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Sep. 15.

Manicure Monday: Spots and Stripes

mm-spotstripe-thHello there! Please accept my apologies for kissing a couple of days at the end of last week. I was trying to pretend that I have a life away from the computer (I really don’t) but it is another Monday, and that means it’s time for a brand new manicure! Or normally it would, but I wasn’t in the mood to go through removing the polish and starting again from nothing, and there was nothing wrong with the polish that was on my fingers, so I decided to just do a little to spruce it up, leading to today’s spots and stripes manicure.

The base for this is the Paese Silk Nail Enamel that I featured last week. I’ve grown to like the colour, and it was in good condition, so I looked for a way of making it look new and interesting, before settling on adding some spots to my thumb in contrasting pink and purple. To do this I used two polishes. The pink is another Paese Nail Enamel, this time from their new neon collection, shade 377. The purple is from the Wet n Wild Fastdry line, and is E231C – Buffy the Violet Slayer. To do the dots I used an old fine model paintbrush, cleaning it on a piece of remover soaked cotton in between colours.

I was then going to do similar dots on my ring finger, using the same colours,  but about half way through I changed my mind and did stripes instead, aiming to leave a small gap of the base polish in between stripes. I wasn’t entirely successful though.


As for how it looks, here you have it, taken under flash. I think it actually looks really pretty, and is a great way of making an old manicure new again. What do you think? Is it something you would do, or would you just start over?


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Sep. 08.

Manicure Monday: Paese Silk Nail Enamel Shade 371 – Pleasure

mm-paese-thI mentioned yesterday in my Something Else Sunday post that I would have something to show you from the new Silk range from Paese to show you today, and true to my word, I do! Today we have a lilac shade, numbered shade 371, and called Pleasure, though this is not listed on the bottle.


One of two new collections, the Silk range are described as beautiful soft shades. In the picture above you can see them alongside their sisters in the new pastel collection (the Silk ones are in the circle), and are beautiful neutral shades, running from nudes through to the lightly coloured lilacs. Coming in attractive square bottles, each one is 9ml, and the great news is that they are 4 free, so they have none of the nasties that may be in other polishes, like toluene and formaldehyde.


On to the shade we are looking at today, a pretty little lilac called Pleasure, numbered on the bottle as shade 371. It looks like a beautiful colour in the bottle, with a subtle sheen to it, which is created by the addition of pearl particles. Being a sucker for purples I couldn’t wait to get this on my nails to see how I got on with it, as I am completely new to the nail polishes from Paese.


The brush, seen here fans out nicely and spreads the polish well, but I am not a great fan of it. My problem isn’t exactly with the brush, but what it is connected to, the big square lid. I found that the size of the lid, and the length of the brush took a lot of getting used to, particularly with my weaker right hand, but I persevered and eventually figured out the best way of approaching it. And that means I can show you the polish actually on my nails, as opposed to painted across my fingers!


Here it is, pictured on my nails without flash. I’ll admit, as you see it here, I was slightly disappointed. I am so used to going for polishes that look shiny and glossy and had never considered a matte polish. But it is growing on me. I can understand why it’s done in a matte finish. It doesn’t need to be super glossy to be a genuinely gorgeous girly shade. It is just the right shade to show colour on my nails without being a glossy shouty look at me shade. I have been looking at it as being quite sophisticatedly understated.


Here it is though, pictured under the flash of a camera, which allows the light to hit the pearl particles. In the light I really enjoy looking at this polish, where it does have a sheen. Again it doesn’t need to be overly shiny. There will be times (a lot of them) where I want to have super shiny nails, but this polish has convinced me that there are other options out there, and I may just have to go looking for more of them.

Paese Silk Nail Enamels are €4.99 and are available from the Paese Website.


* Product was provided for review

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pink mani-noflash
Aug. 25.

Manicure Monday: Pink Gradient

mm-pink mani-thIt’s amazing how many colours actually fall under the colour “pink”. It’s something that nail polish addicts like myself use all the time to justify purchases. Yes I have a pink nail polish, but I don’t have THAT pink, in that finish, from that brand. It’s also the mechanism I’m using for this weeks Manicure Monday, where I pick out 5 complimentary pinks to form a pink gradient manicure.

