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Jun. 02.

Tried Tuesday: Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Lipstick – Rioja Red

tt-sleek-thYou may have heard of Sleek MakeUP. For such a long time it has been a brand often heard of, but not often seen. That was a pity, as their products have always been great quality at a great price. Here on Robyn Rants and Raves, we are fans of the well known i-Divine Palettes, and the overly tinted, super powerful Pout Polishes. Well today I have another product to try out. It is one of their Matte Me Lipsticks, and is in the shade Rioja Red.

matte me tube

Rioja Red is one of six in the range, and has the usual suspects of nudes, pinks and a very interesting looking purple in addition to this red. The tube, in line with most Sleek products is very understated. The only way you know who makes it, aside from picking it up from a Sleek stand is to look closely at the contrasting black on black of the lid. I am a big fan of products that aren’t overly showy, especially if they are able to back it up with something to make you go wow. Does this do so, or does it fall flat?

matte me wand

As you can see from the wand, the product is amazingly pigmented, and well, a little shiny. It also looks smooth and silky, which is a good sign. Mattes tend to be very dry, and some can look dry even directly from the tube. This doesn’t. It invites use. The flat sided wand makes it a doddle to apply, and carries a lot of product. I somehow don’t think you will need to go applying multiple coats of this.

matte me swatch

Here is a simple swatch of colour on the back of my hand, so it has been spread a bit, and you can clearly see just how vibrant the colour is. While some products can look highly pigmented until you spread it out, this one delivers in a very impressive way. It also looks shiny here, but that is my fault. I took the photo of this swatch too soon after applying it to my hand, which didn’t allow it any drying time. But, to make up for it, let me show you the finished look.

matte me lips

Now in all of its matte gloriousness! This is it after it has set, and with a couple of stray marks from where I tried to tidy up a little (pro tip: clean it up before it has a chance to dry!). If you are thinking it looks a little orange, you are right. It is an orange toned red. I wouldn’t let that put you off though. While it is not my perfect red, I would wear this! You do need to give it a little respect, as it is a matte, and mattes are drying, but this is not overly so. If you take good care of your lips (and you should) you will not have much of an issue with this.

These are available online and through selected pharmacies (but to make life easier an interactive stockist finder is here) for a pocket friendly price of just €6.49! Now, bring me Fandango Purple, next on my list!


Note: Product was provided for review

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Sep. 08.

Manicure Monday: Paese Silk Nail Enamel Shade 371 – Pleasure

mm-paese-thI mentioned yesterday in my Something Else Sunday post that I would have something to show you from the new Silk range from Paese to show you today, and true to my word, I do! Today we have a lilac shade, numbered shade 371, and called Pleasure, though this is not listed on the bottle.


One of two new collections, the Silk range are described as beautiful soft shades. In the picture above you can see them alongside their sisters in the new pastel collection (the Silk ones are in the circle), and are beautiful neutral shades, running from nudes through to the lightly coloured lilacs. Coming in attractive square bottles, each one is 9ml, and the great news is that they are 4 free, so they have none of the nasties that may be in other polishes, like toluene and formaldehyde.


On to the shade we are looking at today, a pretty little lilac called Pleasure, numbered on the bottle as shade 371. It looks like a beautiful colour in the bottle, with a subtle sheen to it, which is created by the addition of pearl particles. Being a sucker for purples I couldn’t wait to get this on my nails to see how I got on with it, as I am completely new to the nail polishes from Paese.


The brush, seen here fans out nicely and spreads the polish well, but I am not a great fan of it. My problem isn’t exactly with the brush, but what it is connected to, the big square lid. I found that the size of the lid, and the length of the brush took a lot of getting used to, particularly with my weaker right hand, but I persevered and eventually figured out the best way of approaching it. And that means I can show you the polish actually on my nails, as opposed to painted across my fingers!


Here it is, pictured on my nails without flash. I’ll admit, as you see it here, I was slightly disappointed. I am so used to going for polishes that look shiny and glossy and had never considered a matte polish. But it is growing on me. I can understand why it’s done in a matte finish. It doesn’t need to be super glossy to be a genuinely gorgeous girly shade. It is just the right shade to show colour on my nails without being a glossy shouty look at me shade. I have been looking at it as being quite sophisticatedly understated.


Here it is though, pictured under the flash of a camera, which allows the light to hit the pearl particles. In the light I really enjoy looking at this polish, where it does have a sheen. Again it doesn’t need to be overly shiny. There will be times (a lot of them) where I want to have super shiny nails, but this polish has convinced me that there are other options out there, and I may just have to go looking for more of them.

Paese Silk Nail Enamels are €4.99 and are available from the Paese Website.


* Product was provided for review

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Sep. 02.

Tried Tuesday: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

tt-revlon-thI think I am getting into the swing of autumn colours now (yes, I know it’s only been September two days) as yesterday I put a lovely berry shade on my nails, and today for Tried Tuesday, I have a lovely berry shade for my lips to look at, in the form of one of the Colorburst Matte Balms from Revlon.


I have a number of these now, which started with one of the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, but this shade hasn’t seen much love. I liked the shade (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it) but as it has been summer, I have been avoiding darker shades for a while. But it is time for me to embrace richer darker shades for the next 6-9 months (the typical duration of an Irish winter) and so I am happy to introduce you to shade 225 – Sultry.


In keeping with the rest of the range, it comes in the form of a crayon (thank you Clinque for introducing the world to this idea) which makes it very portable and easy to apply. It is really almost foolproof. I would say totally, but unfortunately someone would manage to prove me wrong. The case for it comes in a colour co-ordinated matte finish, which lets you know at a glance what colour and finish it is, brilliant for when you are rooting around a drawer of these and their sister lacquer balms. Then you just pop off the lid to reveal the product inside, which again tapers off to a rounded point like a crayon. I find the shape to be ideal for working around the curve of the lips without needing extensive time or correction after, a definite plus!


And of course, I need to show you how it looks in use. Isn’t it such a delightful colour? It is the ideal level of richness without being too dark, which would make it great for office to party looks. I can see this getting a lot of wear in the next few months!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms are €10.99 and are available from Revlon Stands nationwide.


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