Oct. 07.

Tried Tuesday: Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser

vaseline-thI’m lazy. If I can get away without doing something, I guess I am not going to do it. Things like using a body lotion. The time and effort it takes to slather it on, rub it in, and then wait for it to sink in. No thanks! It seems though, that there is no longer a reason for me to be lasy in this regard with the Spray and Go moisturisers from Vaseline.


The concept behind this is simple. It is a big spray can, with a wide action nozzle. It says that it lets you moisturise in seconds and that it is non greasy. It is meant to be really that simple, but is it?


Well, I’ve been trying it, and my uneducated thoughts are that, yes, it is simple. I get out of the shower, hold this 10cm away from my body and spray all over in a continuous motion. Well, I haven’t actually been spraying it in a continuous motion. I have been doing an arm, topping, doing the other one, stopping and so on. Mainly because I am spraying it in my bedroom and don’t want to coat everything else in too much of it. I am not sure if it really makes much of a difference though.


The nozzle is described as being wide angle, and it really is. It does distribute the product exceptionally well. Maybe this is part of my concern with spraying it too long, that the nozzle is too good at spraying everywhere. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

I’m actually thinking that this does stand up to its claims. From my few uses of it It does absorb in seconds, partly because the mist is so fine. It does dispense evenly, so don’t bother trying to spray stripes of it, and it is not sticky or greasy. As for my skin being instantly soft. Well, it has made my hide softer, so that has to be a good start.

Vaseline Spray and Go is €6.99 and is available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.


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  • I’ve blogged about this before and really loved it so glad your liking it too! Only thing I didn’t like was how cold it comes out!! It’s bloody freezing! But I can get past the coldness for the ease of use!

  • I’ve been thinking of picking this up for ages, thanks for the review. Think there’s a more intense cocoa one too, great for winter. I’m turning to ash.

    • I saw the cocoa butter one on the Tesco website, so there is one out there, and if there’s chocolate stuff involved, so much the better!

      Glad I could help someone as impressive as you too :-)

  • Lilliwhiterose says:
    October 9, 2014 at 9:49 am - Reply

    I use these all the time, they are so handy to use when I don’t have much time in the mornings. I can’t use this in the bathroom though because it distributes so much it can make the floor slippy.

  • I have the green and yellow versions and I love these. I’m so lazy when it comes to moisturisers, I’m always rushing in and out of shower so never have time to have a moisturising routine- these are so handy. If you like this one, I’d urge you to pick up the yellow one next time because I prefer it a smidge. Didn’t much like the smell of the brown one even though the brown Vaseline lip tin is my fave!!! :)

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