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Jun. 09.

Manicure Monday: Coral Two Ways

rimmel-thWith the weather pretending to be summery on and off for the past while, it would be wrong of me to not continue with summery colours. This week for Manicure Monday, I have two shades that are the same, but oh so different. From Rimmel’s Salon Pro by Kate range, I’m doing coral two ways.


The polishes I’m looking at are both corals, but one is a pink coral, in this case shade 244 – Goddess, and an orange coral, 705 – Reggae Splash.

The Salon Pro line are formulated with Lycra, and offer up to 10 day wear with a gel like finish. The brush is thick and fairly wide, which fans out to cover the entire nail quite well, but I’d still tend to do my nails with the standard 3 swipe technique (centre, left, right – for those of you wondering).

I did find that the polishes require a bit of work to get a proper finish, and they are prone to smudging for the first while afterwards, so impatient ladies like myself really need not apply. If you do manage to sit for a while and do nothing it does dry to a lovely finish, and  for the most part looks very even. The orange one was a little patchy though. I’ll have to take a bit more time with it next time to see if it was just me working too quickly. I also haven’t done a proper wear  test yet, so I can’t say if the 10 day wear time is accurate.


As for how it looks? I’m actually very pleased with how Goddess turned out. I think it is the more wearable of the two colours, on fingers at least, while Reggae Splash may do better on my toes. What would really help it though, is a decent tan. I’ll have to sort hat out soon.

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate range? What do you think of it, and which shades do you rate (I also have a purple, 444 – Seduce on my shelf ready to be tried)? The comment line is open.


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watery waste-bottle
May. 26.

Manicure Monday: Maybelline Color Show – Watery Waste

watery waste-thIt’s another Monday here in Robyn Rants and Raves towers (the office space in the corner of my bedroom) and while it is dull and rainy outside, I’m not ready to give up on brighter colours on nails. Today I’m trying one of the polishes in the Color Show range from Maybelline. A polish called Watery Waste.

Right, first things first. It pains me to type out that name, something I will try to avoid for the rest of this post. Seriously? Out of the whole of the English language, the two best words they could come up with as a pairing for this polish was THAT?!?! I would have ignored it solely for the name alone, but when I got it, I magpied on the colour, and it was on a clearance table in Boots. Fair enough.

watery waste-bottle

As for the polish itself. It is actually quite a nice silver colour. I found  the brush to be fairly thin, but spreadable, and had no problem in coating my nails evenly. It dried quickly, nicely, and was opaque in just 3 coats, which is good, as I found it to have questionable coverage after the first coat.

In order to change the  mani up just a little, I then took my bottle of Essie’s Ignite the Night, and put a single coat of it on the ring finger over the base polish. It being a similar colour to the base keeps things uniform, but adds a little something to it.

And finally, of course, we get to see pictures of it. The top picture is with my desk lap on without flash, and the bottom is with both my desk lamp and flash.

watery waste-noflash

watery waste-flash

I’m actually pleased with how it turned out. I’m not entirely convinced it’s a great daytime manicure, but for an evening or party it would go down a treat! What do you think?


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Apr. 14.

Manicure Monday: Blue & Butterflies

MM-BlueThI don’t want to jinx it, but I think summer is on the way. And to make me start thinking summery thoughts, I’m wearing a summery polish, as I try to avoid dark colours more in brighter months. This little blue number on my fingers today is from Sinful Colors, and is shade 1100 – Blue By You.

I was lucky enough to find this one amongst lots of lovely polishes in Dealz recently (and at €1.49 per bottle, I bought a few) and couldn’t wait to try it out.


The Sinful Colors brush is not too wide or too thick, and it fans out on the nail really nicely. It’s not a 1 stroke per nail job like some brushes, but your standard three stroke application is perfect for this. It also comes out nicely opaque in 2 coats, but due to my being impatient and doing too many things at once, I of course smudged a couple of nails, and added an extra coat to even them out.


Now, this polish can only really be described one way. It is the Caribbean in a bottle. It is such a rich blue, but the addition of turquoise micro glitter to it makes me instantly think of azure seas, warm breezes, golden sands and drinks in coconuts, made with the finest local rum. And now I want to go on holiday there. Curse me and my travel agent marketing history!

Also, just to add something different to it, and because they just add to the summery feel of this mani, I added an accent nail using one of my iNailz butterflies, reviewed here.

Does this polish make you dream of summer holidays? Have you gone out to Dealz to hunt for  it yet? If you haven’t, why not? (Unless you already have it, in which case kudos to you)


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Mar. 31.

Manicure Monday: OPI Ladies And Magenta-Men

mm-opithHello all. It’s another Monday and that means another manicure. Today we just have a simple one, as to be honest, I didn’t have time to go crazy with the paintbrushes. Sometimes simple works though, like in this case with Ladies & Magenta-Men by OPI.


Ladies & Magenta-Men just works on its own. It doesn’t really need embellishment. It’s just a perfectly girly colour that you can apply easily, is opaque in 2 coats and dries nice and shiny. It’s always good to have some polishes like that in your collection, as really, who hasn’t needed to get something on their nails in a hurry before going somewhere. You wouldn’t want to be doing too much just after, but you don’t need to be overly concerned about it.


