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May. 26.

Lets Talk Blog Challenge: Magazine Vs Blogging

ltbc-blogThis is week 5, and the penultimate week of the Lets Talk Blog Challenge, which is being run by Sarah from At The Beauty Desk. Last week we were looking at survival guides. This week, we are giving our opinions on conventional or new media. In other words, here comes my views on the argument of Magazine Vs Blogging.

There was once a time when if you wanted to know what a beauty product was like, you would go to your newsagent, pick up your magazine of choice, go home, make tea and sit on the couch. Then you would relax, go through your magazine, see the advertising visuals, maybe a little write up about it, decide you liked how it looked, wanted it, and would scurry off to the shops to buy it. Occasionally though you ended up disappointed that it didn’t look the same on you that it did in the ads. Now though, there is a new way to do things. If you want to know what a beauty product is like, you go to Google, type in what you’re looking for, and a whole list of websites talking about it, a few selling it, and you click a link you like the look of. And look, you’ve ended up on a website run by a normal person. A person like you, not by an airbrushed advertising model. A person who is also looking for a product that will make them look and feel special. You’ve entered the world of the blogger.

The question is though, is one better than the other? Will one kill off the other, or can they co-exist peacefully? To answer that we must look at both sides of the story.


Magazines: Generally, magazines have the advantage of being staffed by professionals. They know how to write pleasing, emotive reviews. They get ready access to new products, and established magazines have a large readership and reach, giving them an easy way to spread information, and of course, a great way for advertisers to push their wares.

Ah, advertisers. Where would they be without them?  As a former advertising designer myself, I know how much effort goes into making something that catches the readers eye and makes them want to buy something. Huge numbers of creative people are involved in getting an advert ready, and advertisers want to see a return on their investment, which can be quite sizeable depending on the publication, size and positioning of their advert. Magazines also want to make sure that they get their lifeblood, the advertising revenue. This leads to a conundrum. Just how impartial can magazines be? If you have a regular advertiser, who pays very well for their ad spots in your magazine, can you jeopardise the relationship, and your revenue, by rubbishing a product? That, however, is a debate for another day.


Blogging: Enter new media. The online world is a wealth of information, once you know how to weed through the rubbish that also populates the internet. Fortunately search engines have made that bit so much easier, and now, when you type in something to search for, a great number of opinion posts come up. This is the domain of the blogger. Bloggers tend to be normal people. Well, normal for bloggers is subjective. Some people call us crazy. We call ourselves passionate. either way, we are regular members of the public, with a love for our particular subject. A love that we want to share. A love that isn’t biased by anything in particular. Like the public, we just want to find products that make us feel amazing. And by sharing our views we can help others to find their favourite products too. I can’t say bloggers are going to be completely unbiased, because, as brands and PR companies begin to take blogging more seriously, and supply more sample products to bloggers, the question of neutrality does come up. A blogger though, I feel has less to lose by saying what they feel, than a magazine does. This can allow for much more scope of opinion from blogs, and as long as you have faith in what a blogger has to say (and there are so many FANTASTIC bloggers out there) there will always be a source of information to turn to.

There will always be a place for magazines in the world. They do contain a great mix of information, opinion, and I have many times looked through magazines just to admire sensational advertising imagery. We will also come to a point of eventual equilibrium between old and new, magazines and blogging. That time isn’t yet though. Blogging will continue to rise in popularity, and become more important. Just as text messaging, social media and email have changed the balance in communications, so will blogging as a source of information and opinion.



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