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I need these for my feet! (Credit: Wikipedia)
May. 06.

Run, Robyn! RUN! Now With Added Cycling

Robyn RI’m now just short of a month in to my whole get fit thing, spurred on by how unfit, overweight and generally unhealthy I am. When I last posted about this, we were about two weeks in, and I was slowly starting to see some progress. The main thing is, am I still progressing?


I’m definitely improving. I’m sure of it. When this all started, I was barely able to walk 1500 metres before collapsing through the front door. Now, I am happily doing double that, or more, and still feeling good afterwards. If that isn’t improvement, then somebody tell me what is!


Baseline, still. As checked by my doctor this morning. It’s not an increase, true, but I need to start seeing a decrease. Hopefully as my fitness continues to go up, my weight will start coming down.

Workouts completed (Wed 25/04 – Tue 05/05):

No official workouts from the Couch to 5K. I am still concentrating on walking, and trying to increase the distance and pace as I go.

  • Walks completed: 4
  • Total distance: 11.69 km
  • Total Time: 1:43:12
  • Of note: 25 April – 3.14 km in 28:35 (9:05 min/km avg) – My first time over 3km. Felt really good about this. Obviously I wan to make this kind of walk one of the shorter ones, but still, it is a target to beat and keep moving out.
  • Best Pace & distance: 30 April – 3.27 km in 27.29 (8:24 min/km avg) Getting both of these together was amazing. I knew I was pushing myself a bit, and this is why.

Okay, this is fewer workouts than last update, and shorter total distance, but each individual one was longer, and I have another set of workouts to add.

Cycling Workouts (Wed 29/04 – Wed 06/05):

I have added cycling into the mix for this, having purchased a new bike last week. This is easier for me, as is it much lower impact on the knees. I can last longer on the bike, and by working both cycling and walking in tandem, It provides some variety.

My new wheels! (Credit: Giant Bicycles)

My new wheels! (Credit: Giant Bicycles)

  • Cycles completed: 5
  • Total distance: 58.5 km
  • Total Time: 3:31:57
  • Of note: 29 April – 24.05 km in 1:26:53 (16.6 km/h avg) – There is only one way I had to bring the new bike home. Cycle it. First time cycling in years, and I chose it to be a longer distance, on roads I don’t know. I got there though.

Problems Encountered:

Hill climbing is hard: Hills, the bike and myself are currently not in agreement. Hills are usually winning. I will start eating them up as I get more time and distance onboard for the bike, and my ability improves. It is something I just have to work at though.

Personal Notes:

The weather is trying to be awkward, and raining on me. I am still trying to get out between showers if I can, whether it is for a walk or a cycle. I’ve also been taken off the medication for my blood pressure. I’ve been told that the best way for me to sort it is to ditch the weight, and I have a review with my doctor in 3 months to see what has been done. Time to get to work!

Next steps:

I need to start being more mindful of what I am eating. I am an absent minded snacker. I do, though, have history of laying off crisps. I once gave them up for lent, and was still off them 18 months later. I am not saying I need to deny myself all treats. I just need to be more aware of what I am, or am not eating.

I need these for my feet! (Credit: Wikipedia)

I need these for my feet! (Credit: Wikipedia)

I also, when I have everything for the bike sorted, will need to look at new running shoes. If I can find ones with the right level of impact cushioning, I may be able to up the intensity on two legs too!


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