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Aug. 09.

Something Else Saturday: More Dealz Purchases

ses-dealzYes, I do like looking around in Dealz, but I have a problem. You really can’t go in there and not buy something… And something else, and that third thing because it’s only €1.49. It all gets a bit dangerous really! But, when I do buy bits in there, I do try and make it worthwhile. And so, during the week, I bought the following.



It was only 6 weeks ago that I got my hair done last time, but it is growing really well, and is back at that stage where it starts to flop down in front of my face if I’m not careful, so these barrettes should do a job of holding it back. They’re also an effective decorative piece, adding in sparkle or colour, depending on whatever mood I’m in.



Sinful Colors polishes are seriously impressive, and since finding them in Dealz, I have built up quite a collection, having amassed currently 12 of them. It seems that, if there are some on the shelf when I’m in the shop, I will buy them. The latest two to add to the collection are Cloud 9 (left) and Hot Spot (right).



I already have a couple of these L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows, but, as I didn’t have any in these colours, I just had to pick them up. There is Coconut Shake (left) which is a great light neutral for brightening the eye during the day, and Purple Obsession (right) because I love purples so so much, ans it is a great intense colour.

So, that’s my recent shopping from Dealz, and all for less than €9! What do you normally look for in Dealz? Is there anything I am missing out on? Share your secrets, we’re all friends here!


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