(top - bottom) Crime, Rebel With Cause, Depraved)
Nov. 25.

Tried Tuesday: Random Bits from Makeup Revolution

MUR-Swatches-thMakeup revolution is a budget brand that has been making quite a splash since its launch at the end of last year. Pitched in the same price point as brands like MUA, they want to make professional quality makeup affordable by all, and from reading numerous reviews online, they seem to be succeeding in that regard. But, I always prefer to try things out for myself. So, in a case of needing some retail therapy a couple of weeks ago, I placed an order, which arrived last week. That means that for Tried Tuesday today, I have a selection of swatches to share with you.

I bought essentially two categories of product, lips and eyes. We’ll look at the lip products first.


I bought three lipsticks to try out, all of which were £1 each. Two came from their “Scandalous Shades” while the third was a “Vamp Shade”

The first thing I noticed upon opening them was that a couple of the lipsticks appeared to have impacted on the top of the tube at some point. This is especially noticeable on the deep red (vamp) lipstick, a shade called “Rebel With Cause”, and to a lesser extent on the purple (scandalous) lipstick “Depraved”. The pink, “Crime” was unaffected. As they were still in their tamper proof plastic seals, I know they weren’t used, but it does slightly concern me as to the quality if this is allowed to happen. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m less concerned about it in a £1 lipstick, compared to something more expensive, but it does bother me a little.

Though, I said I have swatches, so here are some swatches. The top is the three tubes, the second is swatched on the back of my hand, and the third is on my lips.

(l-r) Crime (Scandalous), Rebel With Cause (Vamp), Depraved (Scandalous)

(l-r) Crime (Scandalous), Rebel With Cause (Vamp), Depraved (Scandalous)

(l-r) Crime, Rebel With Cause, Depraved

(l-r) Crime, Rebel With Cause, Depraved

(top - bottom) Crime, Rebel With Cause, Depraved)

(top – bottom) Crime, Rebel With Cause, Depraved

These were all done after a single application on the lips using a lip brush, and there is fairly good colour payoff. You could of course reapply to bump up the colour.

I’m most intrigued by Depraved. It is a curious colour, that I actually quite like, but I’m trying to figure out how to actually wear it. I’ll have to have a think about that.


I also have three eye products to show you. The first two are a primer and a pigment. I’ll get to the third in a couple of moments.

The primer is one of three in their Focus & Fix range of primers. The one I have here is Brighten, which I’m told is suitable for metallic shades. The other two are original, and matte (for matte shades). These cost £2.50 each. Alongside it, I have a loose pigment Eye Dust shadow (£1) in a shade called “Grandeur”, a metallic bronze/copper. There are 25 shades of pigment available, so you should be able to find one to love!

In the pictures below you can see the primer by itself on the left, the pigment in the middle, and then layered over the primer on the right, both without flash and with.

Witout flash

Without flash

With flash

With flash

I can understand how the primer is designed for metallics, as you can see the metallic sheen from it. The pigment itself is a little lacking on its own. While that can be useful if you want to go subtle, I always think of pigments as being for intensity. That problem is greatly alleviated by layering it over the primer. It really makes the pigment come to life in both pictures. I wouldn’t mind picking up another couple of pigments to see what else they can do.

Awesome Eyeshadow Collection

Awesome Eyeshadow Collection

The third and final eye product I picked up, really deserves its own post, so I will keep it brief. It is the Awesome Eyeshadow Collection, a palette of 100 shadows, covering nudes and smoky shades, in a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic colours. What’s more is that it is only £12! That leads me to why it should get its own post. I have to wonder just how good the quality can be, to offer 100 shades for such a low price. We are talking 12p per shadow. Just out of curiosity though, I chose 10 random shades from the palette to swatch a couple of evenings ago. With no special preparation, and no primers, these were done using a cotton bud on the back of my hand. The shades I chose are outlined in pink below, and correspond to the colours on my hand, reading left to right.

Awesome Eyeshadow Swatches

Awesome Eyeshadow Swatches

For such a quick test, I think there is some promise there. Yes, a couple of the shades do look a little weak by themselves, but I would need to do something more thorough to test this out. I can see it being a quick and easy way to build up a collection of different colours though, as the shades are quite varied.

Now, the good news, for those of you who absolutely must play with your makeup before buying, is that Makeup Revolution are available in Ireland! The bad news at the moment is that they are only available in Superdrug in Omni Park, Santry. But, if you are in the area, it would be a shame to not go in and have a look. My spies tell me that the price differential between the UK and here is only about 35 cent in the pound. If, however, you are unwilling or unable to make that trek, you could always do as I did and order online from Superdrug or the Makeup Revolution Store, and then Parcel Motel the parcel.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? Is there anything that is tempting you? Or do you believe that the price is just too low to be good quality? The comment line is open!


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