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Mar. 20.

Tested Thursday: Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls

tt-umberto-thWelcome to another Tested Thursday, and today I’m talking about hair products. Specifically the Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly from Umberto Giannini. Now, I have naturally curly hair, but there is method in my madness, as my curly hair is more of a birds nest than a style. So I am always looking for ways to tidy it up. The question I am answering in this post is did it work?

I’ll be honest first. My hair needs professional help. It hasn’t been touched by a professional since August *cringes* Yes, that long. I admit it. Until it does though, and even afterwards, I need something to tame the curls. In my Best of Beauty post on Hair Heroes, I talked about the L’Oreal Professionel Spiral Splendour product. This is similar, but cheaper, and widely available.


Before putting this in I washed and conditioned my hair with the VO5 smoothly does it range shampoo and conditioner, part towel dried and run through with a large paddle brush. I then followed the instructions as listed on the back of the tube which tells me to “work the product evenly through mid lengths and ends and scrunch dry” I did scrunch it dry, but to speed up drying time I also used my hairdryer on the lowest setting, continually scrunching each section as it dried.


And the results. Did the long lasting curl definer de frizz, shine, and create sexy romantic curls? Actually it kinda did. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them sexy curls, but they are more defined, tidier and better looking. With my birds nest, that has to be a selling point. It’s not just out of the salon amazing, but it is quite passable!

Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly is €6.49, and I got it as part of a Boots 3 for 2.

What do you use or recommend for curly hair? Are you a fan of curls, waves or poker straight? The comment line is open below.


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Sleek on left, Inglot on right
Mar. 18.

Tried Tuesday: Pigment Eye Shadows

tt-thumbHappy Tried Tuesday everyone! This week I’ve a couple of products that I’ll admit I’ve never actually used, and have been living in the bottom of my eyeshadow drawer. That’s because I’m quite scared of them. They are loose pigment eye shadows.

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

The two products specifically are by Sleek and Inglot, and are the Sleek Eye Dust in 694 Sunfest and Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in shade 44.

Sleek on left, Inglot on Right

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

The reason I’m quite scared of them is because of the colours. The sleek is a really bright yellow, while in the jar the Inglot is what appears to be a forest green. Both are shades that I wouldn’t really know what to do with.

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

Sleek on left, Inglot on right

On the skin I happen to find the sleek to look quite powdery, while the Inglot is quite an interesting prospect. It varies in the light from green to gold, and reminds me of a Chanel polish who’s name I can’t remember right now. I actually think it could be an interesting prospect actually used on the eyes.

That leads me to a question. How would you use these products? Would you recommend either of them for my blue eyes? And what is the name of that Chanel polish (Peridot! Thanks Cuti-Clue-Les)? Let me know below!


Note: Products were originally received as part of goody bags, IIRC.

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Mar. 14.

Face Friday: Cocoa Brown Event

FF-thWelcome to Face Friday, where I plan to show off my best face of the week with a list of products and brushes used. Quite simple really!

Today’s face comes from the Cocoa Brown Spring Launch Event, held in the Vintage Cocktail Club.



  • Primer: GOSH – Velvet Touch Line Perfector
  • Primer: Benefit – The Porefessional (used on nose)
  • Foundation: Maybelline – Fit Me Foundation (125 – Nude Beige)
  • Bronzer: Wet ‘ Wild – Coloricon Bronzer (Ticket to Brazil)
  • Blush: MUA – Blusher (Shade 1)
  • Powder: 17 – Loose Powder (translucent)


  • Brows: Maybelline – Brow Drama (Medium Brown)
  • Shadow: Benefit – Creaseless Cream Shadow (Flash – from Eye Gotta palette)
  • Shadow: Benefit – Powder Shadow (Purple Haze – from Eye Gotta palette)
  • Liner: Model Co – Eye liner pencil (01 – Black, free with April 2014 issue of Glamour)
  • Mascara: None
  • Lashes: Eyelure – Sex and the City lashes (Carrie)


  • Stain: Revlon – Just Bitten Lip Stain (Gothic)
  • Gloss: Shiseido – Lacquer Gloss (RD305 – Lust)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F03 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Pointed Foundation Brush – Bronzer (contour)
  • Real Techniques – Multi Task Brush – Bronzer & Blush
  • Blank Canvas – E23 – Cream Eyeshadow
  • Blank Canvas – E32 – Powder Shadow 
  • Blank Canvas – E30 Spoolie end – comb lashes and false lashes together

I didn’t use mascara, and the false lashes added enough intensity, and it makes it easier for me to reuse them.

I think the whole thing fit together quite well for a vintage(ish) look. What do you think?


