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Mar. 25.

Tried Tuesday: L’Oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss

tt-lipthHello from a rather wet and miserable Tried Tuesday, where today I’m talking about lips. We all have them, and we all have a drawer full of things for them, so today I’ve pulled out a former favourite of mine, a L’Oreal Glam Shine from the Miss Candy collection, in shade 703 – Tart Lollipop.

I used to wear this quite often, but sadly, in recent times it’s been neglected. How silly of me! It doesn’t have the greatest punch of colour, but it is nice and glossy (always good for a lipgloss) and doesn’t feel sticky, but rather smooth and slick on the lips.


The heart shaped applicator holds a generous amount of product, so it should do one lip at a time with ease.


Now, while L’Oreal say that these glosses have 6 hours of staying power, don’t hold your breath. If you’re going to be doing normal stuff like coffee and lunch (we all have to eat and drink)  it will wear off. If you need ore colour and staying power, I would wear it over a lip stain. If however, you are on a strict diet of nothing in public, then go right ahead and wear it on it’s own. It will give a subtle colour, and I find it does make the lips look a bit more plump and kissable. Now, where can I find someone to test that theory with?

What do you think of the Glam Shine range? Are lip glosses worth the money, or just a shiny, short lived distraction? The comment line is open!


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Lips tube
Mar. 11.

Tried Tuesday: No. 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick

Lips-thGood afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first Tried Tuesday. The idea is simple. We all have big/HUGE/MASSIVE collections, and inevitably things get forgotten about. What I plan to do is reach into a drawer, rummage around and try whatever comes out, hoping to find love for products all over again along the way.

Lips ColourThis time it is the opportunity of No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Colour in 30 – Sweet Lips (discontinued). I can’t actually remember how this came to be in my possession, but if I remember correctly, it was in a promotion with a magazine some time ago. In the tube this looks like a very strong pink, leaning towards a berry shade in terms of its depth. That would make me immediately think of it as a more autumn/winter lipstick, when deeper, richer shades are  my preference.

lips appliedHowever, on my lips this is quite a bit lighter, and while it is a strong colour, it is not overly so, and I think it is a lovely daytime pick, as it is subtle enough to not look too overdone. I think I’ll be making use of this more often.

What do you think of this shade? Are there things hiding in your collection that deserve more love and attention? Let me know below!


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Mar. 05.

Possibly My Ultimate Red Lip… Shiseido Lacquer Gloss

shiseido-thGather round boys and girls and let me tell you a tale. A tale of lips, and red, and trying to find the right match between the two. Now obviously, I can’t really change my lips that much, but I can find the right red to go with my lips as they are. And by golly, I think I’ve done just that.

How? With the little beauty that is one of Shiseido’s recently released new Lacquer Gloss shades, in this case “Lust” (RD305) which they describe as a sultry blood red. Sultry is right. I defy anyone to not be entranced by this colour! It is really amazing. The applicator holds a huge amount of product, and glides across lips. My instant reaction when it first hit my lips was to stop what I was doing and exclaim WOW! It was the deepest, glossiest red I have ever used, and feels super smooth and velvety on the lips.

shiseido applicator

And now, for those of you who are still reading this, you get to see it actually on my lips.

shiseido lips

The new shades are now on Shiseido counters and cost €25.

So, what do you think of the colour? Have you found your ultimate red? Let me know in the comments!



A sample was provided for review.

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Feb. 13.

New Launches: Shiseido S/S ’14

shiseido-thI’ll be honest. This post is going to make you ooh and aah, and will probably give your bank manager a heart attack. Why? It’s the gorgeous new launches from Japanese beauty giant Shiseido. Ladies (and gentlemen) prepare to want, no, NEED, everything!


Shiseido know skincare, and they employ more than 1,100 scientists to research the way skin works, and how to use skins natural mechanisms in their products. The latest results of that research have led to:

Future Solutions LX Range:

  • Superior Radience Serum (30ml/€270)
  • Total Protective Emulsion (75ml/€290)
  • Total Regenerating Body Cream (200ml/€130)

Shiseido-FSLXThese are amazing. I’m particularly enamoured by the serum. A tiny dot on the back of my hand was more than enough to cover my hand, and it sank in instantly, leaving my hand looking so much brighter. Without going into all the science of it (Pearl Hybrid Complex and Skingenecell 1P in this case) it is  like liquid light for the skin. I’m going to have to start saving my pennies for this one.

Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask (12 pack/€63)


This is an update to the well known and unbelievably popular cult product, which now features stabilised pure retinol and Makruossi Extract, which works to replump the undereye area, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. While some people use it as a once a month treat, it is safe to use up to 3 times a week.

IBUKI Starter Set (3x30ml/€29)


I’m really looking forward to trying this one out, and even the box wants me to try it out. It even told me!


A limited edition set containing 30 ml sizes of Cleanser, Softener and Moisturiser, it is designed to give you a 2 week to 1 month introduction to the world of Shiseido Skincare.


Face Colour Enhancing Trio (4 shades/€38 ea)


The great variety of shades available really allow this to work with any skin tone, even my pasty, pale Irish skin. Containing 3 complimentary shades in each compact, which act as a blush, sculpting colour and skin harmonising colour. These also have a subtle shimmer, to add a healthy glow. A really lovely product, I can see this one disappearing very quickly.

Lacquer Rouge & Lacquer Gloss (new shades) (€26/€25)



My personal favourites from all the makeup launches, I am really in love with these. They are both super pigmented, with the Lacquer Rouge offering a deeper hit of colour, while the Lacquer Gloss is like a lip gloss plus. I need more of these in my life!


