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Then & Now!
Mar. 19.

Waffle Wednesday: Change & the Blogging Journey

ww-thThis little bit of waffle is inspired by finding a snapshot of my blog as stored on the Wayback Machine. I was intrigued by looking at old and new side by side and seeing how things have changed.

Let’s be honest. Change happens. We can resist it, we can hate it, we can try and put it off for as long as possible, but it happens anyway. The best thing to do is just embrace it, go with it, grow and learn from it.

Then & Now!

Then & Now!

When I started blogging, back on June 1st, 2012, if you’ll believe it, I was clueless! Completely and utterly clueless! I dived straight in, bought a domain and hosting, set up a website and got to it. I did enjoy it too, from time to time, but I suffered a lot from lack of inspiration, and it showed in thee lack of effort on both the site and in posts. It looked okay, but it didn’t look great. In the first 18 months of blogging, I did a total of 25 posts. Yes, that few.

Recently though things changed. I became unemployed. I got sick. I got better. And I decided that the site should get better. Things changed, everywhere. As I did say when I launched the new version of the site, I was planning on working on it slowly, and then launch it when I was ready. It didn’t quite work out that way, when I accidentally deleted almost everything. So change happened quickly. Maybe too quickly. I fell in at the deep end, but I managed and adapted and learned from it. I’ll never make a mistake like that again, believe me, but I’m almost glad I did.

Creating the new site helped me rediscover a love of creating things. It had me make the new years resolution to blog at least once a week, something I’ve now surpassed, to posting at least 6 times per week. I’ve taught myself more about taking product photos, about using social media, about how to actually run a blog, and I’m having fun doing it! In the past 3 months I’ve written 34 posts, 17 of which in March alone! I’ve also met so many new and friendly people as a result, but I’m not going to name you all here, as I’ll be here all evening, and will inevitably forget one of you, causing a big upset. You all know who you are though.

Essentially, what I’m saying is never be afraid of change. If you can’t embrace change, you’ll never know how much better things can be. By fighting change you’ll miss out on so many chances to learn, to grow, to get new skills and meet new people. I’m not saying that everyone should instantly change their whole life. Start small and take your time. Think about 1 thing you’d like to change, that is in your power to change (as in, not the world – yet). It might be your blog design, your day to day nail colour, or the first thing you say to yourself each morning. Sorry, second thing – coffee comes first! Then see where your journey goes from there.


The Internet Archive runs the Wayback Machine. Try sticking your blog into it and seeing what it has saved. You’ll be amazed by the way things progress over time!

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