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Mar. 13.

Best of Beauty: Budget Bargain

maybelline-thumbIt’s Week 6 of the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge, organised by Beauty Blogger, Best Friend to everyone and now Radio DJ Samantha from All the Buzz (is there anything she doesn’t do?). We’re on opposite sides of the spectrum this week. Last week was our Princess Product choices, while this week it’s the turn of our Budget Bargains!

Now, we have these caterpillar like things above our eyes that we’re always trying to tame. They’re called “brows”, and I used to use Benefit’s Brow Zings on them, until I found this. It’s by Maybelline and it’s called Brown Drama and it looks like this.


Yep, it’s a mascara tube. But not just any mascara tube. This is specially designed for brows. And it tames brows so incredibly well. It led to someone complimenting my brows on my recent FOTD, which never EVER happens!


The bulbous brush is great for sweeping through brows, and the medium brown shade it ideal for me. It really has made doihng my brows a 1 second job. Result!

Maybelline Brow Drama is available from Maybelline Stands nationwide and costs €7.49 (checked on Boots.ie today)

Have you tried this? What are your budget bargains? As always, the comments await!


Best of beauty blog series:

Want to join in? Certainly do. Write up your “Best of Beauty” posts and share them with everyone on Twitter using the Hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge!


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Mar. 13.

Tested Thursday: Shiseido Ibuki Range

shiseido-thHello from Tested Thursday. The idea of Tested Thursday is that a product is put to the test to see if it lives up to claims made by the manufacturer. It is a kind of in depth look at a product.

Today is the turn of the Shiseido Ibuki range of skincare, which I have been using for the past couple of weeks. The range says it is “designed to visibly correct imperfections by targeting dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, roughness and visible pores”. That’s quite a lot for a skincare range, but as Shiseido are experts in skincare, it is not too outlandish. So, lets have a look at the products used first.


This is a 3 step system, consisting of a cleanser, a softener and a moisturiser, used in that order.


The gentle cleanser is a rich cream that lathers well, and does what it is designed to do. It lathers well, rinses easily and leaves my face feeling, well, clean! If step 1 didn’t do what it was meant to do, I would be worried. So far, however, so good.


The softening concentrate used as step 2 is designed to soak in to the skin quickly, delivering its nutrients to the heart of the skin. While the instructions do say to use a cotton pad with this, I’ve been using my fingertips, as I’d be afraid of losing too much product into the cotton. Even so, only a tiny amount of this is enough to do my whole face, and afterwards my skin does feel so much better.


Finally, the refining moisturiser is applied. This is rich and creamy, and yet it is not something you need to use much of. It spreads so incredibly well over the skin after the softener that again only a tiny amount is needed, and it too soaks in exceptionally well.

Now, the results. I’ve been using this on my combination normal/dry skin for the past couple of weeks. Not constantly, as I am kinda forgetful when it comes to my skin (which is very bad of me – I know!) but I have been using this very regularly. And well, it does most of what it claims. My skin does look and feel so much better when I’m using it. I also suffer quite badly from visible pores on my nose, and while they are still visible, they are not as visible. I can imagine that if I could actually remember to use it as I should, every single day, it would do a great job on my skin.

The Ibuki range is available on counters now, and is also available as a trial kit, containing sample sized products for €29. Note: The trial kit is limited edition and may sell out quickly.

Have you tried the Ibuki range? What skincare are you loving right now? Let me know below!



A sample was provided for review.

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Mar. 12.

Waffle Wednesday: Are beauty bloggers just in it for freebies?

WW-collection-thWelcome to a gorgeous Waffle Wednesday. First things first. This post is only going up this evening because I’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine while we have it. Just saying that right now. Anyway, Waffle Wednesday is a chance for me to write about anything that catches my eye. It could be anything really, as long  as I want to vent about it.

This week is inspired by a conversation I saw on Twitter last Friday night. It was about beauty bloggers. Specifically, how one person seems to think that beauty bloggers are just in it for freebies. I can’t be sure whether they were being serious or not, but it got me thinking, is there really that misconception in peoples minds, and if so, what can be done to change it?


Just a small collection of things to tell you about, really.

One of the first points I saw in the conversation was that bloggers get things for free, and everything they review is brilliant. That’s both true, and at the same time not true. Yes, bloggers do get things to try, and a lot of what they review is positive. However, it is not quite as simple as given something for free=good review. While a blogger may be given something, it should be understood that they have to put time and effort into trying products, evaluating whether they do what a company says they should do, taking pictures of them, writing a review and editing everything together. While a member of the public may see just the product having been given, and a review, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that they don’t see.

