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Jul. 13.

Manicure Monday: CND Shellac in Lilac Longing

mm-shellac-thI love my nail polish collection. I really do. Sometimes though, I prefer to leave my nails to professionals. And when I do leave them to professionals, I hate using polish that chips after a couple of days. So, on my recent trip to get my nails done I went for something more long lasting, that would look good for a while. I went for CND Shellac, in Lilac Longing.

lilac longing

Shellac has been around for a while now. I remember discovering it and going WOW! It was glossy, perfectly smooth and remained chip free for ages. Expanding from its original (very) limited range of colours, there are now a huge variety of colours and finishes available. Being summertime, I wanted something fairly light and bright. I was originally thinking of a blue, but when Lilac Longing was put in front of me I was sold!

My nails were tended to, shaping them (I prefer round nails), removing ridges and tidying up my cuticles before applying the Shellac. It includes a specialist basecoat, colour and topcoat, cured under a UV light. The whole process took under 30 minutes, and leaves you with perfect looking nails for two weeks. I personally think that it was worth the €19 I paid for it!

So, here is how it looks. You can see some regrowth at the bottom of the nails, but that is due to 11 days of growth. Aside from that, they still look perfectly finished.



What do you think of the finish? Do you love the idea of Shellac, or are you a do-it-yourself kind of girl? Let me know below!


Bottle pic credit: CND.com


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Sep. 08.

Manicure Monday: Paese Silk Nail Enamel Shade 371 – Pleasure

mm-paese-thI mentioned yesterday in my Something Else Sunday post that I would have something to show you from the new Silk range from Paese to show you today, and true to my word, I do! Today we have a lilac shade, numbered shade 371, and called Pleasure, though this is not listed on the bottle.


One of two new collections, the Silk range are described as beautiful soft shades. In the picture above you can see them alongside their sisters in the new pastel collection (the Silk ones are in the circle), and are beautiful neutral shades, running from nudes through to the lightly coloured lilacs. Coming in attractive square bottles, each one is 9ml, and the great news is that they are 4 free, so they have none of the nasties that may be in other polishes, like toluene and formaldehyde.


On to the shade we are looking at today, a pretty little lilac called Pleasure, numbered on the bottle as shade 371. It looks like a beautiful colour in the bottle, with a subtle sheen to it, which is created by the addition of pearl particles. Being a sucker for purples I couldn’t wait to get this on my nails to see how I got on with it, as I am completely new to the nail polishes from Paese.


The brush, seen here fans out nicely and spreads the polish well, but I am not a great fan of it. My problem isn’t exactly with the brush, but what it is connected to, the big square lid. I found that the size of the lid, and the length of the brush took a lot of getting used to, particularly with my weaker right hand, but I persevered and eventually figured out the best way of approaching it. And that means I can show you the polish actually on my nails, as opposed to painted across my fingers!


Here it is, pictured on my nails without flash. I’ll admit, as you see it here, I was slightly disappointed. I am so used to going for polishes that look shiny and glossy and had never considered a matte polish. But it is growing on me. I can understand why it’s done in a matte finish. It doesn’t need to be super glossy to be a genuinely gorgeous girly shade. It is just the right shade to show colour on my nails without being a glossy shouty look at me shade. I have been looking at it as being quite sophisticatedly understated.


Here it is though, pictured under the flash of a camera, which allows the light to hit the pearl particles. In the light I really enjoy looking at this polish, where it does have a sheen. Again it doesn’t need to be overly shiny. There will be times (a lot of them) where I want to have super shiny nails, but this polish has convinced me that there are other options out there, and I may just have to go looking for more of them.

Paese Silk Nail Enamels are €4.99 and are available from the Paese Website.


* Product was provided for review

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