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Mar. 15.

Something Else Sunday: Here’s Some Animal Pictures

ses-patch-thI normally do something a little different at the weekend, but the truth is, I’m sick of talking about hospitals, and you’re probably sick of reading about them. I haven’t done anything interesting, or taken any fabulous photos to show off. Instead, I’m going to go with something that is universally loved. Here’s some animal pictures.

Particularly, here is Patch. He’s a cross between a Dalmatian and a Springer Spaniel. He’s got the spots. He’s got the patches (hence the name). He’s all muscle, and completely daft. And for some reason he doesn’t understand after all these years, that his tail is meant to be there. It’s adorable to watch him chasing it, until he spins around too fast and crashes into something, especially indoors!




And, as she is holding a razor-sharp claw to my neck, here are two pictures of Rascal looking cute and cuddly (she isn’t. Don’t leave me alone with her!)



Happy weekend!


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