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May. 10.

Something Else Sunday: 50 Facts About Me

ses-me-thI was tagged by Amy (you know Amy, or if you don’t you should) from Red Lips; Red Hair to do this tag. It is very simple. It is 50 facts about me. A random 50 facts, as dredged up from my somewhat rambling mind. Some you may know, some you may not, but here goes.

  1. My name is Robyn Morton.
  2. I was meant to be born on Christmas Day, but arrived a week early.
  3. I have a twin brother.
  4. We’re both left handed.
  5. I was one of the last twins to be born in Loughlinstown hospital before their maternity unit closed.
  6. I am the middle child of seven. 3 sisters above, 3 brothers below.
  7. I have an eclectic taste in music, but prefer easy listening and female vocalists.
  8. I’ve only ever been to one concert (Flogging Molly, Kansas City, Feb 2008)
  9. It left me deaf for several hours after (was right next to a huge speaker)
  10. I’m currently (not very blissfully) single.
  11. I’ve only ever been in two relationships.
  12. Both were long distance (Copenhagen & Kansas City)
  13. If I continue in the long distance trend, I’ve calculated my next relationship will be between Dublin and the moon.
  14. I like to travel (hello, long distance relationships require lots of travel)
  15. 4,068.3 miles (as the crow flies) is the furthest I’ve ever travelled for a date, but the flight route taken made it so much longer.
  16. My US relationship led to me being stopped by CBP the first time I was over there, trying to figure out if I was a genuine visitor. I missed my connecting flight as a result.
  17. I was introduced to baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals as a result (go Redbirds!)
  18. I used to play softball, but had to give it up when it started affecting my knees.
  19. My favourite city in the world that I’ve visited (so far) is Copenhagen.
  20. If I was given the opportunity to move there, I would.
  21. I have a keen interest in aviation.
  22. I’ve taken control of a number of light aircraft, both here and in the US. All of which survived their encounters with me.
  23. I once did work experience as part of the overhaul crew working on a Ryanair jet (I was responsible for the emergency lighting system and pilots emergency oxygen supply)
  24. I was once offered and had an interview with Flybe for the position of an airline pilot (I didn’t get the job. The flight training school later closed down, taking a lot of students money)
  25. I can at best be considered a nail polish addict, and at worst a makeup addict.
  26. I don’t know how long I can keep going at dredging up these facts.
  27. I can disassemble and rebuild a computer with my eyes closed.
  28. At home, when people come to visit, I am “the one with the wifi password”
  29. Nobody has died from my cooking. There have been times when I’ve been the only one to eat something (I’d rather eat it myself then admit it went wrong) but for the most part, my cooking is okay.
  30. I enjoy making Mexican food, but can work with whatever is left in the fridge and cupboards.
  31. I’ll drink (nearly) anything, but do enjoy craft beers.
  32. I am not one of those pretentious craft beer snobs.
  33. I am still searching for the perfect mojito (closest I’ve found so far is on the cruise ship Norwegian Epic)
  34. I once flew to Spain and back in a day, never leaving the airport. I got off the plane, turned around and got back on the plane.
  35. I’d love to be a one tweet food critic. I’ve had lots of practice with my legendary hospital food pictures.
  36. I’ve eaten far too many dodgy hospital food meals. Really, I’ve spent far too long in hospital.
  37. I still need to get my life back on track after being unwell, but I am working on it.
  38. I am transgender.
  39. I came out in 2010 (after finally getting sick of hiding it).
  40. I am still part time (but do hope to change that).
  41. Some people have met, or do know of my male self, but this is who I am.
  42. Being trans doesn’t change who I am. I have always been me.
  43. I am naturally brunette, but have been anything from purply red, to really red, to currently nearly blonde.
  44. I have four tattoos. The first was a Celtic design on my lower back, a complete (but for a long time secret) act of self affirmation. The second was a heart on my right foot on the day I came out. The third is a breast cancer awareness ribbon on my right wrist/forearm, and the fourth is a butterfly and cherry blossoms on my left foot.
  45. Adding more tattoos, I would probably start with extending my butterfly and flowers onto my leg, though I am not necessarily a fan of big tattoos.
  46. I have my ears pierced (lobes) but have previously had my tragus, nostril and tongue pierced.
  47. I would get my nostril and tongue redone.
  48. Yes my life sounds complicated, and it is, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  49. My outlook on life has become more positive from being put in adverse situations.
  50. I look forward to my life settling back down into some routine, though adventure can be fun too!
  51. I couldn’t get through everything without the help of some very close friends. I owe them more then I could ever express in words.

