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Mar. 22.

Something Else Sunday: New Hair

ses-hair-thMy hair and I have had a love/hate relationship for quite a while. It is usually a messy, unruly, knotted mass that I affectionately refer to as “the bird’s nest”. Some days we are okay together, while others I am tempted to just shave the whole lot off (usually just after getting my brush caught in an impenetrable tangle). I have also wanted lighter hair for some time, and have been working on it for more than two years. Unfortunately, being unwell got in the way, and nobody so much as looked at my hair with a view to making improvements for 9 months. Until this week, that is.


I was looking for somewhere that could do something for my hair for a couple of weeks. Knowing what I wanted done, I was looking for a full head of highlights, a cut and blowdry. Cost was also a consideration, as not working means getting great value wherever possible. With that in mind, last week I got on to the SalonAddict website to see what was available. It was there I found Techniques Hair Salon, located on Aungier St. Handily enough I could get the Luas in to Stephen’s Green, and be to the salon in a couple of minutes. It was within my budget, so I happily booked and paid the deposit. Unfortunately a little while later I got a text message saying the appointment I booked was no longer available, but these things happen, so I called the salon the next day and got everything rebooked. So far, so good.

I arrived into the bright, airy salon a few minutes early for my appointment, but was soon enough in the chair, apologising for the state of my hair and explaining that I wanted to go “lighter, but not too light”. Looking at the highlights already in my hair, we decided to go one step up from where they were. Happy with that, my stylist (whos name I can’t for the life of me remember) got to work. It took about an hour to do all of the highlights, before they were left to sit for a little while. When everything was washed out, it was decided a toner was needed to help everything blend properly, which was sorted out without delay. It was then that we discussed what to do with my hair. Again, it was kept simple: Get rid of all the useless dead ends, then just give it a bit of shape and layering to tidy it up. Finally it was blowdried with a soft curl, which makes a change from the massively curly head  that I usually have.

At last the time came for me to put my glasses back on (I’m blind without them) and see the results. They were SHOCKING! Shocking in a good way though. I was amazed at how sleek, shiny and manageable my hair looked. The colour, somewhere in between blonde and brown looked gorgeous, and the shape with the blowdry was to die for. I was super impressed!


Of course, then came the point where money was to change hands. I wasn’t annoyed with this though, because the total to pay, for everything, was just €80. I have previously paid more and received less, so I happily paid up everything that was owed and a little extra tip, which was thoroughly deserved, as I was made to feel so welcome, and there was no more that they could do for me.

They say a new hairstyle can help change your mood, and it is certainly true. Since my trip to the salon on Wednesday, every time I have seen my hair in the mirror, I have been smiling. I may have to plan my next trip soon. Sooner than 9 months away anyway!


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Sep. 11.

Tested Thursday: Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo – Mega Instant

tt-aussie-thIf you’re like me you hate the hassle of washing your hair. It can take forever to get it washed, conditioned, dried, styled and looking fabulous. And if you’re like me, you like finding ways to get just one more day out of your hair between washes. So, for today’s Tested Thursday I am hoping for a miracle in the form of Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo.


The one I have here is the Mega Instant variant, one of three that are available, he other two being Colour Mate (guess what hair this is best for) and Aussome Volume (for fresh and fulsome locks packed full of boing and bounce). The Mega Instant variety though, is:

“The hair reviver to refresh your mane for the day ahead – a spritz, a quick brush through and a “jjujj” and you’re ready to roll”

Firstly, what on earth is a jjujj? (Shake your hair a little, Google tells me) But this does sound like a nice little thing to get another day pre wash for your hair. I am told that it helps to reduce nasty residue, build up and that leftover white dust that you can get with other dry shampoos. But, does it?


Okay, design. It looks like a hairspray can. That’s about all I can say about it. It has a huge Aussie logo and the words miracle dry shampoo at the top of the can, so you wont mix it up with your other hair cans. That’s good, but yeah, don’t go expecting bells and whistles and all that from it. Further down, after it tells you it’s for normal to greasy hair, we are proudly informed that it contains Australian Jojoba Seed Extract, and that it wards off grease and revives your hairs general fabulousness in a matter of minutes (so THAT’S what it does!)

