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Mar. 26.

Waffle Wednesday: Waiting for a Bed

ww-bedthI HATE waiting. Despise it. Yet it is something we all do so often. We wait for buses, trains, for the kettle to boil, or for that phone call, to say a bed is available for you. I do think that is one of the hardest things to wait for though.

A little background first. Last November I was admitted to hospital with an infection, which we found out to be caused by blockages in my kidneys and bladder. 5 weeks, and several procedures later, I was released in time for Christmas, with the thoughts of going back in after 6 weeks to have a stent taken out of one of my kidneys and a couple of tests to check that the blockage had been cleared. Fair enough. I got a few weeks out of Hospital over Christmas, and could relax before going back in to finish the job.

A few weeks later, I got the phone call to say it’ll be a couple of days, but we will call and confirm. They did call, but it was to cancel. Then we tried again. Another phone call, this time to say we’ll call Friday about admission on a Monday. The call on Friday was to ask me to call and check on Monday morning, for an admission that day. Monday came and went, with no bed. And so, I waited, and waited, and… Waited some more. Eventually, I called them, just to remind them that I was here. Finally, this week, I got another phone call. Again, we’ll confirm on Friday for admission on Monday. Again, there’s a weekend in there too, where who knows what will happen. It all sounds a bit Groundhog Day. Just without the Groundhog, really.

It’s not even that I’m impatient. I can be very patient when I need to be. What is getting to me is not being able to plan anything. Not being able to look for work. Missing an event or a night out with friends happens, ans I’m lucky to have such understanding friends. It’s impossible to go to a potential employer though, and say “Hire me! But by the way, I’ll be going into hospital at some point. I don’t know when and I don’t know for how long. But hire me anyway!” I’d just love to be able to get this all sorted, and get on with life, but until I finally get that phone call, I’ll be here, waiting for a bed…

Have you got any good or bad experiences like this? Are you not a big fan of waiting either? Let me know in a comment!


Note: This is not a rant about the health service. I am very grateful to the excellent healthcare professionals who took care of me, and who work in the health service. It is not an easy job, and we should all be thankful to those who can do it. It’s simply a way for me to vent.


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