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May. 25.

Manicure Monday: Heart Accent Nails

prairie-thWith being on such a fitness mission recently, I haven’t been putting much time into doing my nails. However, I recently got some nail vinyls from Prairie Charms, and I figured that the best way to show them off was to actually use them. So, today, for Manicure Monday I present to you my Heart Accent Nails.

Firstly, I needed a bright colour to use for most of my nails. To work with the pink hearts, I chose a bright pink polish, in the form of Ladies & Magenta-Men from OPI. This was a lovely polish to work with, and is one of my favourites, offering great workability, and solid colour in two coats.

Then, to provide a background on which the accent can really pop, I pondered, black or white. White could work, but I chose black, knowing that the gold and pink would really stand out against the dark background. The black polish I went with is from Wet n Wild’s Wild Shine range, and is simply called black creme. Again, this is an easy to work with polish, and was perfect in 2 coats (I love polishes like this)

After a little drying time, it was time to sort out the accent nails, which I did on ring finger and thumb of each hand. To start, I took a gold stripe vinyl (these come in packs of 20 – 10 thin, 10 thick – I used thick stripes here) and applied it diagonally across the nail, before adding a pink heart into the centre of the nail. It is useful to have a tweezers handy to aid placement, but there is a little give to allow you to reposition slightly, at least until you press them down. Then, there is no moving them!


Finally, to add a little bit of bling, I added a layer of topcoat (this seals over the vinyl designs) which allowed me to place a little jewel from a PS Love nail art wheel. A second layer of topcoat, across all nails, finished the job.

And here is how it all looks!



I’m really liking these vinyls for simple to do, great looking nail art. I don’t think I would do them across all 10 nails in one go, as you would use them up very quickly. As an accent nail though, these are perfect! What do you think?


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old park lane bottle
Apr. 13.

Manicure Monday: Old Park Lane by Nails Inc

mm-old park lane-thThere are times where a polish or a manicure doesn’t need any kind of embellishment to stand out. It does it all by itself. Today I am looking at a polish that does just that. It is rich, it is opulent and it looks spectacular. It is a rose gold colour, and it is called Old Park Lane, by Nails Inc.

I got this some time ago, as a set of four in TK Maxx. It is a little curious in that the other three in the set were glitters, while this is a metallic. It’s sister, Park Lane was in the set too, and is a purple glitter. Maybe I am drawn to this one because it is a bit different to the others in the box. It looks striking in the bottle, with a kind of metallic wave through the polish.

old park lane bottle

The brush is easy to work with. I was able to do my wide nails in just three strokes, and the formula is divine. It moves and spreads like a thin polish, but was opaque in a single coat. It is extremely pigmented. I added a second coat just to ensure the depth of colour, but it wasn’t strictly needed.

And here’s how it looks:

old park lane noflash

old park lane flash

Under flash you can see the rose gold shininess. It does look almost like liquid gold on your fingertips. In lower light, the colour turns much deeper, almost going copper in colour. It is a joy to behold on your nails, and is one I’ll be looking to wear again soon!


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Dec. 08.

Manicure Monday: Red and Gold

mm-red-gold-thI said during Face Friday last week that there was a red and gold manicure to go with my red and gold face, and true to my word, here we are. As we all know, red and gold are perfect festive colours, and I’ve combined the two here into an alternative French Manicure.


The colours chosen for this manicure are ones I’ve never used before. The red, a shade called Tate from Nails Inc. came free with the December issue of Glamour, while the gold is from Collection’s Work the Colour Nail Polish range and is shade 18, Going For Gold. After basecoating my nails with CND Stickey, my basecoat of choice, I applied three coats of Tate to all except for my ring finger, which got an equal number of coats of Going For Gold. I could have gotten away with two coats each, but in order to build up such a deep intensity of colour I thought three would be better suited (that and it’s the magic number).  I then took a modelling paintbrush, and working with the gold, freehanded French Tips onto the red nails, before adding a second coat to ensure a good solid colour. I would have used tip guides, and then the brush that comes with the polish, but I didn’t have any and wanted to challenge myself a little. Finally, I did the opposite over the gold, but instead of a French tip, I did a half moon in red.

