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Robyn MortonThat’s me. I’m Robyn, and this is a place for me to talk about whatever is in my mind. Personally, I don’t know what’s in there, so I don’t know what I’ll end up talking about. Keep checking back and find out.

As for me personally. Well, I’m 27, born and raised in south Dublin, a couple of minutes from the sea. I’m part of a large family (I’m in the middle of 7 children, 3 older sisters, 3 younger brothers, if you count my twin as being younger.)

I’m into beauty, food & travel (gifts of travel will always be gratefully received), and sport. I enjoy baseball (St. Louis Cardinals) and played softball for a few years, something which I really should get back into.

I am a quiet person usually, favouring staying in and relaxing over going out and partying (but that doesn’t say I don’t). I do enjoy having a couple of drinks with friends, but have never seen the point of getting blind drunk, waking up with a hangover and not being able to remember half of what happened the night before.

I consider myself to be very open minded about differing opinions and how others want to live their lives. Diversity is great in the world, and makes the world a more interesting place to live. I understand this, because I’m your average, unconventional, in no way normal girl. In fact, I wasn’t born a girl. I am a (very much pre-op) transsexual. I am not going to go into detail here (I will probably expand on this in posts at some point), but for now a couple of things to keep in mind:

Do you see yourself as male or female?

Personally I see myself as female. Others may see me as male or female, depending on how long they know me, or are aware of my situation, but in my own mind, I’m female.

So, you present outwardly as female?

Alas, no. The majority of the time I am in male mode, mainly due to work, and the fact that I am not quite ready to present full time as a female. I do try to be “myself” as often as I can though.

What are your plans?

I do plan to transition (change genders, live full time as a woman, surgeries etc.) at some point, but it is a long and slow process. I am lucky to have time on my side, as I am quite young, so I am giving people time to get to accept me as who I am, instead of just throwing everything at them at once.

I am always open to questions, comments or opinions (if they are kept civilised), so feel free to leave a comment for me, email me (blog@robynrantsandraves.com) or find me on Twitter (@robyntmorton)

Go on, talk to me. I don't bite!


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