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May. 06.

Tried Tuesday: butter LONDON Wink Colour Mascara

bl-thumbMascara posts are coming thick and fast here at the moment, mainly because I’ve got so many in my big box of things. Today’s one is a little different though. It’s not your standard blacker than black mascara with superblack pigments that prevent light from escaping. Today, for Tried Tuesday, I’m giving a butter LONDON Wink Colour Mascara in Inky Six a whirl.

I actually love the cardboard packaging tube the mascara comes in. It’s sleek black exterior is nice, but it’s inside the box that is gorgeous, with trees and flowers and a bird wearing a crown and everything. One thing does concern me though. It states on the packaging “For External Use Only”. Yes, read that again, “For EXTERNAL Use Only” Has someone actually tried using it internally? Is that actually a thing? I could ask Google, but yeah, I’m not going to do that. Oh and Google, I don’t want people searching for that and finding me, okay.


Right, on to the product. It’s blue. Not your suave, sophisticated, subtle and understated elegant blue. This is a screaming, over the top, dance around wearing Dobby’s tea cosy noticeable bright BLUE! I mean, look at it. Fans of the standard black mascara I mentioned earlier need not apply. But, being the intrepid beauty blogger I claim to be, I pressed on and actually opened it.


The wand is an oval-ish shape. It bulges in the middle and tapers off at either end. It is also very dense and carries quite a bit of product. Possibly too much, as a lot gets deposited around the top of the tube when you remove the wand. Again you can see just how blue this is.


Finally, here it is on my eyes. The eye on the left has no makeup. Te eye on the right – top lashes have 2 coats, bottom lashes have 1 coat. As you see, it does a brilliant job on the lashes, and the colour really does pop. Unfortunately, it leaves me with a problem. Just what can I wear a colour like that for, outside of a festival? Answers on the back of a postcard, or in a comment please!


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May. 02.

Face Friday: New Product Face

ff-newproducts-thThere’s a box of new products sitting next to me, and it’s always getting filled up with different bits and pieces. Things I’ve bought, things I’ve won, things I’ve been given to try out, you get the idea. So, today, for Face Friday, I’m doing a new product face, to try and work through a few of them and give them a whirl.


Products used:


Tinted Moisturiser: MeMeMe Cosmetics Flawless Tinted Moisturiser (02 – Beige Blush) I’m rather impressed by this. Normally, when I see something labelled beige I skip right over this in favour of its sister that says milk bottle. However, as I didn’t have a choice in shade I gave it a whirl and it matches my skin extremely well, if slightly more yellow than I want. It also sinks in well and leave my skin looking bare faced but better.

Blush: NYC Cheek Glow (649 – Prospect Park Rose) This is really quite sheer, but buildable if you so wish. It does, as the name suggests, leave a glow on your cheeks, again bare faced but better.

Bronzer: Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer (E740 – Bikini Contest) I normally use its sister (Ticket To Brazil) for contouring, but here used it all over the face to give a bit more of a sunkissed look. A light hand is required though, or you will, like I did, have to go back and start again.


Brows: Maybelline Brow Drama (Medium Brown) The only not new item on this face, but only because I have no new brow items to try out. You know my views on this.

Shadow: butter LONDON Wink Cream Eye Shadow (Sun Kiss) This comes in a tube with an applicator like a liquid lipstick. It is quite wet and spreads about well, but dries solid. The colour here doesn’t work as a shadow on its own, but my intention was to use its subtle shimmer to just brighten the eyes, and it works for that.

Mascara: Rimmel ScandalEyes by Kate Mascara (004 Eye Rocks Jet Black) The funky “broken heart” shaped wand looks weird, but its dense bristles helped the mascara to glide on nicely, adding length and volume.


Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (05 Olé Flamingo) The only item that is meant to look made up on the face, this works perfectly to deliver that stand out feature. It is rich, creamy, and while it dries to a matte finish, it at no point felt drying on my lips (though I had put on a good dose of lip balm shortly before) I think I’m in love with this.

And the finished look goes something like this…


I did have to up the exposure of the image in photoshop a little, to try and bring the colours back to what they look like in real life, as the light was playing with the camera a little. That said, I am really happy with how the pared back, natural features of the face allow the lips to be the stand out in the look. It did not need anything else or it would have looked overdone.

What do you think? Does it inspire you to try out anything new? Let me know.


Note: Products are a mixture of shop bought, won and items for review.

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