There’s your 51. I hope it gives some insight into my weird and wonderful existence. If you want to share yours I encourage you to do so, but I am tagging two people:

Paula from Random Rambling and Musings

Cat, the Big Blonde Girl


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Morning Dew
Aug. 23.

Something Else Saturday: Photos to Smile About

ses-photos-thIt’s not just makeup that I photograph, though it may seem like it at times. If I’m going somewhere where I expect a camera to be useful, I do bring my camera bag with me, and there are bits and pieces in it for different tasks. Sometimes they do turn out quite well, and looking at them makes me smile. Today for Something Else Saturday I’m going to share some of my favourites from this year.



This actually wasn’t taken with my big camera. It wasn’t taken with any camera actually. It was taken with my phone yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to walk around the corner of the house into the gardens and see such a vivid rainbow, but there it is, and I just had to take some kind of photo of it.



One of my other loves is aircraft, and so I spent the afternoon of the Bray Air Show in July on Bray seafront frantically moving about trying to get angles right for shots. There are a few I am happy with, but I am amazed at the perfect timing of this to get both planes lined up so perfectly.



One of the joys of living so close to the coast is that you can put together a shot like this. Taken not long before midnight on an early April night, I just love how the light of the moon illuminates a path along the sea.



This wasn’t taken with an expensive close up lens. All I did was add a close up filter to the included camera lens (cost me less than €10 for a set of 4, thank you ebay). Shortly after getting them, I got a bright morning with the flowers starting to bloom, so I tried them out. This is the result, as is the next photo.

Morning Dew:

Morning Dew

Using the same close up filters as before, but this time a more powerful one, allowed me to get close enough to the flower to perfectly capture the droplets of dew on the petals, along with the vivid colours.

So, there you go, a few photos o keep you smiling over the weekend. Hopefully that will keep you going until Monday when it will be time for another manicure.


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Then & Now!
Mar. 19.

Waffle Wednesday: Change & the Blogging Journey

ww-thThis little bit of waffle is inspired by finding a snapshot of my blog as stored on the Wayback Machine. I was intrigued by looking at old and new side by side and seeing how things have changed.

Let’s be honest. Change happens. We can resist it, we can hate it, we can try and put it off for as long as possible, but it happens anyway. The best thing to do is just embrace it, go with it, grow and learn from it.

Then & Now!

Then & Now!

When I started blogging, back on June 1st, 2012, if you’ll believe it, I was clueless! Completely and utterly clueless! I dived straight in, bought a domain and hosting, set up a website and got to it. I did enjoy it too, from time to time, but I suffered a lot from lack of inspiration, and it showed in thee lack of effort on both the site and in posts. It looked okay, but it didn’t look great. In the first 18 months of blogging, I did a total of 25 posts. Yes, that few.

Recently though things changed. I became unemployed. I got sick. I got better. And I decided that the site should get better. Things changed, everywhere. As I did say when I launched the new version of the site, I was planning on working on it slowly, and then launch it when I was ready. It didn’t quite work out that way, when I accidentally deleted almost everything. So change happened quickly. Maybe too quickly. I fell in at the deep end, but I managed and adapted and learned from it. I’ll never make a mistake like that again, believe me, but I’m almost glad I did.

Creating the new site helped me rediscover a love of creating things. It had me make the new years resolution to blog at least once a week, something I’ve now surpassed, to posting at least 6 times per week. I’ve taught myself more about taking product photos, about using social media, about how to actually run a blog, and I’m having fun doing it! In the past 3 months I’ve written 34 posts, 17 of which in March alone! I’ve also met so many new and friendly people as a result, but I’m not going to name you all here, as I’ll be here all evening, and will inevitably forget one of you, causing a big upset. You all know who you are though.

Essentially, what I’m saying is never be afraid of change. If you can’t embrace change, you’ll never know how much better things can be. By fighting change you’ll miss out on so many chances to learn, to grow, to get new skills and meet new people. I’m not saying that everyone should instantly change their whole life. Start small and take your time. Think about 1 thing you’d like to change, that is in your power to change (as in, not the world – yet). It might be your blog design, your day to day nail colour, or the first thing you say to yourself each morning. Sorry, second thing – coffee comes first! Then see where your journey goes from there.


The Internet Archive runs the Wayback Machine. Try sticking your blog into it and seeing what it has saved. You’ll be amazed by the way things progress over time!

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Mar. 12.

