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Sinful Mauve Nail Art
Mar. 30.

Manicure Monday: Mauve & Spotty

mm-sinfulmauve-thI am a divil for picking up polishes from Sinful Colors in Dealz. They’re €1.49 (comparison – €2.49 on boots.ie, $1.99 on Walgreens.com) and come in a range of delightful colours. I’ve written about them several times before, and they are taking up more and more space in my Nail Polish Stash. It is probably not surprising, then, to tell you that I have added 3 more bottles to my stash, including the one I am talking about today, a shade called Mauve.

First, according to Wikipedia, Mauve is a pale purple colour, typically containing more grey and more blue. Asking WordPress here to reproduce the colour code for mauve gives us this. Now, let’s look at the bottle.

Sinful Mauve Bottle

So far, so fairly close I think. This does have the slight purple tint to it that works for a mauve shade, and I was drawn to it for the purpleness. In keeping with its equally sinful sisters it is pigmented and creamy, and applies really well, becoming nicely opaque in two coats. However, this on its own, while pretty, could do with some jazzing up, if you are not in a situation where spotty nails are frowned upon. Fortunately I’m not, so I broke out this wheel of colouredy goodness.

Sinful Mauve Nail Art

This wheel comes from the PS Love range at Penneys, and as you can see is a batch of various coloured shapes. It came in a pack with two cuticle sticks and a nail file for the budget busting price of €1.30. There are a couple of different styles too, depending on what you are in to (I also have one that is various jewels). And with this I embellished my ring finger a little, sealing it with a coat of top coat. The end result is like this, as always, shot without and then with flash.

Sinful Mauve Noflash

Sinful Mauve Flash

In the picture without flash, you can just about make out a violet/lilac tinge to it, which just washes out under the intense light, leaving a blue grey, which is in no way unpleasant. I like how the pink spots add a bit of colour to it, but if I had to, I would be in no way against wearing Mauve on its own. Another good pick I think!


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Nov. 10.

Manicure Monday: Starry Night Nails

starry-thWith the holiday party season rapidly approaching, I have gotten to thinking about how to wear my nails. Classic reds always work, but what other options are available. Taking inspiration from the night sky, and the classic combination of black and silver, today’s Manicure Monday is inspired by the starry night sky.


The 4 polishes included in this manicure are a delightful mix. The black is a black creme polish from the Wet n Wild Wild Shine range (conveniently called black creme), with a top coat from No.7 (silver glitter top coat from a gift set last Christmas). The silver is a basecoat of Sinful Colors (Out of This World) topped with two coats of the unbelievably gorgeous Ignite The Night from Essie.

As for how it looks – See for yourself!

Without flash:


With flash:


I am in love with this. Normally I wouldn’t wear black polish, as I find it can look very harsh. This one though, is amazingly shiny, is priest’s socks black, and sets off the mix of different sized glitters perfectly. Ignite The Night then provides an amazing accent, as the densely packed glitter catches the light from every angle. It is a veritable feast of stars on your fingertips.

What do you think of this? What other glitters would you try with it? I’m thinking that a light sprinkling of gold on top of the silver glitter would add yet another dimension to it, but let me know what you think!


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Aug. 18.

Manicure Monday: Sinful Colors Hot Spot

sinful-blue-thI think I am developing an obsession with Sinful Colors. Every time I spot one in Dealz I end up buying it, and there is a good reason for it. The price is €1.49, and the polishes are honestly amazing! So, while it is still summer and I should be looking at brighter colours, I couldn’t resist trying out one of my most recent purchases, a deep, dark blue that is called Hot Spot.


This polish is so deep and dark that I am trying to figure out how to read the black ingredients on the bottle. It is very close to being a navy blue, but isn’t. It looks like a very rich inky blue, with little lighter blue glittery flecks, which give it a shimmery effect. It reminds me of being in the countryside at night, when the stars have started to appear, but the sky is not yet at its darkest. This served as the inspiration behind the manicure, which you will see momentarily. Application was a breeze, with a coat of CND Stickey basecoat, followed by just 2 coats of polish. As it is so deep it builds in colour really well.

Now, to the actual nails. This is very simple. It is just 2 coats of Hot Spot, with a light coating of a No.7 silver glitter top coat on the ring finger, giving the appearance of stars.


I intentionally kept things simple for this as the polish by itself is so elegant. It doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to stand out. In fact, I think that as the nights get darker, this may really stand out on both fingers and toes on a night out. What do you think?


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Aug. 11.

Manicure Monday: Orange, Purple and Silver

mm-thumbHaving picked up this polish in Dealz last week, it would be a shame to not try it out and see what it can do. It’s a bright, slightly glittery orange from Sinful Colors, called Cloud 9, and it is truly gorgeous!


In order to do something more with my mani than just the standard flat colour, I looked along my shelf for something to pair it with. before settling on the lovely Zoya polish, Belinda. Finally, for just that little bit extra, I chose to add a set of silver dots along the purple stripe, and to do this I went to another Sinful Colors polish, the beautiful Out of This World.

It was really very simple to do this mani, working with 3 coats of Cloud 9 to give a great solid base, and letting it dry, before adding the purple with some sticky tape to provide a nice clean line. Finally, using a fine paint brush, I added the dots of silver.

As for how it looks, well lets find out. The top picture is without flash, while the bottom picture is with.



The orange really sings here, while the purple and silver stripe serves as a great accent without being a solid nail of another colour. The gold glitter in the orange too, also shows up really well under certain lights, adding to the richness of the colour! What do you think?


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Pinky Glitter
Jun. 30.

Manicure Monday: Recent Dealz Purchases

sinful-thThere is something amazing about going into Dealz for me. You can go inn for a look around, not planning on buying anything, then suddenly you get distracted by shiny things and all bets are off. This happened for me last week, with the nail polish stand. There were some polishes by Sinful Colors, and it was all “OOH SHINY” and four of them ended up in the basket.

I already have 6 Sinful Colors polishes, and some of them are among my absolute favourites. I had to see how these actually looked on my nails, and if they would find their way into my favourites.

Out of this world

First up is 842 – Out of This World. It’s a silver polish, with a certain amount of glitter sparkle. This, even though it was a 3 coater, was still a little wishy washy, but the colour itself is quite nice.If I had the patience to do another coat or two it would be really pretty.

Pinky Glitter

Secondly, 830 – Pinky Glitter. What can I say. This looks special in the bottle. On the nails though… It is more than special. Oh my sweet holy tutti fruity nails look so gorgeous with this one on. I am in love with it and want to have its babies. In other words, I like it. Much wow with this polish.

I miss you

Next, another glitter. 930 – I Miss You. The only thing I missed with this polish was perfect application. It was oh so slightly patchy, buy still very nice to see on my nails. It may be a bit dark for summer time, but in cooler months, I’ll be all over this.

Purple Diamond

Finally I have 102 – Purple Diamond. This super shiny lilac is too amazing for words… But seeing as I have to write something, I will say that I need another bottle of this and quick. I’ll leave the picture to speak a thousand words about the colour.

I am developing a bit of a love affair with Sinful Colors. Pinky Glitter ans Purple Diamond are just so beautifully pretty. I will be doing a mani pedi in the next little while with these colours. I just don’t know which order to use them in!


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