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Sep. 09.

Tried Tuesday: Makeup Academy Undressed Palette

tt-mua-thI actually have very little experience of Makeup Academy products. I was given one of their blushes some time ago as part of a gift, but had never tried any of their eye products. So, when I was in Holyhead recently, I picked up some bits, including this, their 12 shadow Undressed Palette, and today I have some thoughts and swatches to share.


The packaging is nothing at all special, but it is a nice compact palette, which stays firmly shut. The clear lid allows you to quickly identify what palette is what, or just look at the colours at a glance, which is handy if you have a number of them all together. The back of the palette has a label with a list of ingredients, a “masterclass” listing which shades to use where (but why have that on the back when you are tryin to use the shadows on the front) and a picture diagram showing shades and the numbers used in the masterclass. Unfortunately though, two of the pans seem to be backwards in the palette as opposed to on the diagram. It seems like a minor thing but these minor things bother me, as it makes me wonder how the rest of the quality is, if a simple task goes wrong? But anyway, as I don’t follow their shade numbers, lets just crack the palette open and get inside.


Here we see the palette sans lid. It’s very simple. There’s a double ended sponge applicator (does anyone with a makeup brush use these) and 12 shadows. The shadows are quite small, at 0.8g each, but they should last a while, depending on how often you see yourself using a particular shade. I have them numbered here to assist you in tracking shadows to swatches, but they don’t follow the shade guide on the back, and will be showing them in groups of 4, both close up in pan and as swatches without primer (left) and over MUA’s own Pro Base primer (right)

Shades 1-4



  • 1: A very pale, milky pink. There’s very little pigment here, either on its own or over primer you will be hard pressed to get much payoff with this, but I use it on my browbone mainly.
  • 2: Somewhere between a copper and a bronze shade, this is more like it. A decently pigmented shadow, and nicely intensified by the primer.
  • 3: A richer pink while still being pale, you can at least see this one.
  • 4: One of the better matte shadows here, which becomes very intense when added to the primer.

Shades 5-8



  • 5: Sure it’s there, but why? A slightly yellowy tan flesh colour, it looks awful both with and without primer.
  • 6: Looks more pinkish in the pan, but comes out to this quite nice rusty red earthy colour.
  • 7: More bronze than shade 2 earlier and with a tempting little sparkle this is one of the more standout shades in the palette.
  • 8: A super deep matte brown, this has pigment in abundance. If you were looking for a not black liner, judging by the swatch over primer, this could be just the job.

Shades 9-12



  • 9: A kind of coffee brown. It is more pigmented than most of the mattes here, and would be perfectly suitable for daytime use.
  • 10: Seems to be somewhere between deep green and black, I’m pleased by how much pigment is in this one.
  • 11: Metallic gold. Looks pretty on its own, but is gorgeous over the primer.
  • 12: Looks more intense swatched as opposed to in the pan, I am not one for blue eyeshadows, but I could get on with this.

So, what do I think, having worked through them all? Well, I’m not entirely convinced. There are some genuinely great shades in there, but the majority of matte shades feel like they’re just wasting space in the palette that could be taken by something beautiful. The other problem, that you might be able to see looking at some of the swatches, is that some are quite powdery, and if you are not careful enough,, you will end up with shadow scattered across you, your eyes and your face.

Would I pay £4 for it? I probably would. I wouldn’t be telling you to run out and get it right now, but it does have a number of shadows that I can see myself using, along with a couple that might see some action at some point. It’s just a pity that some of the shadows are so poor, and that some are quite powdery.

Do you have any of the Makeup Academy Palettes? What do you think of them, and what Makeup Academy products would you recommend?


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Jul. 29.

Tried Tuesday: Sleek Eye Dust – Vintage

tt-sleek-thI have previously written in a Tried Tuesday post that I have a love/hate relationship with pigment eyeshadows. They can be scary, but they can also work wonders. I am getting better with using them, and have a purple one from Inglot that I really love, so, having received this one in last months Chic Treat Club box, I was looking forward to trying it out. So, just how did I get on with Vintage, from the Sleek Eye Dust range.


One thing I have noticed with the Sleek pigments is that they tend to look very clumpy in the tub, and this one is no exception. In the tub this looks very grainy and lumpy, however it does apply very smooth. The colour seen here is also nothing like what it applies as. It is in fact a lovely golden colour, that of, well, vintage, jewellery.



Seen here, actually swatched, it is a gorgeous colour, especially when light hits it. It really does sing in the right light. The issue is though, just how do you wear it? I certainly couldn’t get away with using this during the day (bravo to you if you have the confidence to pull it off) unless it was done really lightly over a neutral to add a little bit of subtle sparkle to it. However, for a night time party eye, there are possibilities…


I embarked on a quick hunt for other metallic shadows. It was very quick, really, leading me straight under my desk to my palette box and on to my Naked 2 palette, which handily contains a variety of copper and bronze shades. I also have a silver Rimmel Scandaleyes liner, which is included.

If you’re looking to really emphasise your eyes, I certainly think there is a mix in here to work with, anchored of course by the pigment. I will have to play around with a few looks to see what really works, but to wear Vintage, I would be working with most of these colours too.

What I really want to know in the comments now though, is how would you use this? Please do let me know!


