Jun. 01.

Three Years

birthday-cakeThree years. That’s 36 months. Or 156 weeks. Or 1,095 days. 26,280 hours. 1,576,800 minutes. You get the idea. It is a long time. And there is a point in all my three year references. It is the length of time I have been blogging.

That’s right. Robyn Rants and Raves is three TODAY (well tomorrow, as I spent the first day tinkering with design, instead of posting)!


The baby picture, captured courtesy of the Internet Archive

A little corner of cyberspace where I started posting nonsense on June 2nd 2012 (it all started with this post by the way) for nobody to see, and now, after three years, people actually see it. People respect my opinion. People sometimes even talk to me (and I do love talking to people).

Robyn Rants and Raves is my baby, and I’m glad to see it growing up. Yes, I have made mistakes here. I will continue to make mistakes. I have learned a lot, and I will continue to learn a lot. What is important is that I am glad you are along for the journey with me.


Cake, because it’s a birthday and birthdays need cake.

In lieu of a long winded speech, or post, on this most auspicious of days, I will say two things. I would love for you to tell me what you want to see more of this year, as long as it does not require eating copious amounts of hospital food. I am so done with that! What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? What just shouldn’t see the light of day?

Secondly, although it is my blog birthday, I really need to give you a present. Unfortunately, I have nothing adequately prepared at the moment (I am so disorganised, though I am working on it) so expect a giveaway of some sort, shape or description in the near future!

And so, as three is far too young to be drinking, I can’t ask you to raise your glasses to year four of Robyn Rants and Raves. Instead, do whatever any little madam would do. Get into a makeup bag and play with lipstick!


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