Sinful Mauve Nail Art
Mar. 30.

Manicure Monday: Mauve & Spotty

mm-sinfulmauve-thI am a divil for picking up polishes from Sinful Colors in Dealz. They’re €1.49 (comparison – €2.49 on, $1.99 on and come in a range of delightful colours. I’ve written about them several times before, and they are taking up more and more space in my Nail Polish Stash. It is probably not surprising, then, to tell you that I have added 3 more bottles to my stash, including the one I am talking about today, a shade called Mauve.

First, according to Wikipedia, Mauve is a pale purple colour, typically containing more grey and more blue. Asking WordPress here to reproduce the colour code for mauve gives us this. Now, let’s look at the bottle.

Sinful Mauve Bottle

So far, so fairly close I think. This does have the slight purple tint to it that works for a mauve shade, and I was drawn to it for the purpleness. In keeping with its equally sinful sisters it is pigmented and creamy, and applies really well, becoming nicely opaque in two coats. However, this on its own, while pretty, could do with some jazzing up, if you are not in a situation where spotty nails are frowned upon. Fortunately I’m not, so I broke out this wheel of colouredy goodness.

Sinful Mauve Nail Art

This wheel comes from the PS Love range at Penneys, and as you can see is a batch of various coloured shapes. It came in a pack with two cuticle sticks and a nail file for the budget busting price of €1.30. There are a couple of different styles too, depending on what you are in to (I also have one that is various jewels). And with this I embellished my ring finger a little, sealing it with a coat of top coat. The end result is like this, as always, shot without and then with flash.

Sinful Mauve Noflash

Sinful Mauve Flash

In the picture without flash, you can just about make out a violet/lilac tinge to it, which just washes out under the intense light, leaving a blue grey, which is in no way unpleasant. I like how the pink spots add a bit of colour to it, but if I had to, I would be in no way against wearing Mauve on its own. Another good pick I think!


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