As for only seeing good reviews – Most bloggers, myself included, don’t like writing bad reviews. We would much rather decide a product doesn’t work for us, put it aside and start on something else that we may like, than writing up a review of a mediocre product. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t do bad reviews. If a product is particularly bad, and that there is not much chance of someone loving it, then by all means we will say so. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, any blogger with integrity will say what they think, and give an honest opinion, even striving to point out flaws in an otherwise good product.

A point that is raised in the conversation is that of trust. If you are suspicious of a blogger, that they may be posting good reviews because they have been given something for free, the question must be asked: If you don’t trust what the blogger is saying, why are you reading it? Go find someone who you trust, and read their blog. It’s the same with newspaper columnists. If you think columnist x spouts a load of drivel each week, do you bother reading it? No, you move on to some other column, which you do trust. The same is valid here. If you read a blog which you trust to give you honest, helpful reviews and advice, should it matter whether they are talking about a product that they bought for themselves, or were given to try out? No. An honest blogger will be more than willing to say that a product is not worth buying, whether they were given it or not. You may be thinking that I’m contradicting myself and what I said about not writing bad reviews. How do you know not to buy it if a blogger hasn’t written about something? Any blog that I read regularly, and there are quite a few, have bloggers behind them that are very active on social media. If you are in doubt about a product, you can always ask a blogger on twitter have they tried it and what they thought of it? They will be more than happy to tell you!

Finally, the question of cost comes into play. Makeup, and more particularly, beauty blogging is a very expensive hobby. Any blog with its own hosting has costs for the website, then there’s a camera for doing photos, regular purchases of essentials, like shampoos, which may include picking up things you haven’t tried before, and wanting to buy all the latest releases, both for yourself and the sake of having the newest things to showcase on the blog, with the inevitable buying of things that you end up not liking. Then, as I said earlier, there is time and effort to prepare something for the blog. If someone is willing to put that much into a hobby, and is then noticed by a company, who decides to ask them to try something new, can we really begrudge them that? Just taking my nail polish collection as an example. There’s 95 bottles in there, of which 8 were samples. That still leaves 87 that I’ve spent my own money on.

I guess this is a very long winded way of saying not to tar everyone with the same brush. There may be some out there who just take the piss (the #prrequest hashtag on twitter can be a great demonstration of what I mean) but most beauty bloggers just want to share their love of makeup, and if you find a beauty blogger, or bloggers you trust, you’ll never go far wrong.

Now, I’m opening the floor to opinions. Is there a misconception about beauty bloggers? How serious is it? And if there is, how can we change it? Meet me in the comments and we’ll have a chat.


Note: I hope this makes sense. It was kinda written as a stream of thought. Amazing what comes out when you get going really.

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Mar. 07.

(Extremely Rare) FOTD, Just Because

FOTD-thAs a rule, I hate pictures of myself. They just never look nice enough to me. However, on rare occasions, I hit upon a good one. And in this case, I think it’s a really good one. That’s why I’m sharing an extremely rare FOTD with you, though at this stage it’s more like a Face of 2 days ago. Anyway, never mind that. Lets get on to the more interesting bit of products used.



  • Primer: GOSH – Velvet Touch Line Perfector
  • Primer: Benefit – The Porefessional (used on nose)
  • Foundation: Maybelline – SuperStay 24 Hour Foundation (020 – Cameo)
  • Bronzer: Wet ‘ Wild – Coloricon Bronzer (Ticket to Brazil)
  • Blush: Benefit – Hervana
  • Concealer: Benefit – FakeUp (light)
  • Powder: 17 – Loose Powder (translucent)


  • Brows: Maybelline – Brow Drama (Medium Brown)
  • Shadow: Benefit – Creaseless Cream Shadow (Birthday Suit)
  • Shadow: No. 7 – Stay Perfect Eye Shadow (Truffle)
  • Liner: L’Oreal – Gel Intenza Liner (02 – Golden Black)
  • Mascara: Benefit – They’re Real


  • Gloss: Shiseido – Lacquer Gloss (RD305 – Lust)


  • Blank Canvas – F20 – Foundation
  • Blank Canvas – F03 – Powder
  • Real Techniques – Setting Brush – Bronzer (contour)
  • Ecotools – Powder Brush – Bronzer & Blush
  • Blank Canvas – E23 – Cream Eyeshadow
  • Royal & Langnickel – Silk Taklon Shadow C260 – Powder Eyeshadow
  • Blank Canvas – E28 – Liner
  • Blank Canvas – E30 Spoolie end – comb lashes between mascara coats
  • Blank Canvas – L29 – Lip brush (shape & definition)

Thinking about it, that’s quite a list for a doing nothing in particular face, but I like how it worked out.

