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Oct. 13.

Manicure Monday: China Glaze Bizarre Blurple

polish-thAfter last weeks bright pink, it is time to get back to darker autumnal nails this week, and so I took a polish that I bought last year off the shelf that I surprisingly haven’t gotten around to wearing yet. Maybe that just goes to show the extent of my nail polish addiction, but this week I have a China Glaze polish in a rather interesting shade called Bizarre Blurple.


I’ll freely admit that I bought this shade specifically because of the name. Just what colour is “blurple”? Is it Blue, is it Purple, or is it somewhere in between? I was determined to find out, so I bought it, but got distracted by a million other things. Anyway, it is time to put it right. I am a great fan of China Glaze polish. The formula and pigmentation is a joy, and Ruby Pumps is one of my all time favourites. Yes, it is a b*tch to get back off my nails, but when I’m wearing it, I don’t want to take it off. The same holds up with the formula for Bizarre Blurple. The brush length and firmness is ideal, and the polish goes on smooth and glossy, becoming nicely opaque in two coats, but I added a third, just to really amplify the depth of the colour, and even out the little bits hat my cack-handed application messes up.

Now, lets answer the colour issue. Take a look at my nails, top picture taken without flash, and bottom with, as usual.



It is blue. It is purple. It is somewhere in between. It is all these things and more. It is, in fact, bizarre, the way that the colour changes so much depending on the light hitting it. I am not sure if it is magic, alchemy or witchcraft, but I love both the two main shades of blue and purple that it comes up with, and the in between shades too. It may have sat on my shelf for a year, but it will not be another year before I go to wear it again!


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