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As an independent blogger, I value my ability to deliver a reliable honest opinion to my readers, free from any perceived bias. Over the years I have amassed a sizeable collection (and have spent an even more sizeable amount of money on it), both for my own enjoyment, and the enjoyment of my readers.

That said, most of the things I write about are good things. I don’t like writing bad reviews, and I don’t like using bad products, so I stop using them pretty quickly. I am yet to come across a product so bad that it must be written about, but If I ¬†ever do, I assure you I will. Even when writing a good review, I will try to include any niggling little things getting to me, in order to present a balanced review.

Occasionally I receive products for review. When I do, it will be noted at the bottom of the blog post.


I am willing to work with PR Companies and brands, and will gladly test products that are deemed suitable for myself, and more importantly, my readers. For example, there’s no point providing a toaster for review, because while I do love toast, it’s really not suitable for my blog.

Also, it must also be noted that supplying a product does not guarantee publication of a review, or the highest of praise. I will deliver an honest opinion of what I am presented with.

If you would like to contact me to discuss anything further, you can always contact me by email (blog@robynrantsandraves.com) on Twitter, or on Facebook. Links are in the Sidebar.


Go on, talk to me. I don't bite!


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