Nov. 24.

Manicure Monday: Red & Sparkles

red-sparkles-thToday’s Manicure Monday post is another Christmas Party Inspiration manicure, and is based on a couple of simple principles. The first is that red is really the most perfect festive colour, and the second is that every Christmas party goes better with sparkles! For that reason, here is my super simple red & sparkles manicure!


Now, there is one polish that I immediately think of when it comes to red and sparkles. It is a polish that everyone should own, and if you don’t, why not? Are you insane? It is quite possibly the best red sparkly polish ever. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am of course talking about Ruby Pumps, that classic from China Glaze. However, a solid set of Ruby Pumps coated talons is just too simple, so today I have it paired with another China Glaze red, one that is more shimmery and has the depth of a bottle of fine wine. It is Red-y and Willing.


The China Glaze formula is a joy to work with, even for the glittery polish. It applies beautifully and is so richly pigmented, you really could use just one coat, especially with the smoother Red-y and Willing. Below there is a picture of my nails after the first coat to show you what I mean, but to ensure depth and uniformity of colour, I did a second coat. This was beneficial to Ruby Pumps, which needs just a little more care and attention to build up.

And of course, here is how it looks. The pictures show the first coat (top), after both coats but without flash (middle) and finally with flash (bottom):




This manicure is a great one to have when you are in a hurry to get ready. It requires no special skills, no tools, and with the polishes being so pigmented, not much time either.

Are you reaching for a red polish this party season? Which ones do you recommend? And how much sparkle is too much sparkle? Let me know in the comments!


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