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Jan. 20.

NOTD: Red & Silver French Manicure

NOTD-French-ThumbI had made a new years resolution to blog more often. Once a week, really, and so far I have failed at that. It’s not that I have nothing to blog about, but more of a I need to kick myself up the ass and get to it (note to self: get more flexible so I can actually do that) Anyway, I hope to make amends (partially) today with a little post about a recent NOTD look.


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Aug. 09.

Spotted: Gift With Purchase: L’oreal Nail It, Wing It Gloss It

L'oreal-thumbWhile browsing in Boots today (I was out, there was a Boots, and I had time to kill – don’t judge me) I noticed some interesting boxes on the display from L’Oreal – a gift with purchase, worth €36, when you spend €22 or more.

Seeing as I had been wanting the Tart Lollipop GlamShine Gloss from their new candy collection, it would have been a shame to pass on it.


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Jul. 31.

NOTD: Pink & Red Striped Mani

Stripe Manicure ThumbnailAfter seeing some pictures going round on Twitter (Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits has ones that spring to mind) I got around to thinking about a bit of nail art so simple, even I couldn’t mess it up. After all, it’s just nail polish & sticky tape. HOW HARD CAN IT BE?


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Jul. 09.

NOTD: Stars & Stripes Mani

NOTD-USA-thumbApologies for the delay in getting this on the blog. Having a camera cable disappear is not fun, especially when you have photos on the camera that you desperately want to work with.

For this mani I wanted something so simple even I could do it. In that sense I think it passed with (three) flying colours. How difficult is it to paint different nails red, white or blue? Not at all. Sorted.


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Jun. 27.

NOTD: Essence Colour 3 in Ticket to the Show & Front Row or Backstage

essence-thumbFirst up a big thank you to the lovely Chloe from Very Lovely Stuff for making this possible. I won a giveaway on her website a couple of weeks back, and the delightful package arrived today, containing this intriguing number from Essence.


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