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Apr. 21.

Tried Tuesday: Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara

tt-lashes-thThe search for a holy-grail mascara is never ending. I find different ones do best for different tasks, and my choice is influenced by how I want my lashes to look on any particular day. So, today I am looking at a mascara that offers three things – volume, length & darkness. It comes from Max Factor, and is their recently launched Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara.

Instant Impact Wand

Instant Impact Wand

The wand included here is what Max Factor call their “instant Impact Wand” saying that it is counter intuitive to think that a bigger wand means more volume, and that a smaller, more slender wand allows for greater precision in use. It certainly lives up to its slender billing, as you can see. There is really very little to it. It’s in no way dense, and has quite few rubber bristles.

The formula the wand delivers contains many fantastical, wonderful bits and pieces to deliver on all the promises it makes, including “volumising prills” which form spherical wax particles, that act as spacers between lashes to make them appear fuller, and in tandem, each tube contains over 30,000 (I pity the person who has to count all these) carbon black fibres in each tube, which blend into the formula providing the lash extension effect and the intense darkness. Now that we have the marketing blurb telling us what it does (if it makes sense to anyone), let us see if it actually does it.

1 coat

1 coat


2 coats

It does! Well, mostly it does. I don’t think these are the most voluminous my lashes ever were, but it works out quite well, especially for daytime wear. For night, I think I would want it to offer some more volume, but it does deliver the length and darkness. For a day to day look, I love it. For a night time mascara, I guess the search continues.

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara is €13.99 and is available now.


Note: Product was provided for review

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Mar. 27.

Face Friday: Ziaja Event Face

ff-ziaja-thYesterday evening I was lucky enough to attend an event in town, celebrating 25 years of Ziaja Skincare, along with some wonderful bloggers, customers and hosted by the amazing Emma of Mastering Your Makeup fame. Naturally I couldn’t go looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, so I got myself tidied up, put on my face and off I went.



  • Foundation: Maybelline – Fit Me Foundation (125 Nude Beige) and SuperStay 24 Hour Foundation (020 – Cameo)The Fit Me decided to run out half way through my face, and the pump splattered foundation all over a white top. Had to go back with the superstay and blend it all together
  • Blush: NYC – Cheek Glow Blush (649 – Prospect Park Rose)
  • Powder: Maybelline – Fit Me Powder (125 – Nude Beige)


  • Brows: NYX – Brow Cake Powder (04 – Auburn/Red)
  • Undereye: Shiseido – Sheer Eye Zone Corrector (103 – Natural)
  • Primer: Makeup Revolution – Focus & Fix Primer (Brighten)
  • Shadow: Physicians Formula – Shimmer Strips Nude Palette (03 all over lid, 04 crease, 08 browbone, 09 inner corner) shades numbered from left to right of palette
  • Liner: Paese – Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mascara: Max Factor – Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara


  • Lipliner: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Liner (E715 Plumberry) applied to outer part of lips
  • Lipliner: Revlon – Colorstay Liner (red) applied to inner part of lips
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal – Color Riche Collection Privee Reds (Blake’s Red)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F16 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Buffing Brush – Blush
  • Blank Canvas – E23 – Shadow (crease & inner corner)
  • Royal & Langnickel – Taklon Shader Brush – Shadow (lid, browbone & blend)
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lips

I tried to keep  lot of things neutral, letting the red lip do all the talking. I also tried to do the deeper shade around the edge of the lips to make them look fuller thing, but the lipstick is just so pigmented it didn’t do much. I love the red anyway, and will have to try again with a nude shade.


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Dec. 05.

Face Friday: Magazine Inspired Red & Gold Christmas Look

ff-redgold-thLast week, while reading through a magazine, I saw two looks that combined elements of red & gold. It stuck with me, and I wondered if I could create something of a Christmas party look inspired by it. Well, I gave it a go, and the results are here for you today for Face Friday.