First things first. I need to pick out the 5 polishes I’m going to use. After a bit of poking through bottles, and swatching on paper side by side, I chose the final 5, which are:

  • Thumb – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer – 180 Hot or Not?
  • Index – OPI Nail Lacquer – Ladies and Magjenta-Men
  • Middle – Revlon Nail Art Neon – 100 Atomic Pink
  • Ring – Inglot Nail Enamel – 817
  • Little – 17 High Gloss Nail Polish – Pinking Shear

Then came actually painting the nails. This involved a bit of time, as different formulas and different finishes needed a different number of coats, ranging from 2 for the Catrice and OPI to 4 for the Revlon.

Finally, here is how it looked at the end. Top picture is without flash, while the bottom picture is with.

pink mani-noflash

pink mani-flash

I like the idea of the gradient manicure. It is ideal if you want to wear a particular colour, but don’t know what particular colour to go for. If you get a nicely matching set, it can look very well put together. In fact, I’m currently scanning my shelves to see what other colour groups I can work with. What do you think?


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Aug. 11.

Manicure Monday: Orange, Purple and Silver

mm-thumbHaving picked up this polish in Dealz last week, it would be a shame to not try it out and see what it can do. It’s a bright, slightly glittery orange from Sinful Colors, called Cloud 9, and it is truly gorgeous!


In order to do something more with my mani than just the standard flat colour, I looked along my shelf for something to pair it with. before settling on the lovely Zoya polish, Belinda. Finally, for just that little bit extra, I chose to add a set of silver dots along the purple stripe, and to do this I went to another Sinful Colors polish, the beautiful Out of This World.

It was really very simple to do this mani, working with 3 coats of Cloud 9 to give a great solid base, and letting it dry, before adding the purple with some sticky tape to provide a nice clean line. Finally, using a fine paint brush, I added the dots of silver.

As for how it looks, well lets find out. The top picture is without flash, while the bottom picture is with.



The orange really sings here, while the purple and silver stripe serves as a great accent without being a solid nail of another colour. The gold glitter in the orange too, also shows up really well under certain lights, adding to the richness of the colour! What do you think?


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Aug. 04.

Manicure Monday: Fruit Salad Nails

mm-fruitsalad-thIt’s a new week and that means it’s a new Manicure Monday. This week I’m trying to do something both summery and nostalgic. The summer bit is covered by the use of really bright colours, while the nostalgia comes from one of my favourite sweets as a child.

fruit salads

We all have favourite things we remember from childhood. One of my favourite sweets was fruit salads, the little chews that were orangey and pink striped and tasted delightful.


To try and recreate the colourful stripiness of the sweets, I raided my polish shelf and came up with 2 suitable polishes. A neon pink from Revlon and an orangey colour from Rimmel. Specifically the colours are Atomic Pink from the Revlon Nail Art Neon Range and Reggae Splash from the Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate range. To do the pattern, I used a roll of electrical insulating tape after letting the pink dry. To make things a little different, set each line at a 45 degree angle compared to the previous nail, and matched the pattern to the nails on the other hand, but had the colour on the opposite side.

Now, as for how it looks:


This was such a simple mani to do, even if it did take a little time, owing to so many layers of polish to do, but it actually looks really good once it is done. I may try different versions of it to see what else I can come up with in the future.


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Jul. 28.

Manicure Monday: Peach & Silver Alternative French Mani

mm-french-thHello everyone, I’m back after taking a couple of weeks away from the blog, and as it is a Monday, that of course means it’s time for a mani. Today I’m going for something that is a little different to the standard French Mani, which while it looks classic, can look quite plain and well, boring. To change it up a bit I’m doing it in colour, using peach and silver.


The polishes used for this are quite simple. The base colour is from the Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate range, and is shade 244 – Goddess. It is an ideal light summer shade for when you don’t want too much colour on your nails. The tips were done using a Sally Hansen Color Quick pen that I got in Dealz a couple of years ago. It is shade 01- Silver Chrome. Just to add something extra to the mani too, I took another of the Color Quick pens, 07 – Fuchsia Chrome, and did it on the ring finger with no tip. Application was a breeze, with a coat of CND Stickey basecoat, 3 of the base to build colour and smoothness, and 1 of the silver tips. It was then all sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty topcoat.