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May. 27.

Tried Tuesday: Clarins Ombre Minerale Eyeshadow

clarins-thOne thing I have quite a selection of (asides from nail polish) is eyeshadow. I have a box full of various palettes, and a drawer full of trios, duos and singles. I love how creative you can be with it, but there are also times when I want to be able to just grab a single colour, put it on and get on with it. Today’s Tried Tuesday may just help with that, as I am looking at an eyeshadow from Clarins, their Ombre Minérale eyeshadow in 10 – Slate Blue.


The compact that the shadow comes in, seen here in all its shiny goldenness is very solid and feels like it is good quality, and while it feels solid, you do not need to struggle to open it, as while its catch is secure, it gives way easily to reveal the single shadow inside. The shiny case is prone to fingerprint smudges though, if that kind of thing annoys you.


In the compact, you find the shadow, a sponge applicator that is firm, but soft (I can’t say much about it as I don’t use them) and a mirror that is the full size of the lid, and is very handy for touch ups. The product is covered by a little plastic cover that lifts out with the applicator. I tend to leave them on when not being used to help catch loose product from ending up on the mirror, but that is personal preference.

clarins-swatchClarins say that the product can be used both wet and dry, so to see what difference it makes, here is a swatch. The long swatch is applied dry, while the blob was applied wet. Dry, it is a lot more sheer and more grey, while wet it is a more greyish blue.



And finally, as always, here it is in use. In this case it was applied dry, as I would use it during the day.

I’m really liking this little bit of gorgeousness. It is easy to apply, feels great, and while it is blue, the greyness in it makes it feel more sophisticated, grown up and not scary, which is a real plus for me.

Clarins Ombre Minérale eyeshadows cost €19.50 (checked on Debenhams.ie)


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Apr. 18.

Face Friday: U Magazine Box

FF-ThumbHello all! In case you haven’t seen this haul yet, I was fortunate enough to win all of these goodies from U Magazine for winning a quiz. And really, there is no better way to start trying them than to slap them on your face and hope for the best. For that reason the foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick are all ones that I’ve never tried before, while a couple of items are tried and tested favourites.




  • Foundation: NYC – Natural Matte Foundation (001 – Ivory)
  • Bronzer: Wet n Wild – Coloricon Bronzer (Ticket to Brazil)
  • Blush: NYC – Cheek Glow (649 – Prospect Park Rose)
  • Powder: Benefit – Hello Flawless (Ivory)


  • Brows: Maybelline – Brow Drama (Medium Brown)
  • Shadow: NYC – IndividualEyes Palette (Smoky for Green Eyes)
  • Liner: ModelCo – Eye Liner Pencil (Black 01)
  • Mascara: NYC – High Definition Mascara (black)


  • Liner: Revlon – Colorstay liner (Red)
  • Lipstick: Rimmel – Lasting Finish by Kate (110)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Real Techniques – Multi Task Brush – Blush
  • Real Techniques – Setting Brush – Bronzer (contour)
  • Ecotools – Powder Brush – Powder
  • Blank Canvas – E32 – Eyeshadow Primer
  • Blank Canvas – E24 – Highlight Shadow & Blend
  • Royal & Langnickel – Silk C260 Taklon Shadow – Lid Shadow
  • Real Techniques – Essential Crease Brush – Crease Shadow & Contour Shadow
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – LipstickCouple of notes: I’m not a fan of the foundation. It was runny, applied quite unevenly, and if it weren’t for the Hello Flawless evening things up, it would have been a disaster. The blush was light, natural and buildable nicely. The shadow palette was nice to work with, though as I was in a hurry to get back outside to the sun I didn’t do a perfect job of it. I’m quite a fan of the lipstick. I can see myself wearing it again.


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Apr. 01.

Tried Tuesday: Accessorize Baked Shadow Duo

tt-shadowthI may be in hospital, but that won’t stop me from blogging (I took photos in advance – go me!) and it’s another Tried Tuesday. Like last week I have a product that I used to love, but which has been languishing in a drawer for some time. It’s one of the Accessorize Baked Shadow Duos.


This particular duo, Freya is a light champagne gold, and a deeper reddy brown. Application is simple, where you can use one side, two sides separately, or just swipe down the middle and use both together. I prefer using both sides separately, with the gold over the whole lid and the brown blended into the crease.



This is a really great shadow to jump for in daytime, when you don’t have long to get ready, as you don’t need to do much with it. A couple of swipes and you’re done. In that sense it goes well with last week’s Glamshine gloss as a fast face product!

What do you think of this colour? Have you tried much of the Accessorize makeup line, and what else would you recommend? Would you like to see me do a fast face for Face Friday? Let’s go to the comments!


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Jan. 19.

Sleek i-Divine Celestial Palette

Sleek-ThumbI’m always on the hunt for gorgeous eyeshadows, yet, surprisingly, I didn’t have any Sleek palettes in my collection. I rectified that recently while browsing on Cloud 10, when I spied the Limited Edition Celestial Palette. I was buying a couple of things anyway and had heard many great things about Sleek, so I figured I should dive in and pick it up. Now I have it I can understand why they are so loved. You get so much for your €9.99, and the quality is excellent too.


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