Here are the looks that I drew inspiration from, which come from the December issue of Cosmopolitan. I was particularly taken by two elements, the gold eyes from the left, and the gold cupids bow and red lips on the right. It’s these elements that I wanted to combine into one look, so after scrubbing, cleansing, toning, moisturising and putting on a ton of lip balm, I went through my collection and took out the following to be used in creating the look:


  • Primer: Benefit – The Porefessional
  • Foundation: Max Factor – Skin Luminizer Foundation (40 – Light Ivory)
  • Blush: Benefit – Benetint
  • Blush: Benefit – Hervana
  • Highlighter: MeMeMe – Beat The Blues (Pearl Pink)
  • Contour: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Bronzer (E740 – Bikini Contest)
  • Powder: Benefit – Hello Flawless (Ivory)
  • Concealer: Benefit – FakeUp (01 – Light)


  • Brows: NYX – Eyebrow Cake Powder (04 – Auburn/Red)
  • Primer: Makeup Revolution – Focus + Fix Primer (Brighten)
  • Pigment: Barry M – Fine Glitter Dust (10 – Yellow Gold)
  • Shadow: Makeup Revolution – Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (Various Golds & Silver)
  • Liner: Paese – Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
  • Mascara: Physicians Formula – Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara (Fakeout)


  • Lipliner: Revlon – Colorstay Liner (Red)
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal – Color Riche Lipstick (297 – Red Passion)
  • Gold Lip Line: Essence – Effect Eyeliner (02 – Gold Digger) topped with Barry M – Fine Glitter Dust (10 – Yellow Gold)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F16 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Setting Brush – Blush (Apply/Blend)
  • Real Techniques – Pointed Foundation Brush – Apply Contour
  • Blank Canvas – F03 – Blend together blush/highlighter/contour
  • Blank Canvas – E24, E25, E32 – Shadows
  • Blank Canvas – E30 – Undereye shadow/comb lashes
  • Ecotools – Angled Liner Brush – Brows
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lipstick
  • Emite Make Up – L312 – Pigment on upper lip line

That is quite a list of products and brushes to work through, but Christmas is a time for going all out. And to answer the question of what all of this gets you in the end, here it is:






Now, I’ll freely admit I was a little forgetful, and forgot to do photos using flash, which is a pity, as it would really show off the eyes. The glitter pigment used will really make your eyes sparkle, and the combination of red and gold is a classic. The addition of silver in the corner of the eyes added another dimension to them, giving a bit more colour depth, while the mascara created great lashes without resorting to potentially over the top falsies. The only thing I am slightly concerned about is the gold along the top lip, which may have benefited from a liquid gold. I felt that in the minute amount I used, it was just slightly lacking. Not awful looking, but not stand out. I think that once I have somewhere to go that isn’t a hospital, I will be redoing this look and actually showing it off. In fact, I may just have the perfect matching manicure to show off for you on Monday.

What do you think of this look? Would you go for a gold lined lip, or should it be left to editorial makeup? And am I using enough glitter? The comments await!


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Dec. 02.

Tried Tuesday: Max Factor Excess Intensity Eyeliners

tt-excess-intensity-thMax Factor seem to be all about the eyes at the moment, and are all for going to excess, with their recent launch of the Excess Shimmer eyeshadow pots, and this forthcoming launch, scheduled for January 2015, of complimentary eyeliners, which are being added to the Excess Intensity line of eyeliners, making a total of 9 shades. Fortunately, today for Tried Tuesday, I have swatches of the new range, to help you find out if they are excessively intense, or just a korma in a vindaloo world (I have no idea why I’m using that as an analogy).


The three new shades are a green, purple and blue, shades called Excessive Jade, Excessive Violet and Excessive Cobalt. They come in the form of a pencil inside a twistable pen applicator. As you twist the pen it clicks and pushes the pencil up that little bit further. Nothing new there but it works, as long as you remember to not twist too much, as you can’t retract it. It is also handy to have the colour coded lid, as it is the only way at a glance that you can tell which colour is which. The only other difference in the pens is the shade number, but I’m glad the lids match up for when I am rooting around in my collection for them.