Shimmering Cream Eye Colour (8 new shades) (€29)


These are water resistant, crease resistant, and last FOREVER. After swatching them on my hands they refused to move, until I scrubbed the life out of them before going to bed. They are some of the most gorgeous cream shadows I have ever come across, and with the colours being so intense, you’ll be noticed.

Sheer Eye Zone Corrector ( 3 shades) (€30)


These at first glance look like the very familiar Touche Eclat in function, but with these the trick is to go for the one that loooks orange on your skin, as the boffins in Shiseido have discovered that everyone as they age lose red and yellow pigments from their under eye area. This puts them back in, and helps to disguise fine lines. You can also pick up the one that looks the lightest on your skin, to add highlight and radience.

Sun Care UV Protective Compact Foundation & Liquid Foundation (3 shades each) (€39) – not pictured

These foundations are perfect for holidays, as they both contain SPF30. Depending on whether you want a matte or more dewy finish you choose the compact or liquid finish. They also DO NOT MOVE! Get them wet, swim, sunbathe, whatever you need to do and it stays on your face! Result!

Perfect Hydrating BB Cream (new light shade)  (€38) – not pictured

This is definitely a “my skin but better” product, and the light shade should be excellent for most Irish skintones. It also contains SPF30 (woo!) and provides added skincare protection!


Zen Sun EdT for men, and for women (50ml/€63)


The fragrance for men is a wonderfully fresh crisp fragrance. The fragrance for women is the perfect sweet fragrance for those who hate sweet fragrances. I despise the usual, sickly sweet, sweet fragrances, but after getting one sniff of this, I MUST HAVE it. That’s the best way I can put it. I’m not really one for perfume descriptions.

For Men:

Total Revitaliser Eye (15ml/€54) – no pictured

For the man who keeps raiding your supplies, make him buy his own. This is really rich but spreads and sinks in so well. It is also  encased in sleek black packaging, so it looks perfectly masculine, and therefore ideal for the man who doesn’t want to be caught using “girly” products.

These wonderful goodies are on counter between now and May, including the new Shiseido counter in Harvey Nichols, Dundrum.

I also have some of them to try out and will be reporting back in good time to let you know how I got on.

What jumps out at you? Are you regretting reading this far? How’s your bank balance feeling? Let me know in the comments!


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Feb. 05.

Recent Purchases: Boots and Dealz

colorburst-thumbWhile things have been pretty slim on the buying front I have been able to treat myself now and then. For example, today I went into Boots to buy razor blades. These are more of a necessity than a treat, so they’re not included here. The rest of what I walked out with is…

Nail Polish: Maybelline Color Show in 107 – Watery Waste:


Before I begin, let me point out 2 things. Firstly, it’s ColoUr, not color. Get it right. Secondly, what were you thinking with the name “Watery Waste”? You’re not selling it to me with that name. What did sell it to me, aside from the silvery colour itself, was the big clearance sticker on it that said €2! SOLD!

Lip Crayons: Revlon Colorburst (seriously, I’m getting annoyed with the lack of U here) Lacquer and Matte Balms in 150 – Enticing (Lacquer), 220 – Showy (Matte) & 250 – Standout (Matte):


I’ve been hearing so much love for these new crayons, and with Boots having another 3 for 2 offer on, it was wrong to leave them sitting on the shelf. Normally €11.20 each the offer meant that I got them for €7.47 each instead. Bargain! In the swatches below, I’ve included the original Just Bitten Balm Stain in 020 – Lovesick for comparison.


What I’m thinking is I have nearly matching pairs here, at least on paper. Lovesick seems to be a more glossy version of Showy, and Enticing is a close match for Standout. They’re very pigmented colours though. I’m loving them already, and I haven’t even tried them on my lips yet.

Dealz Purchase:

Nail Polish: Revlon Nail Art Neon in 100 – Atomic Pink, 110 – High Voltage, 120 – Neon Light, 130 – Laser Beam & 170 – Ultra Violet:

revlon-nail-artThese were €1.49 each. I love nail polish. Enough said 😉

What have you treated yourself to recently? What else should I be buying? Are you going to fund it for me (wishful thinking)? Let me know in the comments!


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Mar. 24.

Lipstick Love: MAC Sheen Supreme in Quite The Thing

MAC LipstickI admit it. I do not really see the appeal of MAC. While they do some beautiful products, I think they are a little overpriced. That said, while out for lunch with Paula from Random Ramblings and Musings before Christmas, we found ourselves in the MAC Store on Henry St. ogling the lipstick selection. There was quite a bit of lust, and after some discussion, I was convinced to buy one (my first MAC product). And I have to tell you, I’m glad I did!


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Aug. 12.

My first, and possibly only FOTD

FOTD-ThumbFirst, a note: I am not that photogenic, specifically when it comes to self portraiture. I always find myself unhappy with how it looks, whether it’s the angle, lighting, or how many chins I appear to have. Therefore, make the most of this post, as it will be a while, if ever, before it’s repeated. So, if you want to continue, my first FOTD (Face Of The Day) is after the jump.


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Jul. 23.

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain

Just-Bitten-ThumbI must admit, from the first time I saw the adverts for the Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint, I had been intrigued by the idea of a long lasting stain for my lips that was super easy to apply. How difficult can a marker pen style applicator be, right? Unfortunately, the Max Factor ones really let me down. It was less “Lipfinity”, more “Lipfi… wait, where’s the colour gone?” I was, however saved by the offering from Revlon – Just Bitten Lip Stain.


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