On the back there are more reasons why you should use it, another mention of jojoba seeds, and the directions. As they wrap halfway around the can I couldn’t photograph it, but it says to:

“Shake and shake again before use (it, not you). Spray into the roots from about 30 cm, massage in and brush out well”

You can also use it with an Aussie leave in conditioner, if you’re so inclined (but that takes more time). I wasn’t so inclined (I’ll be washing and conditioning my hair tomorrow anyway) so I just got on with it.

Before: Three day old hair, a bit untidy, a bit unruly but not entirely awful


After: Followed all the instructions. Shook and shook again. Held about 30 cm away and sprayed into the roots in bursts. Massaged it in and gave it a “jjujj” and brushed out with a fine bristled brush.


I will say it. It does look better. Not entirely fabulous, but sleek, shiny and tidy-ish. For me and my birds nest that very nearly is a miracle, so Miracle Dry Shampoo, I do believe you passed. I can’t feel much of a residue of it in my hair, it doesn’t leave white powderyness, and it doesn’t smell too bad. I think I will be using it again when I need another day out of my hair.

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo is widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets for a RRP of €5.85 for the large 180ml can.

What do you think of dry shampoos? Are you a follower of the way of Batiste, or is there another dry shampoo you recommend?


* Product was provided for review

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Aug. 09.

Something Else Saturday: More Dealz Purchases

ses-dealzYes, I do like looking around in Dealz, but I have a problem. You really can’t go in there and not buy something… And something else, and that third thing because it’s only €1.49. It all gets a bit dangerous really! But, when I do buy bits in there, I do try and make it worthwhile. And so, during the week, I bought the following.



It was only 6 weeks ago that I got my hair done last time, but it is growing really well, and is back at that stage where it starts to flop down in front of my face if I’m not careful, so these barrettes should do a job of holding it back. They’re also an effective decorative piece, adding in sparkle or colour, depending on whatever mood I’m in.



Sinful Colors polishes are seriously impressive, and since finding them in Dealz, I have built up quite a collection, having amassed currently 12 of them. It seems that, if there are some on the shelf when I’m in the shop, I will buy them. The latest two to add to the collection are Cloud 9 (left) and Hot Spot (right).



I already have a couple of these L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows, but, as I didn’t have any in these colours, I just had to pick them up. There is Coconut Shake (left) which is a great light neutral for brightening the eye during the day, and Purple Obsession (right) because I love purples so so much, ans it is a great intense colour.

So, that’s my recent shopping from Dealz, and all for less than €9! What do you normally look for in Dealz? Is there anything I am missing out on? Share your secrets, we’re all friends here!


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Aug. 07.

Tested Thursday: Schwarzkopf Blonde Ultime Lightening Spray

tt-schwarzkopf-thI’ve had a number of products sitting around on my desk for quite some time. Some I just haven’t gotten around to. Some I’m not quite sure what to do with. This particular one came with my U Magazine prize, and was largely ignored for a while, as being brown haired, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be much use to me. However, after getting my hair done at the end of June I decided to revisit it and put it through its paces. So for Tested Thursday I’m looking at the Blonde Ultime Lightening Spray by Schwarzkopf.


First thing we see is that woohoo, there is a celebrity endorsement to go with this. In this case, it was developed with Claudia Schiffer. Immediately though the cynic in me shouts about her probably never going near the stuff. I always take celebrity endorsements with a grain of salt though. In a lot of cases it is just a financial transaction as opposed to something the celebrity actually cares about. But moving along. The front of the box also tells me that it has pearl essence and citrus oil, gives up to 2 levels of gradual lift, and is for natural looking blonde (not on my hair!)


The back of the box gives a bit more detail, including that it was developed with Claudia Schiffer’s “beauty insights from catwalk shows and fashion shoots” That it’s for “natural blonde results with subtle gloss” and extols the virtues of pearl essence and citrus oil. It also has the obligatory shade result pictures.

Inside the box is a navy blue bottle marked with instructions, warnings (contains hydrogen peroxide, patch test, don’t drink, spray in eyes and so forth) It also says to use gloves, but doesn’t include any. That’s kinda understandable as it is a multi use product, but for the cost of a few cents, I think they could have at least included a pair.

