Mar. 23.

Manicure Monday: Perfectly Pretty Pinky Coral

mm-pinkcoral-thThere are some times you don’t want a manicure with bells and whistles. No glitter, no art, no flashing lights or gimmicks. Sometimes all you want is a pretty colour to go on your nails. This is one of those weeks. I wanted something bright and springlike, just to give my nails a pop of colour. Looking at my swatchboard, I came across Flamingo from Champney’s Christmas 2014 box, which at first sight dragged me in as a perfectly pretty pinky coral.




This one came as part of a set of 5 polishes and a base/top coat, sold in Boots in the run up to Christmas, and sold off after, which is where I picked it up (I do love bargains). This one drew me in as being ideal for what I wanted this week, as it was a bright, pinky coral, not bright enough to need sunglasses, but bright enough to acknowledge that yes it’s spring and my dark colours are not needed right now.

Coverage with this was okay, but not great. I could have gotten away with two coats if I was in a hurry, but I got better coverage with three. Once the top coat went over the top though, everything got evened out nicely, leaving a delightful glossy finish.

And of course, we must ask how it looks. Here it is, three coats and top coat, on my decidedly pale digits, without and with flash.

Without flash

Without flash

With flash

With flash

I think this could be a great summertime colour, when your skin has a bit of colour to it too. Or, I could break out a self tan and not need to wait for the sun. That is quite tempting, I think. What do you think, and importantly, what colour do you have on your nails right now?


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