Waffle Wednesday: Are beauty bloggers just in it for freebies?

WW-collection-thWelcome to a gorgeous Waffle Wednesday. First things first. This post is only going up this evening because I’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine while we have it. Just saying that right now. Anyway, Waffle Wednesday is a chance for me to write about anything that catches my eye. It could be anything really, as long  as I want to vent about it.

This week is inspired by a conversation I saw on Twitter last Friday night. It was about beauty bloggers. Specifically, how one person seems to think that beauty bloggers are just in it for freebies. I can’t be sure whether they were being serious or not, but it got me thinking, is there really that misconception in peoples minds, and if so, what can be done to change it?


Just a small collection of things to tell you about, really.

One of the first points I saw in the conversation was that bloggers get things for free, and everything they review is brilliant. That’s both true, and at the same time not true. Yes, bloggers do get things to try, and a lot of what they review is positive. However, it is not quite as simple as given something for free=good review. While a blogger may be given something, it should be understood that they have to put time and effort into trying products, evaluating whether they do what a company says they should do, taking pictures of them, writing a review and editing everything together. While a member of the public may see just the product having been given, and a review, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that they don’t see.

As for only seeing good reviews – Most bloggers, myself included, don’t like writing bad reviews. We would much rather decide a product doesn’t work for us, put it aside and start on something else that we may like, than writing up a review of a mediocre product. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t do bad reviews. If a product is particularly bad, and that there is not much chance of someone loving it, then by all means we will say so. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, any blogger with integrity will say what they think, and give an honest opinion, even striving to point out flaws in an otherwise good product.

A point that is raised in the conversation is that of trust. If you are suspicious of a blogger, that they may be posting good reviews because they have been given something for free, the question must be asked: If you don’t trust what the blogger is saying, why are you reading it? Go find someone who you trust, and read their blog. It’s the same with newspaper columnists. If you think columnist x spouts a load of drivel each week, do you bother reading it? No, you move on to some other column, which you do trust. The same is valid here. If you read a blog which you trust to give you honest, helpful reviews and advice, should it matter whether they are talking about a product that they bought for themselves, or were given to try out? No. An honest blogger will be more than willing to say that a product is not worth buying, whether they were given it or not. You may be thinking that I’m contradicting myself and what I said about not writing bad reviews. How do you know not to buy it if a blogger hasn’t written about something? Any blog that I read regularly, and there are quite a few, have bloggers behind them that are very active on social media. If you are in doubt about a product, you can always ask a blogger on twitter have they tried it and what they thought of it? They will be more than happy to tell you!

Finally, the question of cost comes into play. Makeup, and more particularly, beauty blogging is a very expensive hobby. Any blog with its own hosting has costs for the website, then there’s a camera for doing photos, regular purchases of essentials, like shampoos, which may include picking up things you haven’t tried before, and wanting to buy all the latest releases, both for yourself and the sake of having the newest things to showcase on the blog, with the inevitable buying of things that you end up not liking. Then, as I said earlier, there is time and effort to prepare something for the blog. If someone is willing to put that much into a hobby, and is then noticed by a company, who decides to ask them to try something new, can we really begrudge them that? Just taking my nail polish collection as an example. There’s 95 bottles in there, of which 8 were samples. That still leaves 87 that I’ve spent my own money on.

I guess this is a very long winded way of saying not to tar everyone with the same brush. There may be some out there who just take the piss (the #prrequest hashtag on twitter can be a great demonstration of what I mean) but most beauty bloggers just want to share their love of makeup, and if you find a beauty blogger, or bloggers you trust, you’ll never go far wrong.

Now, I’m opening the floor to opinions. Is there a misconception about beauty bloggers? How serious is it? And if there is, how can we change it? Meet me in the comments and we’ll have a chat.


Note: I hope this makes sense. It was kinda written as a stream of thought. Amazing what comes out when you get going really.

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Mar. 08.

