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May. 25.

Manicure Monday: Heart Accent Nails

prairie-thWith being on such a fitness mission recently, I haven’t been putting much time into doing my nails. However, I recently got some nail vinyls from Prairie Charms, and I figured that the best way to show them off was to actually use them. So, today, for Manicure Monday I present to you my Heart Accent Nails.

Firstly, I needed a bright colour to use for most of my nails. To work with the pink hearts, I chose a bright pink polish, in the form of Ladies & Magenta-Men from OPI. This was a lovely polish to work with, and is one of my favourites, offering great workability, and solid colour in two coats.

Then, to provide a background on which the accent can really pop, I pondered, black or white. White could work, but I chose black, knowing that the gold and pink would really stand out against the dark background. The black polish I went with is from Wet n Wild’s Wild Shine range, and is simply called black creme. Again, this is an easy to work with polish, and was perfect in 2 coats (I love polishes like this)

After a little drying time, it was time to sort out the accent nails, which I did on ring finger and thumb of each hand. To start, I took a gold stripe vinyl (these come in packs of 20 – 10 thin, 10 thick – I used thick stripes here) and applied it diagonally across the nail, before adding a pink heart into the centre of the nail. It is useful to have a tweezers handy to aid placement, but there is a little give to allow you to reposition slightly, at least until you press them down. Then, there is no moving them!


Finally, to add a little bit of bling, I added a layer of topcoat (this seals over the vinyl designs) which allowed me to place a little jewel from a PS Love nail art wheel. A second layer of topcoat, across all nails, finished the job.

And here is how it all looks!



I’m really liking these vinyls for simple to do, great looking nail art. I don’t think I would do them across all 10 nails in one go, as you would use them up very quickly. As an accent nail though, these are perfect! What do you think?


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