Nov. 11.

Tried Tuesday: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fakeout Mascara

mascara-thI always seem to have a (half) dozen or so mascaras on the go at any one time. They are different colours, different styles, different uses. Today I added another to that list, when I opened the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fakeout Mascara. The question is, can it be love at first use. Today for Tried Tuesday, I am going to answer that.


One of a variety of Organic Wear mascaras from Physicians Formula, they are all 100% natural origin for their ingredients, and offer different benefits depending on the version you pick up. As an added benefit, 1 of the ingredients are ingredients of organic origin. The particular version I have here is their pink Fakeout mascara, which contains natural origin fibers, which attach to your lashes and extend them, giving the appearance of false lashes, without having false lashes. It builds volume and length, and helps to retain lash curl.


The brush is an interesting prospect. As you can see it is a big, thick brush, but the bristle density is very low, consisting of rubber bristles. It doesn’t look much, and looks like it would be difficult to apply mascara to every lash with it. You can also see some of the mascara formula on the brush, which doesn’t look wet and gloopy. It, in this photo at least, looks relatively dry.

A relatively dry mascara, with a low density rubber brush. Is this combination going to work at all? Well, below are three photos. The first is bare lashes. The second is after one coat, and the third is after two coats.

Bare lashes:


One Coat:


Two Coats:


I’ll be honest. I wasn’t even trying when I was applying this. It was literally done as an on the go job, with a tiny travel mirror in one hand and the brush in the other, and I am amazed at how well it turned out. My lashes look really defined, deeply coloured, and have lovely length. I am now thinking that with a little bit of time, care and another coat or two, just how much further can this go. I know I have only used this once, but I think it is the beginning of a long and joyous relationship.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fakeout Mascara is €14.90 (RRP) and is available from selected pharmacies nationwide.


Note: Product was provided for review

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  • I was very doubtful when I tried this out, like you said because of the density of the brush and how dry is seemed (it didn’t look like there was any formula on the brush really!), but I’m really enjoying this mascara. I use two coats of it and boom, my lashes look fab. Loved your review, great pics to show how it works :)

  • I have one of their mascaras, it’s the organic wear curl one and it’s the only mascara I’ve ever tried that has stung my eyes to the point where I looked like I was bawling crying, same with their eyeliner – funnily enough, those were both products I ordered from iHerb, the one I was sent here didn’t hurt my eyes – I wonder are there different ingredients in the US/European versions? Mine was also incredibly dry.

    • That is quite interesting. I do notice quite a lot that the ingredients between EU/US versions can be different due to different regulations. I’m not sure why though.

  • I want to try one of their mascaras but I can’t find them anywhere in Dublin. You make it sound pretty good so I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

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