The instructions tell me that for all over lightening or refreshing, to spray on damp hair, making sure to cover surface and under sections. Fair enough. So, when using this, I took my normal shower, washed my hair and rinsed thoroughly to make sure it was perfectly clean, and got to work. I sprayed it in, working around my hair, and used an old comb to thoroughly work it through my hair, once that was done, I used my hairdryer to add some heat to my hair, which they say intensifies the results. It then says to leave it 2-5 days before reapplying, and that you can reapply 3-5 times.

From the bottle (100ml) I got 3 applications, but my hair is quite thick, and I was being generous to make sure I properly coated my hair. Your results may vary depending on length, thickness etc. You can ignore the claim on the box that it is sufficient for 15-20 applications. That’s way off.

And finally, we have to look at the results. I have a before and after photo. The before was when I got my hair done at the end of June, and after is from today, after 3 applications.




You can actually notice the difference. It is, of course, not blonde, and was never going to be with my original colour, but it has lifted the colour a little, and has made the few really blonde highlights I have more vibrant. I am happy with the results, as it is not extreme, looks tidy and doesn’t make my hair feel like a disaster. It may inspire me to go a bit further next time I am at the hairdressers to, but we’ll have to wait and see there.


N.B. For those of you wondering also, how I get my hair to curl like that. I don’t. It is all natural. The effort comes from getting it to not curl too much!

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... to this
Jun. 19.

Waffle Wednesday (Thursday Edition): How Hair Makes You Feel

hair-thI know this is a Waffle Wednesday post, and yes, I know this is a Thursday, but work with me on this, as I did say on Facebook and Twitter yesterday that I would have something to add to this today. It’s about hair, and how it makes you feel.

From this...

From this…

I generally have a love/hate relationship with my hair, or my birds nest, as I often call it. I’m so naturally curly that it just ends up in tangles and knots, leaving more hair on the brush than on my head when I brush it out, and well, I hate that with a burning fury. That said, I do have times when I love my hair, like when it is behaving for a day or two, or I’ve just had it done (which can be anywhere from 3-10 months in between).

... to this

… to this

Fortunately today is one of those good days. I bought a deal on Living Social yesterday, booked it yesterday, and was in the chair today (I don’t like waiting around, do I) for a couple of hours, trying to have my hair tamed.

And this

And this

And the good news is, it worked. I’ve gone from being brown with a scattering of blonde highlights to being somewhere in between blonde and brown, or in other terms, I’ve gone from chocolate to caramel, two of my favourite food groups. It’s also currently more wavy than curly, thanks to being properly blowdried, but once I add water to it it will just curl up again. Having some length taken out of it to manage the weight of hair should help to leave it a bit more manageable.

I was actually originally anticipating going a bit lighter than this, but looking at it now I’m glad I didn’t. This is a lovely intermediate step to go with. Making such a drastic change can be difficult, and having been some form of brunette for all of my life, it makes sense to not overdo it by going too far in one go.

It also is a good way to make a change from feeling stuck in a rut for too long. Changing something little can inspire you to make a bigger change, and change is something that should always be welcomed.


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Jun. 17.

Tried Tuesday: Aussie Miracle Moist Range

aussie-thI’m not usually one to go playing around with different shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Usually if it smells good and does the job it’s good enough for me. For a while I’ve been using the Smoothly Does It range from VO5, and it’s been grand, but in the past few days my hair has been feeling dry and dull. It could be due to my last getting it cut last August (I’m getting it sorted this week, honest). To give it a little chance though, I did a dive through my box of stuff and surfaced with the Miracle Moist range from Aussie.


I actually used 3 products on my hair in the shower today. I used both the shampoo and conditioner from the Miracle Moist range, and topped it off with the 3 Minute Miracle deep treatment, to give my hair as much of a boost as I could.


The shampoo has Australian Macadamia Nut oil, which they tell me infuses moisture into dry damaged hair, helping to condition and smooth. They also recommended following it up with an Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner (quelle suprise!)


The conditioner, again with Australian Macadamia Nut oil, does the same infusion doohickey as the shampoo to leave hair smooth soft and conditioned.


