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Morning Dew
Aug. 23.

Something Else Saturday: Photos to Smile About

ses-photos-thIt’s not just makeup that I photograph, though it may seem like it at times. If I’m going somewhere where I expect a camera to be useful, I do bring my camera bag with me, and there are bits and pieces in it for different tasks. Sometimes they do turn out quite well, and looking at them makes me smile. Today for Something Else Saturday I’m going to share some of my favourites from this year.



This actually wasn’t taken with my big camera. It wasn’t taken with any camera actually. It was taken with my phone yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to walk around the corner of the house into the gardens and see such a vivid rainbow, but there it is, and I just had to take some kind of photo of it.



One of my other loves is aircraft, and so I spent the afternoon of the Bray Air Show in July on Bray seafront frantically moving about trying to get angles right for shots. There are a few I am happy with, but I am amazed at the perfect timing of this to get both planes lined up so perfectly.



One of the joys of living so close to the coast is that you can put together a shot like this. Taken not long before midnight on an early April night, I just love how the light of the moon illuminates a path along the sea.



This wasn’t taken with an expensive close up lens. All I did was add a close up filter to the included camera lens (cost me less than €10 for a set of 4, thank you ebay). Shortly after getting them, I got a bright morning with the flowers starting to bloom, so I tried them out. This is the result, as is the next photo.

Morning Dew:

Morning Dew

Using the same close up filters as before, but this time a more powerful one, allowed me to get close enough to the flower to perfectly capture the droplets of dew on the petals, along with the vivid colours.

So, there you go, a few photos o keep you smiling over the weekend. Hopefully that will keep you going until Monday when it will be time for another manicure.


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Feb. 21.

Blogging Equipment: Camera

equipment-thOne thing I really love about blogging is taking pictures of all the wonderful loveliness that is put in front of me. I’m quite sure that we’re all like that really, and what helps to get great photos to share is having the right equipment. That’s why I’m going to share what I have with you.

The DSLR: Canon EOS 350D:


Heading up my camera bag is my trusty, yet old (I bought it second hand in 2008) EOS 350D. It may be ageing, but it always serves me well, even if I’ve been a bit harsh on it at times. I once tripped over a paving slab with it hung in front of me. Both of us hit the ground, yet I was more scratched than it was. Most of the time it is paired with its standard 18-55 mm lens.

Note: I’m not saying you must have a big camera to take decent photos. I’ve photos n my wall that I took with a small point & shoot camera and a bit of luck)

Lenses: Canon 18-55 mm & Tamron 10-300 mm telephoto:


The telephoto is not really for beauty blogging, but as one of my other passions is aircraft, it has been known to be very useful for photographs at airshows, or at sports events, and has been nicknamed my “stalker lens”. I’ll leave you to figure out why 😉

The main lens I use is the 18-55 mm Canon lens, as supplied with the camera. It is great for general purpose work and covers most tasks perfectly. When I need a little extra from it though, I can add some of the following to it.

Lens attachments: Close Up:

close up

These screw on to the front of the lens, and allow you to get really close to what you’re shooting without losing focus – great for product shots and swatches. As an example, the following was taken without a close up lens, and with a 2x, 4x, and 10x. The difference in how close you can focus to is amazing.


Lens filters: UV, Polarising, Neutral Density & Fluorescent:


My lens always has a UV filter on it. It protects the surface of the lens (cheaper to replace the filter than the lens) and helps to reduce glare from sunlight. The others are more specialised, and I actually haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, having only received them during the week, but I should have fun with them.

Accessories: Spare batteries and battery charger:


Very important! Running out of batteries at the wrong moment is a curse. I always have a couple of spares in the bag, and a fast charger is a help. This one also has plug attachments for different countries – one less adapter needed!

Accessories: Remote shutter release and timer:


For when touching the camera when shooting is a no-no. This one can be programmed to take shots at specific intervals, for a specific length of time, or can be used as a simple remote button. Set it up with your camera on a tripod.

Small Camera: Fuji Finepix A400:


Great for when you don’t need/want the big camera with you, yet still want some kind of camera. Throw it in your handbag, and it’s always there when needed. I also love that I can transfer the card from this to my tablet to look at and tweet images from there.

Also available to me are a tripod, another EOS 300D (my dad’s, which I part own), a Sigma 70-300 mm telephoto lens with macro (close up shots without being close up) and a Canon Speedlite flash (a-ah! Saviour of the universe – bonus points for reference)

Now, what do you use for your photos? Do you really need a big camera? Let me know below!


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