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The Studio - where the music happens.
Apr. 30.

Waffle Wednesday: Working With Radio Active Ireland

ww-radioactive-thI’m a big fan of music. Anyone familiar with the blog will know that I have quite an eclectic musical taste, and enjoy listening to nearly, well, everything. I’m also a fan of helping out organisations and charities when I can, and fortunately I’ve found a way to combine both, in the form of Radio Active Ireland.

Radio Active launched in 2012, and broadcasts online, offering a mix of charity promotion, healthy living, mindfulness and great music, staffed solely by volunteers – as the tagline says “Sounding Great and Doing Good“. I was lucky enough over Easter to visit the station for a chat with Mark, the station manager, and to run off a demo show. All going well, I’ll soon be doing a regular show, sharing my love of music, and giving something back by helping to promote charities. It is actually something I’m looking forward to, as I adore sharing my musical taste with people and hearing what music they enjoy listening to, along with getting a good message out there.

The Studio - where the music happens.

The Studio – where the music happens.

Radio Active Ireland are always looking for volunteers to help out in any way they can. Even if you’re too shy or not confident enough to do something on air, you could always help out in the background, helping with the website, with research and PR, or with social media. If it’s something you may be interested in doing, please do let me know, or contact the station directly, on Facebook, Twitter, or by sending an email.

Also, please do tell me, if you would be so kind, what is your favourite kind of music? Your favourite artist, or your favourite musical era? (I’m an easy listening, female vocalist and 80’s girl myself) Or conversely, is there a kind of music you just can’t stand listening to? The comments are open.


Image Credit: Radio Active Ireland

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