


But anyway, as Shiseido did the science in the product, we don’t have to. The most important things I need to show you are how it looks, how it smells, how it feels, and did it do anything. So, let’s find out…

Look: When you get something from Shiseido, you are paying for quality, and quality is expected from the packaging onwards. The packaging of it is solid. It feels the way a quality product should, which is always good news. So often products are let down by the packaging not living up to expectations. It is not a shapeless white tub that you shut away, and barely even look at when you do go to use it. I’d have no problem with the elegantly curved tub sitting on my dresser.

Smell: I’m trying to come up with a single word to describe the scent of this, but I’m not able to. In the tub I am getting floral, a bit of sweetness, and I’m not entirely sure, but possibly a very slightly synthetic smell too. On the skin though, the major scent is a floral one, and is really very pleasant. I wouldn’t want to be smothering this on myself every day if the scent was something that I didn’t like. As it is though, I would be more than happy to smell of this all day.


Feel: The texture of the cream is really light, slightly gel like, but very very movable. A little bit really does go a long way here, and while it does penetrate the skin really well, it doesn’t do so immediately. You do have a little working time, but when it does soak in, you don’t feel it on top of your skin, and there is no problem with having to wait a year and a day to get dressed.

Finally, does it work: I’ve been using this constantly for the past week, and yes, there is a difference in my skin. It doesn’t feel as parched, and does feel smoother and more refined, particularly in areas where I would have suffered from patches of dry skin. I can’t really vouch for the anti-ageing benefits of the cream, but in terms of noticing everyday differences, it actually does do the job it says.

And herein lies my problem. I think I could be tempted to go and buy the full size version, which for the 200ml is €130! I don’t know how exactly to justify spending that much, no matter how amazing the product is, knowing that my €5.99 Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip does a decent job. I know I am kinda comparing apples and elephants here, so maybe I can convince myself that once, just once, as a treat that this should be mine!


* Product was provided for review

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Mar. 13.

Tested Thursday: Shiseido Ibuki Range

shiseido-thHello from Tested Thursday. The idea of Tested Thursday is that a product is put to the test to see if it lives up to claims made by the manufacturer. It is a kind of in depth look at a product.

Today is the turn of the Shiseido Ibuki range of skincare, which I have been using for the past couple of weeks. The range says it is “designed to visibly correct imperfections by targeting dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, roughness and visible pores”. That’s quite a lot for a skincare range, but as Shiseido are experts in skincare, it is not too outlandish. So, lets have a look at the products used first.


This is a 3 step system, consisting of a cleanser, a softener and a moisturiser, used in that order.


The gentle cleanser is a rich cream that lathers well, and does what it is designed to do. It lathers well, rinses easily and leaves my face feeling, well, clean! If step 1 didn’t do what it was meant to do, I would be worried. So far, however, so good.


The softening concentrate used as step 2 is designed to soak in to the skin quickly, delivering its nutrients to the heart of the skin. While the instructions do say to use a cotton pad with this, I’ve been using my fingertips, as I’d be afraid of losing too much product into the cotton. Even so, only a tiny amount of this is enough to do my whole face, and afterwards my skin does feel so much better.


Finally, the refining moisturiser is applied. This is rich and creamy, and yet it is not something you need to use much of. It spreads so incredibly well over the skin after the softener that again only a tiny amount is needed, and it too soaks in exceptionally well.

Now, the results. I’ve been using this on my combination normal/dry skin for the past couple of weeks. Not constantly, as I am kinda forgetful when it comes to my skin (which is very bad of me – I know!) but I have been using this very regularly. And well, it does most of what it claims. My skin does look and feel so much better when I’m using it. I also suffer quite badly from visible pores on my nose, and while they are still visible, they are not as visible. I can imagine that if I could actually remember to use it as I should, every single day, it would do a great job on my skin.

The Ibuki range is available on counters now, and is also available as a trial kit, containing sample sized products for €29. Note: The trial kit is limited edition and may sell out quickly.