As for how it looks on my nails? Lets take a look…


I did these on Thursday night, and only took pictures of them this afternoon (charge your camera batteries Robyn!) so there is a little bit of wear on them, but not much. Outside in the sun it does shine in a lovely way, and the silver tips just add to what is otherwise a flattering, but very simple mani. If the summery weather continues, I can see myself wearing something like this again. What do you think?


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Jun. 02.

Manicure Monday: Impress Manicure

impress-thI love nail polish, and the process of doing my nails, I really do. There are times, however, when I just want them done and to be out the door, like on Thursday. Luckily I had something available to do the job in double quick time. I had one of these handy imPRESS manicure sets.


These particular ones are medium length, and in the shade Chick Flick. You get two dozen nails in different sizes in each kit, so you shouldn’t have difficulty in finding the correct sizes. They also come in different lengths, to suit your own natural nails.

impress-nailsThe process is really straight forward. You pick out the correct sizes for your nail, lay them out, wipe your nails with the included prep pad, and 1 at a time, peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive surface, and press them on to your nail. I held each one in place for about 30 seconds before moving on to the next one, just to make sure they properly adhered to the nail, but once they were in place, that was it.

I had these on from Thursday through until Sunday, with no damage and no difficulty whatsoever. imPRESS do advise of up to 1 week wear time, so with a little care, I don’t see much difficulty in doing that.


And finally, let’s see how they look on hands. I think they look really cute, and they are so easy to use. One thing I think I’ll be doing is picking up one with a design, as I can see them being great for nail art. What do you think?


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precious polish orange
Apr. 21.

Manicure Monday: Tasty Tangerine by Precious Polish

mm-preciouspolishthDon’t tell anyone, but I think summer may be on the way. Or spring at least! I’m really digging bright vibrant colours at the moment, and I think blues, yellows, pinks and oranges will be on may nails a lot for the next few months. Speaking of oranges, that’s the focus of today’s Manicure Monday. Little oranges. More specifically tangerines, in the form of Tasty Tangerine, part of the Precious Polish Summer 2014 collection of 5 polishes, called Summer Lovin’.


I’ve written about precious polish before, when I talked about one of their original collection polishes. If you remember, I said it was good, but not great, and that the formula could be a little better. The good news is that the formula has drastically improved. It is still 5 free, but if not a lot less gloopy, and is a lot better for it. It is also now in a rectangular bottle, with a lovely brush, making polish application much easier. The length of the brush could be just a little longer, but that is my personal preference, and the quality of the brush is really good.

But enough of my waffling on about the polish. Lets actually see it!

precious polish orange

You’ll have to excuse my slightly wonky application, that’s my fault. The colour though is gorgeous. With a tan and a cocktail in your hands these nails will really pop!

Precious Polishes cost €7, and there is an opportunity to custom add glitter into a polish, making it truly unique for an extra €1.

What do you think of Precious Polishes, and Tasty Tangerine? What would be your ideal colour and glitter mix? Let me know in the comments!


A sample was provided for review.

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Mar. 17.

Manicure Monday: St. Patrick’s Day Nails

MM-PaddyHappy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Thanks for taking a quick break from whatever it is you do on a day like this to have a look at today’s manicure.

This is really just a quick one to throw on, and yet not quick at all, as the number of coats to make the green polish green, and white polish actually look half decent is unbelievable. I need to get a decent white polish. I also apologise for not taking the time to clean up a bit before taking the photo. It is, however, meant to be the Irish flag on my nails, in case you couldn’t tell.


Polishes used are Yes Love in Glitter 7 (NV03), LA Colours in Energy Source (NV20) and Revlon Nail Art Neon in High Voltage (NV88) all listed on my Nail Polish Stash Page

What are you up to today, and what are you sporting on your nails/eyes/clothes for this day where the whole world and their dog are Irish? Let me know in the comments!


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