Thoughts: Adding more structure to the blog

Waffle-150x142Happy weekend all! This is really me trying to verbalise an idea, so bare with me, and at the end I’d love to hear your thoughts, as without you, my dear readers, there’d be no point in me being here. Anyway, inspired by Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits saying she needed to plan some posts, I got thinking about how I could add more structure to the blog by planning out and structuring my posts more. That’s why I was thinking of something along the lines of the following:

  • Manicure Monday: An excuse to work through the 95 and counting bottles of nail polish I own, showcasing 1 a week.
  • Tried Tuesday: I’m pretty sure we have drawerfuls of products we’ve half forgotten about. That’s why on Tuesdays I want to pull something out, try it, and hopefully rediscover a love for it.
  • Waffle Wednesday: A chance for me to rant on about something. A news piece, something I’ve seen, or any random thing that’s caught my eye.
  • Tested Thursday: A bit more serious than Tried Tuesday. On Thursdays I’d see if a product actually lives up to its claims. I’d put it to the test.
  • Face Friday: A reason to appear on my own blog more often, and hopefully I’ll be able to get 1 face a week that I’d actually be happy to display. Failing that you’d end up with a picture of me with a brown bag on my head.
  • Something Else Saturday: Not quite waffling about anything, this is most likely going to be about a tv show, film, book, piece of music, piece of cake, or something else that I want to showcase.
  • Day Off Sunday: Nothing for you today. What do you think I am? A blog-posting robot? I need a day off once a week, okay!

I’ll also be doing additional posts on things that I feel can’t wait for the right day, or on Blog Challenges such as the Best of Beauty.

Now, as I said, this is more my thoughts at the moment, but I’d love to hear what you have to say. What do you think of the idea? Are there any particular topics you’d change? Please do speak up and let me know in the comments.


No brain cells were irreparably damaged from thinking up this post, but it was a close call

UPDATE: Judging by the positive comments, I’ll trial my idea for a couple of weeks and see if it works out for me. Watch this space.

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Mar. 01.

The Playlist: 01 March

NoteHappy weekend all! Let’s do something different for the weekend, rather than my usual beauty and life ramblings, and that means the return of The Playlist!

For those of you not familiar with the playlist, it’s very simple. I love music, and for a while worked as an online DJ. I even met an ex girlfriend that way. For these posts, I open up my music player, hit play, and share the first 5 songs that come out with you, with Youtube videos to match. And this time the 5 are:

1: Material Girl – Madonna:

My music player has a sense of irony it seems. What better song for a beauty blogger is there?

2: Stand and Deliver – Adam & The Ants:

And then it follows up with this. Eclectic much?

3: Under My Skin – Gin Wigmore:

I was first turned on to this song when Air New Zealand used it in an advert and in-flight safety video, featuring body painted staff. Maybe that’s why I like this song so much.

4: The Chain – Ingrid Michaelson:

The melody in this song hits me every time, and gets better the further you go into it. Incidentally, if the voice sounds familiar, another one of her songs is currently being used on a TV advert by Allianz.

5: Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones:

It’s The Rolling Stones. Enough Said.

So, want to join in? Go to the comments, make fun of my playlist, or pick 5 random songs from yours and post them for me!


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Jan. 22.

The Tag of All Knowledge

Waffle-150x142So, this is my first tag post, as I’m second in the chain behind blogger and all round great gal Amy from Red Lips Red Hair, and don’t want to kill the tag before it even starts. Called the tag of all knowledge, I hope it gives you some insight into the deep dark corner that I call my mind. (And while you’re in there would you mind dusting a little?) Without further ado, lets get into the questions!


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Jan. 04.

Shopping the Sales

jewellery_thOkay, I’ll be honest. I’m not one to go mad for the sales. You will never find me camped outside Brown Thomas overnight to be first in line on the 26th. It’s just not who I am. I will, however, go in a couple of days later, not looking for anything in particular, and pick up whatever it is I pick up. Being pretty poor this time round meant I was not going looking for designer gems, but did pick up a couple of bits and pieces, mainly from New Look and Penneys, and spurred on by Kathleen from Squidgy Moments sharing her finds on Twitter (love you my Amazingly Crazy Minion x) decided I should share them with you.


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Mar. 25.

Things to blog for: Inspirational bloggers

Inspirational Bloggers HeartI at times find it difficult to blog. If the inspiration is not there, I can’t make myself write. Fortunately I have gotten better over the past couple of weeks, and I put it down as being at least in part to reading blogs that inspire me. These are just some of the blogs that inspire me to write.


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Mar. 23.

Playlist: 23 March

Musical NoteIt’s been so long since I’ve posted a playlist. For those of you who are new to my playlists, let me explain a little. I have quite a love of music, and thanks to being a former internet radio DJ, I have a bit of a collection. For my playlists I hit shuffle and let my music player spit out 5 songs, which I then share with you. Your duty by reading this is to tell me what you think of my musical tastes and hopefully recommend something else for me to listen to. Keep in mind that even though I missed most of it, I am an 80’s girl. So, after the jump you will find my (possibly dodgy) musical taste.


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