Jan. 12.

Manicure Monday: The Swatch Board

mm-swathboardI’ve previously admitted that I have a bit of a nail polish obsession. In fact, I have 162 (at the moment) nail polish obsessions, and most of them live harmoniously on the shelf just above my head, looking down on my desk. The trouble is, I tend to reach for the same ones over and over again, and that isn’t right. I decided recently to do something about it, and this is what I came up with…


This is the swatch board. 162 little reminders of what each polish looks like on nails, and hopefully reminders to try something new, something old, or something that catches my eye. The great news too, is that it was remarkably easy (but time consuming to do).

The backing is a piece of photographic mount board that I had lying around, things are held together with a roll of white electrical tape, and the nails came in a big box of 200 from Boots. They’re the Nailene ones that cost €10, and never mind that they are different sizes. You could go high class and try and find ones all the same size, but I was looking for easy and cheap! I did originally have each nail mounted on a cotton bud with the ends taken off, thinking of doing a peg board style job, but later decided that a 2D fixture would be easier to store, and less likely to lose parts of. It was then just a case of painting each individual nail a different colour (I used 2 coats each, so you also get an idea of coverage) and setting them aside to dry. In a situation like this, where you may be doing a large amount of them, I will advise you, batch working is your friend. I worked in batches of 10, which meant that process time left long enough for previous batches to dry enough to handle.


It is really handy to have all of them staring me down too, as I have already noticed some that have slipped through and never been used that I now absolutely must try, but there are also some older ones that I now remember why I bought them. All that remains is for me to make sure my Nail Polish Stash list online is updated too. I’m a bit behind on that!

What do you think of this idea? Daft, genius, or crazy in a good way? (FYI, I am crazy, I know that) Let me know in the comments!


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