Here we see a close up of the tips. Yes, they are squared off in this picture, which is how they were produced, but once you start working with them it will round out nicely. You can also get an idea of the intensity of the colour, but the best way to see that is in a swatch…


And here it is. Intense is right, particularly for the punchy Jade shade, which combines intensity and shine, and would be my pick of the bunch, especially for those with hazel/brown eyes. The other two, while they are intensely coloured, seem to me to be a bit dull in the swatch here, but I definitely see myself using the purple anyway, for one particular reason. They are incredibly soft and glide, once you get across the top layer, which in my swatching them was slightly dry and crumbly. Once I got beyond that though, it was butter soft. That leads me to my one problem and recommendation. As it is such a soft liner, it breaks easily if you have too much of it exposed. This would just lead to wasting it, if the bits are too small to do anything meaningful with. You are better off putting up just enough to get you going, and twisting up more as you need it, which isn’t difficult.

Max Factor Excess Intensity Eyeliners in Excessive Jade, Excessive Violet and Excessive Cobalt will be on Max Factor Stands from January 2015.

What do you think of these? Are they a great way to add colour pops to eyes? Do you prefer pencil style liners, or something different? Please let us know in the comments :-)


Note: Product was provided for review

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Sep. 05.

Face Friday: Barely There

face-barelythere-thWhen I received Max Factor’s new Skin Luminizer Foundation, I wanted to create a look that minimised how many layers I was using on my face, to try and allow the foundation and my own skin to speak for themselves. Here is how it turned out.



  • Foundation: Max Factor – Skin Luminizer Foundation (40 – Light Ivory)
  • Blush: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Blush (E832E – Heather Silk)


  • Brows: Maybelline – Brow Drama (Medium Brown)
  • Primer: MUA – Pro Base Eye Primer
  • Shadow: MUA – Undressed Palette (Shades 3 & 4)
  • Mascara: Wet n Wild – XXL Lash Mascara (Black)


  • Lipstick: Revlon – Colorburst Matte Balm (225 – Sultry)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Real Techniques – Buffing Brush – Blush
  • Blank Canvas – E25 – Shadow

Keeping the look very minimalist on the skin and eyes allowed the lips to stand out, but I am really impressed by the finish of the skin, despite using so few products on it. It looks exceptionally well polished, without looking like there is a heavy coating on it. I’m impressed!


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luminizer label
Sep. 04.

Tested Thursday: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

luminizer thI am quite set in my ways with regards foundation. There is a very small selection that I reach for time and time again. It is about time to try something different though, so today for Tested Thursday I am looking at the new Skin Luminizer Foundation from Max Factor.

luminizer bottle

Max Factor’s new Skin Luminizer Foundation comes 100 years after Max Factor invented and released Greasepaint, their first foundation and the first makeup ever designed for motion picture use. It is “specifically created for women who are seeking subtle luminosity and a healthy-looking glow” and I am told it delivers medium coverage, with the added benefit of enhanced skincare properties. For example, it offers hydration through the VitaNiacan complex, including vitamins B3 and E, which replenishes skins natural moisture balance. It also contains elastomers, which “create ‘windows’ in the skin through which light can be reflected back to create a healthy looking glow and a wide awake look.”

This all sounds very interesting, and as they have been producing foundations for 100 years, you would expect Max Factor to know what they are doing, but how does it translate to real life? Of course, as it’s Tested Thursday, this is what I’m trying to find out.

Normally, I would be looking for a higher coverage foundation. I think that lower coverage ones really don’t do enough for me, but I am always willing to try something to see how it fares, and I would love to be able to find a barely there foundation that suits me. Made in Ireland, you would hope that out of the 6 shades available there would be one close match for “good Irish skin” and fortunately, the shade I have here – 40 Light Ivory, is. You can also choose from Warm Almond through to golden and bronze. I am yet to see side by side comparisons of how they look, but there should be an option for most people.

The packaging is nothing special, being a drugstore brand. It is a plastic bottle, with a pump top. The nozzle on the pump is quite narrow, and it doesn’t dispense much product each time, which is a good thing, as you have greater control of how much you are using. You can also see the distinctive swirl pattern in the bottle, containing the pearlised pigments and skin luminizers.

luminizer hand

What you see here is about half a pump of the foundation out onto the back of my hand, which is what I would normally do before applying it with a brush. It is quite a thick formula, which stays put and doesn’t spread out by itself. This is not really an issue, and  I find is quite beneficial, as you are not trying to coat your hand in the foundation, are you? It also means it sticks to my brush quite well, without soaking down the bristles.

