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Mar. 12.

Tested Thursday: Aussie Body Wash

tt-aussie-thBody washes & shower gels. We’re all familiar with them. We all use them. And we all have ones that we go back to time and time again. So, when Aussie, one of my favourite haircare brands said that they were doing a range of body washes, I was intrigued. Should they stick to what they know, or could they take that knowledge and apply it to the rest of your body? Today for Tested Thursday, I have been trying them out.


As someone who used to be involved in advertising design, I enjoy seeing the colourful language and descriptions used in press releases. The press release for Aussie Body Wash tells me that “there is a whole new world of deliciousness and fun stuff coming to Aussie.” I’m not sure I would describe body wash as “fun stuff” or use the “whole new world” line, considering Aussie products are based on the botanicals of just Australia, but so far it sounds good. After telling me that my “skin can join the Aussie Party too” and that my body can enjoy the “amazing benefits my hair has been loving” (in all honesty it has) that I should “Go on, Aussify my body.”

The colourful, quirky language continues through the descriptions of the four products in the range, and well, Aussie are well known for it, as it is prominent on the packaging too. The four in the range are:

  • Shower Smoothie: “Like a big warm hug for your body” and “leaves your skin feeling smoother than a really smooth thing”
  • Mega Watt: “Mega Watt is so energising it will leave you feeling as bouncy as a caffeinated kangaroo!”
  • Fresh Mate: “Fresh Mate will leave you and your skin feeling ocean fresh and squeaky clean in no time.”
  • No Rush: “With such spectacularly smooth and silky skin, you just won’t be able to stop touching it.”

I actually love the sound of Mega Watt, as I know of many times I have felt exactly the opposite of that. If it can compare to a coffee the strength of a nuclear bomb, I’d be impressed by it!


Of the four in the range, I have two to try out, Shower Smoothie and Fresh Mate, and have particularly been using Fresh Mate. I have enough other smelly body washes in the bathroom at the moment, so it was nice to try something different.

aussie-fresh-labelFresh Mate is made with Eucalyptus extract, and as was mentioned above, is the squeaky clean one, as opposed to the others which are more great smelling. That doesn’t mean this one smells bad though. When I think of something containing Eucalyptus, I think of Airwaves chewing gum, but don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like them (I did once try a shower gel that did, and likened it to washing yourself with a jar of vapo rub). It smells really pleasant, and well, clean, if that makes sense. It continues with the wash itself, in that there are no colours used. It is just a simple clear gel, that lathers well, and rinses easily.

aussie-bottle-similarOne word of warning I must give though. Aussie have quite a set look for their bottles. I have shampoo and conditioner bottles that are the same size too, and they look similar, especially if you are not fully awake. Don’t make the same mistake I did, and add body wash to your hair after shampoo. I made the mistake so you don’t have to (and now leave the different ranges at opposite ends of the bath).

So, what is the verdict? Aussie have definitely talked up this range, like they have done with their hair products for years, but I can completely accept that, as like the hair ranges, this does deliver on what it promises. After using Fresh Mate my skin does feel lovely and clean, and certainly fresh. I have one small issue though, and that is the price. I am not entirely sure if I want to spend €3.99 (RRP) on a fairly small bottle of body wash, when I know of other cheaper options that will do the job just as well. I have no issue with paying a little extra for haircare, as I have tried many cheaper options and been left disappointed. With body wash though, I’m not so sure. But, if you do see them on special offer, I certainly recommend you snap them up!


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Apr. 03.

Tested Thursday: Original Source Black Pepper & Chilli Shower Gel

tt-originalsourcethIt’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to test some products. Up for consideration this time is the Black Pepper & Chilli shower gel from Original Source. The product describes itself as “invigorating” so I bought it as a shower gel to use as a wake up call in the mornings, and when I want to feel spicy and, eh, manly (it’s FOR MEN, you see).

The question is, did it work? Did it wake me up and make me feel like I was washing myself with a tube of Jalapeños? In simple terms, no.


I’m really quite disappointed after using this. Yes it does lather up really well, and yes it does leave you clean, but unfortunately the slight chilli smell that you get when it’s in your hands disappears as soon as you start lathering yourself up with it. The smell that you get while washing with it isn’t chilli, or even black pepper. It’s menthol. It seriously smells as if you’re washing yourself with a jar of vapo-rub, or a packet of airwaves. And who wants to wash themselves with a packet of chewing gum. That’s just ridiculous.


It’s such a pity that this didn’t blow me away, as its predecessor in the shower was a bottle of Original Source Lime shower gel, which was zingy and fresh and did everything that this just doesn’t do. I’ll still use this, or leave it for someone else to take care of, but I certainly wont be enjoying it. Maybe the one I already have in line to replace it, Original Source Lemon, will be up to the challenge.

Have you tried any of the Original Source range? Which ones would you say to try (or avoid)? Please do let me know!

I got this one and the lemon one for €1.49 each in Dealz, but they’re widely available.


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