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Jul. 29.

Tried Tuesday: Sleek Eye Dust – Vintage

tt-sleek-thI have previously written in a Tried Tuesday post that I have a love/hate relationship with pigment eyeshadows. They can be scary, but they can also work wonders. I am getting better with using them, and have a purple one from Inglot that I really love, so, having received this one in last months Chic Treat Club box, I was looking forward to trying it out. So, just how did I get on with Vintage, from the Sleek Eye Dust range.


One thing I have noticed with the Sleek pigments is that they tend to look very clumpy in the tub, and this one is no exception. In the tub this looks very grainy and lumpy, however it does apply very smooth. The colour seen here is also nothing like what it applies as. It is in fact a lovely golden colour, that of, well, vintage, jewellery.



Seen here, actually swatched, it is a gorgeous colour, especially when light hits it. It really does sing in the right light. The issue is though, just how do you wear it? I certainly couldn’t get away with using this during the day (bravo to you if you have the confidence to pull it off) unless it was done really lightly over a neutral to add a little bit of subtle sparkle to it. However, for a night time party eye, there are possibilities…


I embarked on a quick hunt for other metallic shadows. It was very quick, really, leading me straight under my desk to my palette box and on to my Naked 2 palette, which handily contains a variety of copper and bronze shades. I also have a silver Rimmel Scandaleyes liner, which is included.

If you’re looking to really emphasise your eyes, I certainly think there is a mix in here to work with, anchored of course by the pigment. I will have to play around with a few looks to see what really works, but to wear Vintage, I would be working with most of these colours too.

What I really want to know in the comments now though, is how would you use this? Please do let me know!


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Sleek on left, Inglot on right
Mar. 18.

Tried Tuesday: Pigment Eye Shadows

tt-thumbHappy Tried Tuesday everyone! This week I’ve a couple of products that I’ll admit I’ve never actually used, and have been living in the bottom of my eyeshadow drawer. That’s because I’m quite scared of them. They are loose pigment eye shadows.

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

The two products specifically are by Sleek and Inglot, and are the Sleek Eye Dust in 694 Sunfest and Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in shade 44.

Sleek on left, Inglot on Right

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

The reason I’m quite scared of them is because of the colours. The sleek is a really bright yellow, while in the jar the Inglot is what appears to be a forest green. Both are shades that I wouldn’t really know what to do with.

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

On the skin I happen to find the sleek to look quite powdery, while the Inglot is quite an interesting prospect. It varies in the light from green to gold, and reminds me of a Chanel polish who’s name I can’t remember right now. I actually think it could be an interesting prospect actually used on the eyes.

That leads me to a question. How would you use these products? Would you recommend either of them for my blue eyes? And what is the name of that Chanel polish (Peridot! Thanks Cuti-Clue-Les)? Let me know below!


Note: Products were originally received as part of goody bags, IIRC.

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