Any thoughts? Anyone? Feel free to  tell me not to show my face on my blog again in the comments.


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Mar. 06.

Best of Beauty: Princess Product

ud-thWelcome to week 5 of the Best of Beauty challenge, as set by the Superb Sam from All the Buzz (Side note: Did you see her new logo? I did that :-)) We’ve had Skincare Saviours, Hair Heroes, Makeup Must-Haves and Pamper Products. Now it’s the turn of Princess Products. Y’know, that one high end product you just can’t live without.

Now, on this I must note, I don’t really have much by way of Princess Products, as I really can’t afford nor justify spending so much on high end when chemist brands do so much too. That said, I do occasionally treat myself. I have a Chanel nail polish. Benefit is one of my favourite brands. But, I’m not talking about either of these today. What I’m going to talk about is a palette. A palette of remarkable beauty and use. A palette that is one of many sisters, and has countless cousins. It is of course the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay.

UD case

When I’m looking for a neutral eye, I can make it up from numerous single or duo shadows, my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette, or this beauty. And this is what I reach for time and time again, as it is just so versatile. 1 palette, too many combinations, that can be put together for any occasion, from day to night, office to party to bedroom. The fact that it also includes a brush is a bonus, as it then becomes a grab and go palette.

ud shadows

Okay, it’s €44 (or there about, depending on offers) but if you consider the fact that it’s for 12 shadows, brush, mini lipgloss and case it suddenly appears as great value for a truly exceptional palette.

So, do I have people reading this who love to get Naked? What are your Princess Products? Are you more of a cheap and cheerful girl? As always, the comments await!



Best of beauty blog series:

Want to join in? Certainly do. Write up your “Best of Beauty” posts and share them with everyone on Twitter using the Hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge!

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Mar. 05.

Possibly My Ultimate Red Lip… Shiseido Lacquer Gloss

shiseido-thGather round boys and girls and let me tell you a tale. A tale of lips, and red, and trying to find the right match between the two. Now obviously, I can’t really change my lips that much, but I can find the right red to go with my lips as they are. And by golly, I think I’ve done just that.

How? With the little beauty that is one of Shiseido’s recently released new Lacquer Gloss shades, in this case “Lust” (RD305) which they describe as a sultry blood red. Sultry is right. I defy anyone to not be entranced by this colour! It is really amazing. The applicator holds a huge amount of product, and glides across lips. My instant reaction when it first hit my lips was to stop what I was doing and exclaim WOW! It was the deepest, glossiest red I have ever used, and feels super smooth and velvety on the lips.

shiseido applicator

And now, for those of you who are still reading this, you get to see it actually on my lips.

shiseido lips

The new shades are now on Shiseido counters and cost €25.

So, what do you think of the colour? Have you found your ultimate red? Let me know in the comments!



A sample was provided for review.

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Mar. 04.

Review and Swatches: Flowering Passion, by Precious Polish

pp-bottle-thThere are a few things I really love, like purple, and nail polish. So when Irish beauty blogger Anita created her own nail polish brand, Precious Polish, I jumped at the chance to try one, and ended up with Flowering Passion.

Firstly, a little about the polish. Precious Polish is “5 free” so it doesn’t contain any nasty DPB, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene  or Camphor. Personally I found the polish to be a little thick, but it spread well, and applied nicely. It is also quite sheer, but I got it to a very acceptable level of colour with 3 coats on top of a layer of CND Stickey base coat.


On the nails it is a stunning colour. It is super shiny, and when the light hits the glitter the polish really comes into its own. Every time it catches my eye it makes me smile, which is the point, really.

Unfortunately, wear time was a bit of an issue for me though. Polish chips. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. When it chips and then causes the rest of the polish to peel off the nail, it’s a little problem. This did happen on 1 nail, with a couple of small chips on other nails, and I’m now considering changing polish after 4 days of wear. This isn’t the worst in the world, and I’m sure we have all had experiences of high-end mass-produced polish that has chipped within hours.

Now, who wants to see some pictures? As always, pictures are taken both with and without flash. First up, without:


And now with.


This is a seriously gorgeous colour. Granted, I’ve had some problems with it, but when it comes to it, there are 2 questions I need to answer. Would I wear it again, and would I buy more Precious Polish? The answer to both is definitely YES.

What do you think of the colour? Do you have any Precious Polish, or do you think you would buy one? Let me know in the comments.



A sample was provided for review

NOTE: Since I received this bottle, the formula has been changed to reduce likelihood  of chipping. Just letting you know 😉

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