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watery waste-bottle
May. 26.

Manicure Monday: Maybelline Color Show – Watery Waste

watery waste-thIt’s another Monday here in Robyn Rants and Raves towers (the office space in the corner of my bedroom) and while it is dull and rainy outside, I’m not ready to give up on brighter colours on nails. Today I’m trying one of the polishes in the Color Show range from Maybelline. A polish called Watery Waste.

Right, first things first. It pains me to type out that name, something I will try to avoid for the rest of this post. Seriously? Out of the whole of the English language, the two best words they could come up with as a pairing for this polish was THAT?!?! I would have ignored it solely for the name alone, but when I got it, I magpied on the colour, and it was on a clearance table in Boots. Fair enough.

watery waste-bottle

As for the polish itself. It is actually quite a nice silver colour. I found  the brush to be fairly thin, but spreadable, and had no problem in coating my nails evenly. It dried quickly, nicely, and was opaque in just 3 coats, which is good, as I found it to have questionable coverage after the first coat.

In order to change the  mani up just a little, I then took my bottle of Essie’s Ignite the Night, and put a single coat of it on the ring finger over the base polish. It being a similar colour to the base keeps things uniform, but adds a little something to it.

And finally, of course, we get to see pictures of it. The top picture is with my desk lap on without flash, and the bottom is with both my desk lamp and flash.

watery waste-noflash

watery waste-flash

I’m actually pleased with how it turned out. I’m not entirely convinced it’s a great daytime manicure, but for an evening or party it would go down a treat! What do you think?


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