Nov. 01.

Something Else Saturday: Revenge of The Hospital Food

ses-hospitalfood-thPlease excuse my absence for the past while. I do have a good excuse though. It involves me and hospital stays, and that leads me on to the horror that is this Something Else Saturday post. Those of you with weak stomachs are advised to stop here. If you think you can manage it though, please do continue.

One of the hassles with staying in the hospital is that they have to feed you. You are given a choice of a couple of different things, but in all honesty, there is very little difference between them. From experience (I’ve written about this kind of thing before) I have a good idea of what can actually be eaten, but it is often a case of eating something because I am hungry, but very rarely is there any form of enjoyment in it. In case you don’t believe me, do have a look at the following:

Chicken Kiev

Picture 2 of 10

Chicken Kiev and some of the soggiest chips ever known to exist

There is very little to be happy with in those images. Nothing seems to be balanced, nothing tastes in any way brilliant, and after sharing these images on Facebook and Twitter, it left many people scared for my health and the health of all those in the system. Unfortunately I still have more hospital stays to go, so I am using these couple of weeks to stock up on meals that are actually tasty, before having to brave this again.


Note: No members of catering staff were harmed in the making of this post, but I did often think of beating them with pieces of dry overcooked chicken.

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  • Nothing worse than hospital food, Yuck! Hope you don’t have too many more hospital stays and get to enjoy some home cooking :)

  • Your photos actually make me angry. If a greasy spoon cafe dished out any of that slop they’d be closed down, and this is what’s served to people who are in a sensitive, vulnerable state in an environment where cross-contamination is a huge threat and immunity needs to be maintained, bodies need to be built up and ready for recovery? It’s beyond sh*t, it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t give that pineapple pasta thing to the dog.

    • I’m pretty certain a dog would turn up their nose at the pineapple pasta thing. To see what qualified as food was and still is really disturbing. I can’t understand how day after day food like that was allowed to leave the kitchens.

  • That cheese platter would surely scare off a plight more than a good antibiotic! Hope your not subjected to too much food – strange how the food is so bad when your trying to get well!!!!

    • Fortunately I can eat a bit more decent home cooking, but I’m back in hospital again soon. Not really looking forward to the hospital food again.

  • Gráinne Reid says:
    November 6, 2014 at 11:14 pm - Reply

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and enjoy lots of nice meals before you have to return for another hospital stay, that really looked awful!

    • I wish it was speedy. We are rapidly approaching a year now since it all kicked off.

      At least the food at home is much better. The food in the hospital is shocking!

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