Have you tried the Ibuki range? What skincare are you loving right now? Let me know below!



A sample was provided for review.

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Feb. 06.

Best of Beauty: Skincare Saviours

Vichy-thHi, and welcome to the first of my Best of Beauty series, devised by the gorgeous, intelligent, kind, totally awesome, but sadly not single, Sam from All the Buzz. Every Thursday I will be sharing my Best of Beauty, starting today with week 1, and my skincare saviours.

My skin is a combination of normal to dry, so at times it does need a bit of help, but at the same time I don’t want to use anything too harsh on it, as that will just make things worse. These little beauties are just the ticket.


On the face:

You’ll see I have much love for Vichy products here. They are not overly expensive, are very effective, and most of all are gentle on my skin. In fact, all of these are due for repurchase soon, as they are all just about out.

Vichy Idealia Cream (€26/50ml – Boots.ie / SamMcCauley.com): I use this day and night, and my skin laps it up. It smells great too thanks to the Kombucha tea extract.

Vichy Purete Thermale One Step Cleanser (€13.95/200ml – SamMcCauley.com): I find this to be a more heavy duty cleanser than the Micellar Solution below, but is still very gentle. It is also great for taking off even the most stubborn eye makeup.

Vichy Purete Thermale Micellar Solution (€13.95/200ml – SamMcCauley.com): This is a great day to day cleanser. It is very light, and still quite powerful. It is more suited to day to day makeup, but even using it around the eyes it does not cause irritation, unless you’re pouring in serious amounts.

On the Body:

Not everything has to be upmarket. These next two are cheap as chips, and are HUGE! Seriously, look at the size of them! They’ll go on forever!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff (€7.99/200ml – Cloud10Beauty.com): The pink scrubby exfoliatey one. You don’t really need to use this one all over that often, but on areas that are known to suffer from slightly harder, tougher skin, a little bit of this will soon have it back in shape. It’s followed up by…

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip (€7.99/200ml – Cloud10Beauty.com): The chocolately, flowery, skin softener supreme. This smells gorgeous, soaks in super easily and punches far above what it’s price would have you think. If you haven’t heard of these yet, what rock have you been living under? Get out from there and get them NOW!

Honourable Mentions:


I haven’t included these above as they’re not things I would use every day, but if you’re looking for a bit of a skincare treat, these are worth considering.

Benefit B.Right Refined Finish Facial Polish (€27.50/127.5g – Debenhams.ie): I love using this once a week to help clear away any build up of dead skin cells. It’s super gentle, a little bit goes a long way, and I love the packaging. It is not the cheapest out there, but it does a great job for the price.

Benefit B.Right Ultra Radiance Facial Rehydrating Mist (€30/133.1ml – Debenhams.ie): Work in an office? Feel yourself drying out from heat in summer and heaters in winter. This is the thing for you. I originally bought this in duty free in Gatwick as I was trapped indoors for hours and was drying out rapidly. Fortunately this did an amazing job, and I now swear by it. I’m not using it as often while I’m not working, but I always appreciate a moisture boost when I do turn to it. Its light fresh scent is pleasing on the nose too!

So, talk to me. Do you agree with my saviours? Does it inspire you to try any of them? Have you tried any of them already? Let me know in the comments!


Best of beauty blog series:

  • Week 1: Skincare Saviours
  • Week 2: Hair Heroes (13 Feb)
  • Week 3: Makeup Must-Have (20 Feb)
  • Week 4: Pamper Products (27 Feb)
  • Week 5: Princess Product (6 Mar)
  • Week 6: Budget Bargain (13 Mar)
  • Week 7: Beauty Treatment (20 Mar)
  • Week 8: Beauty Bloggers (27 Mar)

Want to join in? Certainly do. Write up your “Best of Beauty” posts and share them with everyone on Twitter using the Hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge!

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