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Dec. 01.

Manicure Monday: Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish in Berry Intense

mm-oriflame-thI’ve been meaning to try this polish for a while, after winning it in a giveaway organised by one of Oriflame’s independent consultants. Unfortunately though, with everything else going on in my life, it has been sitting in my to do pile for a while, until today, when I finally decided to take out Berry Intense, from the Pure Colour Nail Polish Collection, and give it a whirl.


Oriflame are another in the style of Avon and Mary Kay, themselves coming from Sweden. The idea is that you order online, or through their catalog and one of their independent beauty consultants, and receive your delivery. Surprisingly, I have never used a service like this, as I tend to prefer in most cases to play with my makeup before I buy it. However, some of the items in the catalog do draw me in, so I wouldn’t rule out buying something, as it does appear to be good value.

Berry intense is a rich shade, somewhere between a wine and a berry. It was one of two to jump out at me from the website, but looking at the bottle, compared to the online swatch, the bottle runs more wine/red. The bottle is a little shorter, and wider than others, with the lid being nearly as wide as the bottle, and taking up about half the height. This means that you do get quite close to your nails when you are working, and in use I did tap my nails with the lid a couple of times.

And here is how the polish looks on my nails. As usual, pictures are both without and with flash.



I’m unbelievably torn by this polish. I really do like the colour, but something is letting it down for me, and that is either the brush or formula of the polish is leading to it dragging and ruining the finish. I don’t have the patience to take so long with my nails, being so super gentle with the application of polish. And normally that doesn’t matter, except here. Where this would have been a polish I may have looked to if I wanted to do my nails in a hurry, it may end up sitting on my polish shelf for some time, until I can take enough time to figure out how to make it work, and that is a shame.


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May. 19.

Manicure Monday: Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy

mm-grays-thIt’s the start of another week, another Monday, and another manicure. Unsure as to what to do with my nails for this week, I decided to take a bottle off the shelf of awesomeness that I hadn’t used before and give it a whirl. The bottle that my grubby little paws went to if from the Fastdry range by Wet n Wild, in the shade “Gray’s Anatomy”.


The fastdry range is just that, fast drying, with one coat being dry in just 60 seconds. The range are all named after television shows, like this one, Gray’s Anatomy,, Sage in the City, Teal or no Teal, you get the idea. This particular one is a holographic, multicoloured nail polish, depending on how the light hits it. In the bottle it does look silver grey, veering to violet or greenish depending on how the light hits it. I did find the polish to be slightly watery, but it dried well, and left a shiny, opaque finish after 3 coats. The question is how it actually looked on the nails, and to show you will take several pictures.


First up: Violet mode.






And finally multi coloured, which I think is the best for showing the actual range that this polish can go through. Nowhere though, does it really show up as grey, except for in the bottle, so the name is slightly confusing.

I’m finding myself quite liking this polish, mainly for its sheer range of colours it can change to. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it makes me happy.

The whole Fastdry range is available in Dunnes, Penney’s, pharmacies and costs mere pennies.

What do you think of this colour? Any particular holographic polishes you love? Please do let me know.


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