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Sep. 11.

Waffle Wednesday: Yes, I do Have Nice Tits

broadsheet-bluetit-thFirst things first. For those of you who found this link looking at a Google search for tits, there, in the circle is an image of a blue tit. I am not however going to show you my tits. Away with you now. For those of you who are staying, this is going to turn into a bit of a feminist rant about comment sections.

Normally I follow the standard rule of “don’t read the comments”. This is especially true of sites like the Daily Mail (though I just wouldn’t read that website) and the Guardian, where comment threads can become quite heated, albeit quite intelligent at times. I do though enjoy reading the posts from Broadsheet and the Daily Edge. They do cover serious topics at times, and the discussion can become quite heated, but mostly they are a bit more light hearted, and the comments can be a good laugh at times. I have been known to join in too, on occasion. And so I did join in last night on a topic about Michael O’Leary taking delivery of the first of his new batch of aircraft at Dublin Airport from Boeing.

A bit of background. I freely admit I am an airplane geek. I’ve done several lessons, both here and in the States. I’ve gone through the assessments to be an airline pilot, including a simulator test where I was told in the debrief that I showed excellent abilities, but knew the book too well. It did lead to an interview with Flybe for a cadetship. I’ve done work experience in the hangers of Dublin Airport, working on an overhaul of a Ryanair aircraft. And 9 year old me got into an argument with Boeing at one of the biggest air shows in the world over one of their large scale models being wrong (I was right). In short, I know a thing or two about planes.


So, when someone left a comment asking why Ryanair didn’t support European manufacturers and buy Airbus aircraft, I left what I thought was a logical answer, involving the costs of changing things too much.


This is where the feminist rant comes in, for someone else (not the original commenter) left a completely different response to my answer. Don’t get me wrong, someone calling me out and saying “You’re wrong, and here’s why” I can completely accept. But this comment? I didn’t know whether to laugh at it or get very offended. The comment simply said…


I really don’t know how my tits being nice affects the business decision of Ryanair buying Boeing aircraft, but obviously Junglemick thought it was VERY important. So far I’ve made several assumptions about Junglemick, which may or may not be true:

  • He lives in the jungle, where only Men provide for the tribe and women stay at camp.
  • He only recently discovered the internet through Google experimental projects
  • He uses the term “Trolley Dolly”
  • He makes smart comments when he finds out he is on a flight with a female pilot

As I said, these assumptions may or may not be true. It also leads me to a couple of theories. Firstly that Neanderthals have existed since the dawn of mankind, and continue to exist, and secondly that the theory of “Natural Selection” or “Survival of the Fittest” is false. I present as evidence Junglemick and a large section of the population of the Daily Mail comment section.

It is unfortunate that these people exist, but they do. They always will. It should not be a barrier to women doing whatever they feel is best for them, and striving to be the best they can. As I put it in a bit of a snotty reply (though I would recommend usually not replying to trolls):


We should not be made to feel intimidated by men who do not and will not ever know better. We can be female and still understand, and contribute to what would once have been seen as male dominated areas. If that leads to certain Neanderthals being intimidated, than so be it. That’s their problem. And because I was being polite I did give him an answer too. Yes, I do have nice tits.


Image Credit: Blue Tit/Parus Caeruleus image via Maximillian Dorsch/Wikimedia Commons

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