Finally, the picture. I love how simply shiny and shimmery it is without much effort on my part. Simple and sorted in minutes!

What do you think of this colour? What other OPI polishes do you recommend, and where do you think is the best place to get them for the right price? Please do let me know in the comments!


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Mar. 04.

Review and Swatches: Flowering Passion, by Precious Polish

pp-bottle-thThere are a few things I really love, like purple, and nail polish. So when Irish beauty blogger Anita created her own nail polish brand, Precious Polish, I jumped at the chance to try one, and ended up with Flowering Passion.

Firstly, a little about the polish. Precious Polish is “5 free” so it doesn’t contain any nasty DPB, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene  or Camphor. Personally I found the polish to be a little thick, but it spread well, and applied nicely. It is also quite sheer, but I got it to a very acceptable level of colour with 3 coats on top of a layer of CND Stickey base coat.


On the nails it is a stunning colour. It is super shiny, and when the light hits the glitter the polish really comes into its own. Every time it catches my eye it makes me smile, which is the point, really.

Unfortunately, wear time was a bit of an issue for me though. Polish chips. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. When it chips and then causes the rest of the polish to peel off the nail, it’s a little problem. This did happen on 1 nail, with a couple of small chips on other nails, and I’m now considering changing polish after 4 days of wear. This isn’t the worst in the world, and I’m sure we have all had experiences of high-end mass-produced polish that has chipped within hours.

Now, who wants to see some pictures? As always, pictures are taken both with and without flash. First up, without:


And now with.


This is a seriously gorgeous colour. Granted, I’ve had some problems with it, but when it comes to it, there are 2 questions I need to answer. Would I wear it again, and would I buy more Precious Polish? The answer to both is definitely YES.

What do you think of the colour? Do you have any Precious Polish, or do you think you would buy one? Let me know in the comments.



A sample was provided for review

NOTE: Since I received this bottle, the formula has been changed to reduce likelihood  of chipping. Just letting you know 😉

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zoya bottle-th
Feb. 27.

Review and Swatches: Belinda, By Zoya

zoya bottle-thI’m a big fan of my colourful nails. I’ve a polish box of 95 polishes, and counting, but until recently I didn’t have one from Zoya, so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at it, and was soon in possession of Belinda.

zoya bottle

Belinda is a lovely deep purple, with pink and blue micro glitter, which while it doesn’t really show up in normal light, really does add to the shine of the polish and keeps catching my eye. I applied it of a Thursday evening, and it was perfect in just 2 coats, applying smoothly and without difficulty. It’s a sensational formula. Wear time, a couple of small chips aside ( I was being quite harsh to my nails at times) was 6 days, before I had to remove it. I probably could have gotten a couple of extra days from it, had I been more gentle. Removal was also simple with a mix of the Bourjois 1 Second remover tub, followed up by some Cutex acetone free on a cotton pad.

Now, for the swatches (taken after 5 days and showing minor wear). Pictures were taken both with and without flash. Firstly, without.


And with flash, which shows up more of the glitter.


This is a beautiful, sophisticated polish, that I can see fast becoming a firm favourite of mine, unless my next intended Zoya polish (my namesake, Robyn) usurps it.

What do you think of the colour? Have you tried Zoya, and would you recommend them? Let me know in the comments!


Zoya Nail Polishes are available online from Supernail Ireland.

A sample was provided for review.

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Jan. 13.

Swatch: Bourjois 1 Second Gel – Shade 14

nv61-thumbThis swatch is of Bourjois 1 Second Gel polish in shade 14 (no name) and is listed in my stash as bottle NV61. This was requested by Sharon of Behind Green Eyes. Shots are taken both with and without flash.




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Jan. 13.

Swatch: China Glaze Red-y and Willing

nv66-thumbAs you know, I’m a bit of a nail polish addict, and when I posted my stash last night I said that I would eventually get around to swatching them all, but if there were any you wanted to see first, to let me know. Cuti-CLUE-les was first in line to ask for a swatch of China Glaze Red-y and Willing (ID in my stash list NV66). You should go check out her blog too, as she is even more of a polish magpie than I am.


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Jan. 12.

I Admit It: I’m a Polishaholic

Mani-ThumbHi everyone! My name’s Robyn, and I’m a polishaholic! (cue polite applause)

It all started many years ago. I got distracted by some shiny colours while in boots and it all snowballed from there. I got sucked in, and just can’t break my habit of looking at shiny shiny polish and saying those dreaded words that we all know: “I want it. No, I MUST HAVE it!”


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Jan. 04.

Shopping the Sales

jewellery_thOkay, I’ll be honest. I’m not one to go mad for the sales. You will never find me camped outside Brown Thomas overnight to be first in line on the 26th. It’s just not who I am. I will, however, go in a couple of days later, not looking for anything in particular, and pick up whatever it is I pick up. Being pretty poor this time round meant I was not going looking for designer gems, but did pick up a couple of bits and pieces, mainly from New Look and Penneys, and spurred on by Kathleen from Squidgy Moments sharing her finds on Twitter (love you my Amazingly Crazy Minion x) decided I should share them with you.


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