Both polishes were really lovely to work with, with the brushes covering the nails evenly, and the polish spreading and moving with no dragging, leaving behind beautifully smooth coats. I’d happily work with the polishes again and again, such is my love for how well they applied.

Finally, let us have a look at the finished result. Pictures, as always, are taken with and without flash, and are presented for your viewing pleasure, firstly without flash.



I am super impressed with how this turned out. Okay, my French tips could have been just that little bit tidier, but the colours work so harmoniously, that I’m not overly concerned by the tips. The contrasting red on gold just serves to do something different, but works in its own right. What do you think of them?


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Dec. 05.

Face Friday: Magazine Inspired Red & Gold Christmas Look

ff-redgold-thLast week, while reading through a magazine, I saw two looks that combined elements of red & gold. It stuck with me, and I wondered if I could create something of a Christmas party look inspired by it. Well, I gave it a go, and the results are here for you today for Face Friday.


Here are the looks that I drew inspiration from, which come from the December issue of Cosmopolitan. I was particularly taken by two elements, the gold eyes from the left, and the gold cupids bow and red lips on the right. It’s these elements that I wanted to combine into one look, so after scrubbing, cleansing, toning, moisturising and putting on a ton of lip balm, I went through my collection and took out the following to be used in creating the look:


  • Primer: Benefit – The Porefessional
  • Foundation: Max Factor – Skin Luminizer Foundation (40 – Light Ivory)
  • Blush: Benefit – Benetint
  • Blush: Benefit – Hervana
  • Highlighter: MeMeMe – Beat The Blues (Pearl Pink)
  • Contour: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Bronzer (E740 – Bikini Contest)
  • Powder: Benefit – Hello Flawless (Ivory)
  • Concealer: Benefit – FakeUp (01 – Light)


  • Brows: NYX – Eyebrow Cake Powder (04 – Auburn/Red)
  • Primer: Makeup Revolution – Focus + Fix Primer (Brighten)
  • Pigment: Barry M – Fine Glitter Dust (10 – Yellow Gold)
  • Shadow: Makeup Revolution – Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (Various Golds & Silver)
  • Liner: Paese – Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
  • Mascara: Physicians Formula – Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara (Fakeout)


  • Lipliner: Revlon – Colorstay Liner (Red)
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal – Color Riche Lipstick (297 – Red Passion)
  • Gold Lip Line: Essence – Effect Eyeliner (02 – Gold Digger) topped with Barry M – Fine Glitter Dust (10 – Yellow Gold)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F16 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Setting Brush – Blush (Apply/Blend)
  • Real Techniques – Pointed Foundation Brush – Apply Contour
  • Blank Canvas – F03 – Blend together blush/highlighter/contour
  • Blank Canvas – E24, E25, E32 – Shadows
  • Blank Canvas – E30 – Undereye shadow/comb lashes
  • Ecotools – Angled Liner Brush – Brows
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lipstick
  • Emite Make Up – L312 – Pigment on upper lip line

That is quite a list of products and brushes to work through, but Christmas is a time for going all out. And to answer the question of what all of this gets you in the end, here it is:






Now, I’ll freely admit I was a little forgetful, and forgot to do photos using flash, which is a pity, as it would really show off the eyes. The glitter pigment used will really make your eyes sparkle, and the combination of red and gold is a classic. The addition of silver in the corner of the eyes added another dimension to them, giving a bit more colour depth, while the mascara created great lashes without resorting to potentially over the top falsies. The only thing I am slightly concerned about is the gold along the top lip, which may have benefited from a liquid gold. I felt that in the minute amount I used, it was just slightly lacking. Not awful looking, but not stand out. I think that once I have somewhere to go that isn’t a hospital, I will be redoing this look and actually showing it off. In fact, I may just have the perfect matching manicure to show off for you on Monday.

What do you think of this look? Would you go for a gold lined lip, or should it be left to editorial makeup? And am I using enough glitter? The comments await!


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