luminizer swatch

When you do start moving it about though, it moves really well. It doesn’t sit in one spot, but with light movements of the brush gives even coverage, without looking thick or leaving brush marks. Even then with a light dusting of powder over the top (though It doesn’t really need it) you don’t feel as if you have a heavy coating on your face. Your face does feel as if the makeup is barely there.

luminizer flash

One thing I did notice was that under bright lights you can slightly pick up on the pearlised pigments in it. I have tried to capture them here, using my camera close up with flash, and you can kind of make them out. It isn’t going to make your face look sparkly though. More, like the name of the foundation would suggest, luminous. That you have a glow.

So, the results. I have been wearing this foundation consistently for the past three days, and I think I am a convert. There will still be times where I want something a bit higher coverage, but the Skin Luminizer Foundation has a number of things going for it, namely:

  • It feels really light on the skin, while still providing enough coverage to tidy up blemishes and even out skintone
  • It does provide a barely there or bare skin but better appearance
  • I find myself using less of it than other foundations
  • My foundation brush doesn’t feel clogged up after using this foundation. The foundation is going on to my face, and not my brush

I do honestly think I will be reaching for this more for everyday coverage. It provides quite a lot of power for quite a small price, at €16.39 for a 30ml bottle. If you are looking to save your high end or high coverage foundations for special occasions, this is well worth a look!

Oh, and I am going to be cheeky and say that while I am going to show you this in action on my face, you will have to wait for Face Friday tomorrow!


* Product was provided for review


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Sep. 01.

Manicure Monday: Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer

mf-berry-thSometimes the postman hates me. Sometimes he brings me bills, or bad news. Today though, I like the postman. He had a parcel for me, and inside the parcel were some super shiny bottles of joy, or as they’re also known, the new Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer nail polishes. It’s very fortunate too that my nails happened to be bare at the time, so I had no delay in putting these on my fingers.


The principle behind the shade choices for this collection is really clever. Max Factor’s Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, chose 9 shades, representing a modern twist on colours that defined fashion makeup throughout decades, starting with the 1950’s and a pin-up red, through the 1970’s and 80’s blues and brights, to the deeper burgundy hues of the 1990’s. The full collection is seen in the picture above, but the ones that actually jumped out at me the most come from the 1990’s.


It’s September now, and that means autumn. To me autumn brings deeper richer colours (though I am not entirely retiring my bright colours for the year) and the three shades of richer winey reds really spoke to me as being the perfect transition colours. Their 1990’s inspired shades include Radiant Ruby, which is a richer, deeper red compared to the 1950’s pin-up, Sheen Merlot, a really dark wine colour, and the one that I chose for to go on my nails today, Sparkling Berry, which is somewhere in between the two, deeper than the red, and with a little bit of plum in there too.


Application of the polish was a dream. On top of a coat of CND Stickey went just two coats of the polish, though you could see how pigmented it was after the first coat. The second coat was really just to even out the polish slightly and add shine to it, which this polish has in abundance. The formula is described by Max Factor as being thick so it doesn’t mould to the ridges of the nail and is self levelling, so it dries without streaks or lines. I can safely say that while the polish is thick, it does move about extremely well, and the brush fans out nicely, so you don’t have to overwork the polish. The wear time of the polish is listed as up to 7 days (though I rarely seem to hit those estimates) and I will be interested to see how this stands up.

Finally, the polish on my nails, shot both without and then with flash. You will have to excuse the slight untidiness, as the photos are of my left hand (it’s a right handed camera) and I am dominantly left handed. There are also no fancy or simple bits of nail art today, as I just wanted the polish to speak for itself.



I’m really impressed with the finish of the polish. It is rich with pigment, and the gel shine finish looks amazing. As long as it lasts close to the wear time, I think that it will be great for a DIY manicure at €10.39 per bottle. The only question I have to ask is what era is speaking to you?

Update: It has now been 4 days since I put this on to my nails, and I am not noticing some minor tip wear, and one chip. It is nothing major, but I am quite hard on my nails, and the shiny polish magpie in me is debating changing to a different colour. It is still wearing better than a standard polish though!


*Product was provided for review

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