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Flag: NYC High Line Green, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen CSM Firey Island
Mar. 16.

Manicure Monday: St. Paddy’s Day Nails

mm-paddys-thIt’s that week again. A week for the whole world to celebrate their link to Ireland, no matter how tenuous the connection. Well, if you want your nails to look just a little more Irish, you need to check out this very simple job of St. Paddy’s Day Nails.


The colours, and lots of green!

For this manicure, you need a green, a white and an orange. And a green, and another green, and 37 shades more green. Anywhere between two and 40 is grand though. I used three greens, as it allowed some difference between them, and one of them was glittery. Enough said about that. The colours I used were:

Flag: NYC High Line Green, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen CSM Firey Island

Flag: NYC High Line Green, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen CSM Firey Island

Wet'n'Wild Sage in The City, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Shamrock: Wet’n’Wild Sage in The City, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Yes Love glitter 7, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Glitter Nail: Yes Love glitter 7, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

I put a white undercoat under the green glitter, as I wasn’t sure of its coverage. If you know you have a full coverage polish, go for it without the undercoat.

It was then simply a case of laying down the main colours. I went for Green, White & Orange on my index, middle and ring fingers, while putting down white on my pinky and thumb, giving a solid base to work from. Then, using a fine paintbrush, it was a simple task to lay down the shamrock. Finally, I added the green glitter to my pinky fingers.

All done

All done

Et voila! It really was that simple to do, and I think it looks the part for holding a glass of green beer while saying “Kiss the Blarney Stone!”

What are you up to for St. Patrick’s Day? Are you dying the rivers green, painting the town red, or trying to avoid the madness of it all?


*No patty’s were uttered in the making of this post. I trust it will stay that way.

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Mar. 09.

Manicure Monday: Spring is Here!

mm-essie-thIt’s March, and while I personally believe spring starts in February, February just didn’t feel like spring. Now though, the weather is slowly getting better, Irish people are losing the run of themselves at the sight of sunshine and longer days, and it is time to start breaking out the brighter polishes that are most suitable for this time of year (though I totally agree that you should wear whatever polish you like whenever you like). So, to get in the spring mood, I am looking at two polishes that I picked up in the sales in January. Both are from Essie, and they are Naughty Nautical & Bikini So Teeny.

Both polishes come from the 2013 Summer collection, Anchors Aweigh. I apologise for only getting around to them in winter 2014/2015, but when the pair are on sale in Boots for €5 (regular price €16.99) how can you say no. It was an easy path from seeing to wanting to making them mine.


Naughty Nautical, the green, is described by Essie as being an “oceanic blue-green shimmer”. It is definitely more green than blue, and does have a very subtle silver shimmer, which while more noticeable in the bottle, doesn’t really translate onto the nails, unless you know it’s there and are looking for it. Bikini So Teeny on the other hand is a “pretty yet provocative cornflower blue with a touch of sparkle”. The sparkle is again silver, and again is not visible unless you were really looking for it.

I think it applied well, spreading nicely, and while a little patchy after coat one, was nice and smooth after the second coat. These were applied on top of a coat of CND Stickey, and finished with a Rimmel Lycra Wear top coat. The pictures though, seem to be a little odd, showing up some weird defects. First up is nails taken without flash.


The green nail in the middle on the left looks particularly off. I can’t for the life of me figure out where the kind of white streaks are coming from. They certainly don’t appear on the nail when I am looking at it normally.


Similarly, in the picture taken with flash, there seems to be a couple of spots on my nails where I have missed them altogether, which isn’t the case. I’ve never had this issue with polishes before!

That said, though, both are really pretty colours, especially when paired side-by-side. If I were to pick one to wear separately, it would be Bikini So Teeny. I think it is a bit more flattering than Naughty Nautical, particularly on my pale fingers. I think they would both look spectacular though, on tanned hands *makes note*, and I am certainly glad that I don’t have to put them under such close scrutiny with the camera again!

What are your go to spring shades? If you had to pick one, would it be Bikini So Teeny or Naughty Nautical? And what do you make of my phantom defects? Let me know in the comments!


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