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Mar. 14.

On People, Passing & Confidence

This is a little bit of a waffling post for me, so bear with me. It’s also the first thing I’ve written in a while, so it may not make much sense. If not, I apologise.

Some of you may have read my About Me page. Some of you, not (to those of you in the latter group, it’s over there. Have a read)

In short. I’m transsexual. Most of you just know me as Robyn, while some of you may also know my other half. He’s kinda a less glamourous, less confident version of me, with pretty dull dress sense (seriously, there’s only so many versions of shirt and trousers you can do!)


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Oct. 09.

Review: Skinflint Dublin

Skinflint-Pizza-thumbSo, first of all, an apology. I do enjoy blogging, but recently I have been suffering badly from bloggers block. I try to write when I feel inspired to write, but lately that inspiration just hasn’t been there. I’m going to try writing a couple of posts to see what I can come up with, so if it leads to some nonsensical jabbering, just bare with me.

Now, to business. I make no bones about it. I love food. Give me good food and good company and I’m a happy Robyn. Incidentally, one of my favourite foods is caramel. Give me caramel in any of its forms, on its own, in something, on something (or one) and I’m yours forever. (Use that information how you want) (more…)

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Jul. 02.

What if: The Dail Was a Glee Club

dail-gleeInspired by a post on Facebook from the wonderful Paula (check out her blog, by the way), this explores the very big what if, of the Dail being a Glee Club. Seriously, who would take what part? Would Enda and Eamon do a duet? What would be sung? Just for fun, here’s what I think would happen…


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music note
Jun. 27.

Playlist – 27 June

music noteOkay, before i get on with the playlist, first, an apology. I know I have been a bit quiet on the blog front for the past couple of weeks. I really should be writing something every day, or every couple of days, but I couldn’t inspire myself to do it. I am back now, and will be updating the blog regularly. I promise!


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music note
Jun. 07.

Playlist – 07 June

music noteWow my playlist can get mixed up at times. I’m not sure what to make of this five. It is one of the most eclectic mixes I have seen in a long time. As usual, links to Youtube are provided where I can find suitable links.


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Jun. 02.

The Obligatory “Hello World” Post

Waffle-150x142Hello and welcome to my very first blog post. I’m not going to bore you with a long winded speech about how good it is to be here, or how great it is to see someone reading this. I’d much rather get straight in to posting something worthwhile. Please accept this little bit of waffle for now though.

Worthwhile means whatever is in my head at the time, and that is usually quite a lot. That doesn’t mean I will be posting everything that is in there, just the bits that I can make enough sense of to write down. Besides, I have a simple rule to follow:

When everything in your head starts to make sense, PANIC

So there you have it, my somewhat dull first post. I promise something more interesting is coming soon. Also, bits and pieces may be changing as I settle in and decide how I want everything to look. I haven’t quite decided yet. I’m a really indecisive person. Or am I?

P.S. I also need to thank those of you who suggested that I start the blog, and Paula from Random Ramblings and Musings, for saying that someone would actually read it.


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