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Aug. 30.

Something Else Saturday: Holyhead Haul

ses-holyhead-thFor those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I was in Holyhead during the week, for the fun of it really, but I did get a little chance to do some shopping. Today, for Something Else Saturday, let’s have a look at what I picked up.



MUA Undressed Palette – £4 – I really can’t get enough of neutral eye shadows, and this palette has a great mix of mattes and shimmers. I am yet to try out eyeshadows from MUA, so I will be interested in how this fares for £4.


MUA Starry Night Palette – £4 – Another palette along the lines of the Undressed one, but with more greys and darks, ideal for night out eyes. Again I look forward to trying this out and seeing what the shadows are like.


MUA Pro Base Eye Primer – £1 – I admit, I have never used a dedicated eye primer, usually favouring a cream shadow as a base. For £1, I felt there is not much to lose by giving this a go.



Trainers£20 £10 – Okay, well everyone should have a pair of trainers, for when you are just lounging about at home and don’t need to get dressed up.


Flat Shoes£22 £9 – Having been practically living in my black and white flat shoes from Penneys, they are rapidly approaching the end of their life, but these are super cute and super comfortable. Just what I need!


Heels£26 £5 – Look at the price and the shoes. How could I say no to them for just £5?!?!

Not pictured:

Eccles Cakes – My dad’s favourite cakes. I was under fairly simple instructions – “Get them or don’t come home” so I brought back 12. They lasted 24 hours. I guess I will have to go and get more at some point.

Toiletries – Again for my Dad, who has travelling to do for work over the next month. I was much better off picking the travel sizes up in Holyhead for £1 each, as opposed to €3 each over here.

Rum – £20 for a litre, and it will last me a while. This was actually bought on the ship at duty free.

So, that’s the result of my hours shopping in Holyhead, and I think I did quite well, even if I didn’t get the things I originally went looking for. I guess it just gives me a chance to go back at some point, doesn’t it!


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