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Sep. 07.

Something Else Sunday: Blogger Meet Up

ses-bloggermeetBloggers are known for being social creatures. We love getting together to have a coffee or a cocktail, a chat and to swap tales and favourites. Really, going to blogger meet ups is one great perk of the whole blogging thing. So, I was really happy to be able to attend a blogger meet up in Dublin yesterday, kindly and brilliantly organised by the amazing Anita of Anita’s Beauty Spot.

We found ourselves downstairs in Costa Coffee on College Green (yes there is a downstairs area) in what appears to be a cross between a cellar and a church. The lighting wasn’t great, but as it is a private room, it was a great place for us all to gather to see what was new, including the chance to have a look at a number of new products.

adoreabubbles beauty units

Adoreabubbles Beauty Units


Sarah from Adoreabubbles

Among the new products and businesses on display were these Adoreabubbles Beauty Units, handmade by fellow blogger Sarah from Adoreabubbles. Being a fellow blogger and having far too much to keep organised, she has turned her idea into a small business, and was on hand to both chat and let us know about her business. I am really impressed by the idea of the nail polish stand, which holds up to 150 polishes. I have to seriously consider getting one, as at 140 polishes I have just maxed out my IKEA picture shelves.


New Nail Polishes from Paese

martha paese

Martha from Paese

Speaking of polishes, we were treated to a visit from Martha, the founder of Paese Cosmetics, who was on hand to launch her new ranges of nail polish, a range of pastel shades (the blue she has on her nails is gorgeous, and a more neutral toned silk range. One of the silk range may just be making an appearance for Manicure Monday tomorrow!

It is great to see people who are so passionate about their products come to talk to us, including Jane from Mondss Underarm Wear. Inspired by a need and the fact that there was no product available that fit what she needed, she created a unique product and a business opportunity for herself, and was again on hand to let us know about it. It is a little difficult to explain the product without showing it to you (so it is on my list of things to review properly) but it is amazing to see the commitment that went in to taking the product from an idea to market.


Green Angel Skincare

One product range that I found delightful was the range from Green Angel Skincare, an Irish company that has won multiple awards for their natural products. It’s a pity I can’t transmit smells over the internet because these smell absolutely divine. I didn’t know it was possible to put so many deliciously scented products. I got to try out their award winning body scrub (on my hands anyway) and between the wake you up scent of zingy lemon, the way it really does work, and the moisturising oils, I couldn’t help but be impressed by it.

A small selection of the raffle prizes

A small selection of the raffle prizes

Of course, at these meet ups, there is an element of charity involved, and yesterday was no different, with a raffle in aid of Console. The range of prizes on offer was exceptional. The generosity shown by the sponsors for the raffle prizes, or with little bits and pieces for goody bags was a sight to behold, and I really can’t say thank you enough to all those who supplied something (the list is as long as my arm)!

Sometimes I feel that we don’t get together to chat enough, so it was really enjoyable to spend an afternoon with other bloggers, and of course those who took time to chat about their businesses and products with us, so once again I should say thank you to Peter from Ziaja, Jane from Mondss, Martha from Paese, the commanding presence of Anne-Marie Gannon who made sure we were listening when we had to (and was most complimentary about my radio voice and professionalism with a camera – myself, my voice and my ancient Canon were very happy with that), Sarah from Adoreabubbles, Niabh from Green Angel, every blogger who was there (those who I got a chance to talk to and those I didn’t), and finally Anita (who made the whole day possible). I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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Mar. 27.

Best of Beauty: Beauty Bloggers

bloggers It’s the final week of the Best in Beauty series, organised by Sam the sexy Scottish lassie from All the Buzz. It’s been a great 8 weeks, where we’ve covered the entire beauty spectrum. And for our final week this week, we have our best beauty bloggers.

I personally have a great big problem with this topic, as it would be wrong of me to mention just one, or 5, or 10 people in this post.

Instead, I want to thank every one of you for reading this, and staying with me over the past 8 weeks of the Best of Beauty series, and for commenting and sharing your views, both here and on your own blogs. I wouldn’t be here waffling on about everything if it weren’t for you. Well, actually, I would, but it would just be me and the big emptiness of cyberspace, and that’s not much fun really.

I do hope you’ll stick with me beyond the Best of Beauty posts, as I share whatever it is that comes into my head about any particular topic.

heart you

Oh, and to answer the question of Best Beauty Bloggers in as few words as possible (I had to pad this out just enough for to get a decent post out of it) : YOU ARE!



