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Pic Credit: L.Stott/Butlinsmemories.com
Aug. 13.

Waffle Wednesday: Childhood Memories

ww-wafflethSomething has been going around my head for a while, and I’m open to hearing opinions on it. I’m pretty certain we all have memories of activities that we did as a child. The question I am thinking about, is that, in doing the same things as an adult, how does the experience change? Does it still hold the same sense of excitement and wonder that it did as a child?

Lets take, for example, something that was a summer staple for me as a child, a day trip to Mosney. There was always the excitement of getting up early, making sure swimsuits and towels, and a packed lunch were ready. Taking the dart to Dun Laoghaire to change over to the big diesel train that went out to Mosney. Getting off the train on what was basically a platform in the middle of nowhere, but seeing the park laid out in front of you. Then you got ¬†into the park and there was Funtropica, the swimming pools, the playgrounds and amusements. Oh what a joy it was, and by the end of the day you’d be ready to flop onto the train to go home, thoroughly happy with yourself.

Pic Credit: L.Stott/Butlinsmemories.com

Pic Credit: L.Stott/Butlinsmemories.com

As an adult, is there the same sense of joy, or does a lot of it become banal and routine? Many of us use the train every day to go about our lives. It is just there, it is nothing special. Unfortunately, it is kind of difficult to revisit Mosney these days, considering it closed down in 2000 (14 years ago – wow!) but it still leads me to think about this question – is there something you had done as a child, which you’ve done recently as an adult?

What was it about the activity that makes it so memorable for you from your childhood? And, in doing the same thing as an adult, how has the experience changed? Was it as you remembered it from childhood, or did doing it as an adult change the experience for you, and if so, does it make it better, or worse? Please do share your thoughts.


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