The Three Minute Miracle contains Australian Ginseng extract and Pearl Powder, and is for “dull tired hair, begging to shine”. It claims to revitalise dull hair and adds gloss to each strand. “Beam, gleam shine like a dream” as the bottle tells me.

The shampoo and conditioner are quite nice. They left my hair feeling clean, tidy and a little better. The scent is nothing special. It’s not unpleasant, but really, I didn’t get much of a scent from it. The Three Minute Miracle though fared much better. It didn’t leave my hair shining like a dream, but I didn’t expect it to after the first attempt. It did however, leave it feeling so much more soft, manageable, and left a subtle sheen to it, so it looked much better. I’ll have to use it a couple more times, but it smells good, and it appears to be doing an excellent job.

What Aussie products are you using? Is there anything else you could recommend for my hair (shaving it all off is not an answer though)? Please do let me know.


Note: Product was provided for review

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Mar. 20.

Tested Thursday: Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls

tt-umberto-thWelcome to another Tested Thursday, and today I’m talking about hair products. Specifically the Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly from Umberto Giannini. Now, I have naturally curly hair, but there is method in my madness, as my curly hair is more of a birds nest than a style. So I am always looking for ways to tidy it up. The question I am answering in this post is did it work?

I’ll be honest first. My hair needs professional help. It hasn’t been touched by a professional since August *cringes* Yes, that long. I admit it. Until it does though, and even afterwards, I need something to tame the curls. In my Best of Beauty post on Hair Heroes, I talked about the L’Oreal Professionel Spiral Splendour product. This is similar, but cheaper, and widely available.


Before putting this in I washed and conditioned my hair with the VO5 smoothly does it range shampoo and conditioner, part towel dried and run through with a large paddle brush. I then followed the instructions as listed on the back of the tube which tells me to “work the product evenly through mid lengths and ends and scrunch dry” I did scrunch it dry, but to speed up drying time I also used my hairdryer on the lowest setting, continually scrunching each section as it dried.


And the results. Did the long lasting curl definer de frizz, shine, and create sexy romantic curls? Actually it kinda did. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them sexy curls, but they are more defined, tidier and better looking. With my birds nest, that has to be a selling point. It’s not just out of the salon amazing, but it is quite passable!

Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly is €6.49, and I got it as part of a Boots 3 for 2.

What do you use or recommend for curly hair? Are you a fan of curls, waves or poker straight? The comment line is open below.


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Feb. 13.

Best of Beauty: Hair Heroes

haircare-thWelcome to week 2 of the Best of Beauty series, organised by the amazing Sam from All the Buzz (love you Sam!) Last week was skincare saviours. Now it’s time for those things my hair couldn’t live without – my hair heroes!


Charles Worthington Full Volume Range: Shampoo (Not pictured), Conditioner, Texturising Spray:

Originally recommended to me by Paula of Cornflakegirls Musings, these are my go to products for every other day use. They add great volume to my otherwise fine hair, without weighing my hair down. Sadly I’ve run out of the shampoo and am almmost out of the conditioner, so I am on the lookout for them. They seem to have disappeared from the couple of Boots nearest to me.

L’Oreal Professionel Spiral Splendour Curl Setting Cream:

My hairdresser always uses this on my hair, as there is no point in blowdrying my hair straight. Once it gets wet it goes back to its usual frizzy self. This sets the curls into place, leaving them looking great. At home I run a little bit of this through sections of hair, scrunch the hair up, then hit it with the hairdryer. Great curls in minutes!



Honourable Mention:

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo & Conditioner:

Yes, I know this is a free sample package of the Mane ‘n Tail. I find these great for when you’ll be away for a couple of days, as they take up no space at all. They saved my hair when I was in hospital. I’m so happy with these, that I think I will be buying full versions of them in the near future. Great stuff.

So, what do you think? Have you tried any of these, and would you recommend them? As always, the comments await!



Best of beauty blog series:

  • Week 1: Skincare Saviours
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  • Week 3: Makeup Must-Have (20 Feb)
  • Week 4: Pamper Products (27 Feb)
  • Week 5: Princess Product (6 Mar)
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Want to join in? Certainly do. Write up your “Best of Beauty” posts and share them with everyone on Twitter using the Hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge!


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