Best of beauty blog series:

Want to join in? Certainly do. Write up your “Best of Beauty” posts and share them with everyone on Twitter using the Hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge!

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Mar. 12.

Waffle Wednesday: Are beauty bloggers just in it for freebies?

WW-collection-thWelcome to a gorgeous Waffle Wednesday. First things first. This post is only going up this evening because I’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine while we have it. Just saying that right now. Anyway, Waffle Wednesday is a chance for me to write about anything that catches my eye. It could be anything really, as long  as I want to vent about it.

This week is inspired by a conversation I saw on Twitter last Friday night. It was about beauty bloggers. Specifically, how one person seems to think that beauty bloggers are just in it for freebies. I can’t be sure whether they were being serious or not, but it got me thinking, is there really that misconception in peoples minds, and if so, what can be done to change it?


Just a small collection of things to tell you about, really.

One of the first points I saw in the conversation was that bloggers get things for free, and everything they review is brilliant. That’s both true, and at the same time not true. Yes, bloggers do get things to try, and a lot of what they review is positive. However, it is not quite as simple as given something for free=good review. While a blogger may be given something, it should be understood that they have to put time and effort into trying products, evaluating whether they do what a company says they should do, taking pictures of them, writing a review and editing everything together. While a member of the public may see just the product having been given, and a review, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that they don’t see.

As for only seeing good reviews – Most bloggers, myself included, don’t like writing bad reviews. We would much rather decide a product doesn’t work for us, put it aside and start on something else that we may like, than writing up a review of a mediocre product. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t do bad reviews. If a product is particularly bad, and that there is not much chance of someone loving it, then by all means we will say so. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, any blogger with integrity will say what they think, and give an honest opinion, even striving to point out flaws in an otherwise good product.

A point that is raised in the conversation is that of trust. If you are suspicious of a blogger, that they may be posting good reviews because they have been given something for free, the question must be asked: If you don’t trust what the blogger is saying, why are you reading it? Go find someone who you trust, and read their blog. It’s the same with newspaper columnists. If you think columnist x spouts a load of drivel each week, do you bother reading it? No, you move on to some other column, which you do trust. The same is valid here. If you read a blog which you trust to give you honest, helpful reviews and advice, should it matter whether they are talking about a product that they bought for themselves, or were given to try out? No. An honest blogger will be more than willing to say that a product is not worth buying, whether they were given it or not. You may be thinking that I’m contradicting myself and what I said about not writing bad reviews. How do you know not to buy it if a blogger hasn’t written about something? Any blog that I read regularly, and there are quite a few, have bloggers behind them that are very active on social media. If you are in doubt about a product, you can always ask a blogger on twitter have they tried it and what they thought of it? They will be more than happy to tell you!

Finally, the question of cost comes into play. Makeup, and more particularly, beauty blogging is a very expensive hobby. Any blog with its own hosting has costs for the website, then there’s a camera for doing photos, regular purchases of essentials, like shampoos, which may include picking up things you haven’t tried before, and wanting to buy all the latest releases, both for yourself and the sake of having the newest things to showcase on the blog, with the inevitable buying of things that you end up not liking. Then, as I said earlier, there is time and effort to prepare something for the blog. If someone is willing to put that much into a hobby, and is then noticed by a company, who decides to ask them to try something new, can we really begrudge them that? Just taking my nail polish collection as an example. There’s 95 bottles in there, of which 8 were samples. That still leaves 87 that I’ve spent my own money on.

I guess this is a very long winded way of saying not to tar everyone with the same brush. There may be some out there who just take the piss (the #prrequest hashtag on twitter can be a great demonstration of what I mean) but most beauty bloggers just want to share their love of makeup, and if you find a beauty blogger, or bloggers you trust, you’ll never go far wrong.

Now, I’m opening the floor to opinions. Is there a misconception about beauty bloggers? How serious is it? And if there is, how can we change it? Meet me in the comments and we’ll have a chat.


Note: I hope this makes sense. It was kinda written as a stream of thought. Amazing what comes out when you get going really.

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Mar. 25.

Things to blog for: Inspirational bloggers

Inspirational Bloggers HeartI at times find it difficult to blog. If the inspiration is not there, I can’t make myself write. Fortunately I have gotten better over the past couple of weeks, and I put it down as being at least in part to reading blogs that inspire me. These are just some of the blogs that inspire me to write.


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